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Korg reveal Volca analogue grooveboxes

Korg have just announced details of a new family of analogue grooveboxes, comprised of a drum machine, bass synth and lead synth.

Korg seem to have become the masters of miniaturisation of late; as well as the pint sized version of their MS-20 synth which was revealed in January, their range of Monotron and Monotribe ribbon synths  have proved to sell like the proverbial hot cakes. Their freshly unveiled Volta range seems to be pitched right between the full analogue power of the MS-20 mini and the compact nature of the Monotron and Monotribe units, with each coming in at a similarly affordable $150.

Available in three flavours, the Volta line comprises Volca Beats, an analogue drum machine inspired by classic rhythm machines with 16-step sequencer, Volca Bass, a dedicated bass synth with three oscillators and 16-step sequencer, and Volca Keys, a polyphonic synth with loop sequencer. Unlike the Monotribe range, the Volca units will be equipped with MIDI IN, minijack headphone output and minijack sync in/out for connecting different Voltas to each other. Although the MIDI In allows control of the units with external keyboard controllers, each unit features a Stylophone-inspired touch strip, with each unit having its own speaker; each has the option to be battery powered.

Although no release date has been announced, those looking for a taste of the units in action should check the video below.