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Juno Plus Podcast 58: IVVVO

Our latest podcast is conjured courtesy of mystical Portuguese producer IVVVO.

IVVVO is the work of Porto-based producer Ivo Pacheco, a shadowy figure whose musical output has manifested itself in several previous forms – they’re out there if you look hard enough – but feels like he’s approaching full creative potential in his current form. The work of IVVVO first slipped onto the Juno Plus radar last year via his debut album Occult, a ten track collection of misshapen gauzy techno and spectral electronica that evoked pleasant mental imagery of Actress and Photonz spending a prodigious weekend in the studio together.

Since that album, IVVVO’s name has gradually spread further afield, finding a welcome home on the One Eyed Jacks label run by Photonz with a reflective, smudged out contribution to their Dead Cities Vol 1 compilation late last year, before joining the Opal Tapes clan for All Shades Of White. That 13 track cassette of murky techno explorations felt like a further advance on Occult, and clearly lead the path for what looks like being an exciting year for IVVVO.

As revealed in our Public Information feature earlier this week, IVVVO has been handpicked to lead the charge in a new series of dancefloor focused releases from the label with the six track release due imminently; IVVVO admits he has more releases planned over the coming months, but remains cagey on the details. Anyone who witnessed him turn a Lisbon Boiler Room from a few people milling about into full blown, sweat dripping ecstasy will know IVVVO can DJ, and this is something that’s further demonstrated on a mix for us that’s just shy of an hour and features a blend of his current and classic personal favourites. He was also kind enough to answer a few questions we sent his way.

Hi Ivo how are you doing?

I’m cool, thanks.

Thanks for doing the mix, what was the idea behind it?

Most of them are tunes I love, others are tracks I’ve been buying past weeks

You’re responsible for the first release on the new dancefloor focused series of 12″s from Public Information, how did this come around?

After All Shades Of White I sent some tracks to Alex and Lionel. I didn’t know about the new 12″ series from Public Information, it was a very pleasant coincidence.

What can people expect from it?

Well, for long time I’ve been writing music about people, but that shit takes a lot of me, and I don’t feel like that way, so, I started writing about other things – this new material its all about rave, before and after that.

IVVVO material seems heavily focused on creating atmospheres – can you describe your music making process?

I really don’t have a process, everytime it happens in a different way. It depends on my mood, normally I write the best tracks when I’m feeling sad, probably that was the starting point most of the time.

Having spent some time with the Photonz guys in Lisbon, I’m aware of how angry a lot of young Portuguese people are with the government there right now, does this feed into your music in any way?

No, not in my music.

What other IVVVO music can we expect this year?

I have some other releases this year, but I can’t talk about that yet.

No tracklisting was provided.