Visit the Insectorium with Daywalker & CF

Daywalker & CF helm the next L.I.E.S. white label – check the mellow electronics of “Insectorium” here.

WT Records boss William Burnett and fellow US producer Jon Beal form Daywalker & CF, with the project debuting in auspicious circumstances last year via a contribution to the Gerd Janson curated Musik For Autobahns compilation for Rush Hour. Whilst Burnett will be a immediately familiar name to readers of this site, Beall is more widely known as the elusive Entro Senestre, and has put out some excellent material for WT Records and Echovolt.

Their L.I.E.S white label 12″ is due for release on Monday, with the fuzzy, dream ladenĀ “Insectorium” very much a continuation of “115 BPM,” the codeine house production they debuted with on the aforementioned Rush Hour compilation.