Actress remixes Legowelt for Clone Jack For Daze

Actress joins the Jack For Daze fold with two remixes of the Legowelt jam “Elements of Houz Music”.

Whilst the news might seem initially surprising, Danny ‘Legowelt’ Wolfers has spoken widely about his admiration for Actress; calling his work “futuristic and advanced” in a discussion with us late last year, it makes perfect sense that Clone should now extend an invitation to the Werkdiscs boss to remix material from Legowelt’s recent album The Paranormal Soul.

Actress elected to offer up two versions of “Elementz Of Houz Music,” a track that perfectly encapsulates Legowelt’s mastery of melodic, part-mysterious, part-cheesy synth lines. The first remix has Cunningham shuttling Legowelt’s arrangement through a cloudy car wash of hissy mist, which dovetails nicely with his second 12 minute offering. Markedly more drastic, this offering slows down the synths, kicks and percussion to a drunken stupor, with the results not unlike playing a 45rpm record incorrectly at 33rpm.

Clone Jack For Daze will release Elementz of Houz Music – Actress Mixes by Legowelt in mid-March, you can stream samples of both below.


A. Elementz Of Houz Music – Actress Mix 1
B. Elementz Of Houz Music – Actress Mix 2