Listen: DTCPU – Emulsion 01

Familiarise yourself with the warped, frayed at the seams slant on electronic music from emerging London label Ssalien Group with the first in a series of Emulsion mixtapes from Los Angeles based DTCPU.

The self styled sonic pornographer drops “a woozy mix of exotic imports from some distant empyrean land” in advance of featuring on the debut Ssalien Group release, a compilation called Cleaning Tapethat sees further contributions from WANDA GROUP, Huerco S and Vlek artist Sagat among others.Intriguingly, the compilation will surface in VHS format¬†accompanied by slurry visuals from video artist Ryan Lumley.¬†

The following mission statement from Ssalien Group came with the 30 minute selection:

“The label grew out of a long term nostalgic love affair with VHS and cassettes and creatively working with them myself, as well as all sorts of analogue and low-end mass-produced digital electronic equipment and fucking with their intended/unintended use (as assumed by there manufacturers.) And out of doing this alone in my bedroom, gradually finding others doing something similar and wanting to collaborate to create an ongoing body of work exploring the imagined esoteric, trippy, uncanny, warped, weird and wonderful nature of music and looking at folk, art and pop traditions alike through an electronic 10MBPS lens.”