Damu announces new label

Although this year has already seen a raft of new labels surface, there’s still time for one more with the news that Keysound and Local Action producer Damu has launched his own imprint.

Damu broke through last year with a style that took R&B, UK funky and dubstep as a starting point and worked it into the technicolour, aqueous sound showcased first on the Mermaid EP on Local Action, and later his debut album Unity for Martin Clark’s Keysound Recordings. In contrast, 2012 has been something of a quiet year for Damu, aside from collaborating with vocalists such as Pye and Roses Gabor for various projects; this new eponymously titled label looks to be an outlet on which to release his solo material quickly without having to rely on label schedules.

Damu’s first release is out today; consisting of two tracks, the producer seems to have developed his sound towards something that glistens with the same liquid properties, albeit slightly steelier than previous productions. “If You’ve Got Nothing To Hide” comes on like a lumbering slice of eski-techno, while “You’ve Got Nothing To Fear” sounds like a Vaseline-smeared Drexciyan nightmare – both are available to stream in full below.


A. If You’ve Got Nothing To Hide
B. You’ve Got Nothing To Fear