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Rivet – Grifter / Sundry

This release had the potential to become the essence of underground techno in 2012, with a masked producer releasing a record on a label set by another shadowy duo. The reality however, is markedly different, with Rivet delivering a veritably playful release. “Sundry” starts life sounding like a Frozen Border/Horizontal Ground jam, its sheets of metallic rhythms suggesting austerity is on the way. That’s not how it pans out though, and sun-kissed, mournful chords insinuate themselves into the supple groove, coming across like the middle ground between Phil Mison’s deep house and Detroit’s introspection.

“Grifter” offers even bigger surprises; beginning with the sound of a phone ringing and the monotone sound of pre-recorded instructions in French, the arrangement then quickly shifts into a bottom-heavy, shaking groove, led by doubled-up claps and which is reminiscent of label owners Skudge’s own dense tracks. Thankfully, Rivet isn’t content to remain in locked-on mode, and a buzzing riff comes to the fore. Threatening to take over the arrangement, it then gets integrated thanks to some subtle filtering. The surprises don’t end there, and Rivet also drops some helium-tone vocals that could have been lifted from a mainstream dance bubble gum track. But it’s the buzzing, insistent riff that really stands out and “Grifter” and instead of promoting purism, this release could be the anonymous techno scene’s very own “Flat Beat”.

Richard Brophy


1. Grifter
2. Sundry