Old Apparatus return with Realise EP

News arrives of the second release on the Sullen Tone label run by Old Apparatus, which sees the first in a trilogy of releases from each individual member of the anonymous collective.

Entitled Realise, the EP is produced by collective member LTO, and supposedly “provides a glimpse into the feral workings of a consumed inventor tinkering with salvaged parts in a tin shed under the gaze of the northern lights, exploring his humanity through the mirror of gifting life to his mechanical creations”.

Rising to prominence with a pair of releases on Mala’s Deep Medi imprint, Old Apparatus inaugurated their own Sullen Tone imprint with the Derren EP which was released last month, delivering a suitably haunting quartet of tracks that went far beyond the dubstep influenced sounds they were previosuly known for and into industrial and dark ambient territory.

Realise EP will be released through Sullen Tone on September 10, 2012.


A1. Chicago
A2. Found
B1. Holding
B2. Realise