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Terrence Dixon is From The Far Future again

Detroit second wave artist Terrence Dixon will return to Tresor and the themes of his album From The Far Future with a forthcoming sequel, naturally entitled From The Far Future (Part 2).

Released back in 2000, From The Far Future was a homage to the progenitors of techno, referencing Juan Atkins as much as Kraftwerk across the eleven tracks that further established him as a respected member of the Detroit techno fratermity following his earlier work under the Population One name. The producer’s material as Population One was of course the inspiration behind Rush Hour Records, who named themselves in honour of his track of the same name – which they later reissued.

From The Far Future (Part 2) is set to arrive next month and is not only a deeply personal set, but also ambitious in scope with the CD and vinyl versions sporting hugely differing tracklistings. Speaking on what to expect from the album, the press release has Dixon saying “From The Far Future Pt.2 is my real life drama playing out before your ears, it has everything on this album that has something to do with where I live. I wanted to make this album as huge as it could be. This is a statement album. A variety of tracks from a minimal point of view.”

With regards to the differing tracklists, the CD and vinyl versions of From The Far Future (Part 2) share just three tracks, with the latter eight track edition curated with the dance floor in mind to allow “Dixon’s shrewd beat-smithery to come to the fore”.

Tresor will release From The Far Future (Part 2) by Terrence Dixon on September 24.

CD tracklisting:

1. Self Centered
2. Dark City Of Hope (Main Mix)
3. Fountain Of Life
4. My Journey Here
5. Path To Mystery
6. The Switch
7. Horizon
8. Vision Blurry
9. The Auto Factory
10. Lead By Example
11. Navigate
12. Tone
13. Blinking & Flashing
14. The Study

Vinyl tracklisting:

1. Light of Day
2. Sleight of Mind
3. Horizon
4. 11th Floor
5. Band Together
6. The Study
7. Dark City of Hope (Hard Mix)
8. Fountain of Life