Listen: Percussions – Bird Songs

Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet today unveiled the 17th release on his Text imprint, a two track 12″ from Percussions. 

The Percussions moniker was first seen on Four Tet’s Fabriclive 59 mix, and may indeed be the work of Hebden himself. Perhaps best described as ornithologic techno, the clattering beat that introduces “Bird Songs” is combined with all manner of sampled bird calls, before richly textured synth arpeggios endow the track with the pastoral qualities that seems to permeate through every Text release. You can stream the track in its entirety via the Soundcloud player below.

In the canon of wildlife sampling electronic music it’s not quite at the level of Claude Von Stroke’s simian ode “Chimps” or Matthew Herbert’s pig slaughtering antics – nevertheless one can’t help but wonder what B-Side track “Rabbit Song” is going to sound like.

No word on an exact release date yet but Hebden says it’ll be out “very soon”.