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Gene Hunt – May The Funk Be With You review

Gene Hunt continues to tread the line between Chicago house and Detroit techno on “May The Funk Be With You”.  The original cut is everything you’d expect from an artist as esteemed as Hunt, but Rush Hour have also incorporated another forefather of dance music, Theo Parrish, on the remix – a person whose lineage takes him from the jacking depths of the Windy City to the tough, industrial techno of Detroit.

Hydraulic space-pumps and otherworldly vocals set the pace for the euphoric title track as erratic pads knock their way through a rounded, warm kick drum; Hunt lets the pads creep away before dropping a brutal and quaking bass line. Intermittent samples burst through the beat, glimpses of spectral voices lost in space, wishing the funk to be with you as powerful hi-hats provide the punctuation to a full-bodied sound. If there’s one thing that signifies this track it’s the medley of space-age sounds and samples, giving the entire beat lift. There may not be anything particularly cutting edge about it, but “May The Funk Be With You” slots neatly into the vast canon of Chicago and Detroit driven house music.

Theo Parrish takes the hard-driving dance-floor aesthetic of the original and injects some typically Parrish funk. The dampened hi-hats direct proceedings into the gospel-lands of the deep south. Parrish holds onto the hook and runs it in loops, while shattering the bass line into seemingly disparate plodding parts, bringing jazz-flecked tones into Hunt’s relatively straight composition. The pads are also treated to an earthly workout, bringing them from the far reaches of space and delicately spreading them across a sparkling night sky. Parrish makes more of this track than Hunt, holding interest with the shuffling, organic drums and creating juxtaposition with the deep, electronic, jazz infused bass line. This remix is more of a full-time listening affair, with Parrish taking a good house tune and treating it with elements of southern soul, tinkling jazz and funk-infused melody.

Frank Mitchell


1. May The Funk Be With You (original mix)
2. May The Funk Be With You (Theo Parrish remix)