Antoni Maiovvi launches Giallo Disco Records

More interesting new label news arrives in the shape of Giallo Disco Records, a new collaborative project from Berlin dwelling Anton Maoivvi and Vienna based Greek artist Vercetti Technicolour.

The duo apparently decided to form the label after performing together in Athens last year, when they discovered a mutual love and appreciation for the shlocky disco music that permeated the soundtracks of the cult 1970s Italian Giallo cinema of Argento, Fulci et al. They agreed there was no label solely dedicated to purveying such music, even though there has been plenty of releases scattered across a variety of imprints – from Blakula on Bear Funk to Umberto on Not Not Fun – that mine their inspiration from such sources.

Intriguingly, the duo are planning to fund Giallo Disco on the basis of pre-orders for the debut release entitled The Black Gloves EP, which features solo productions from both Vercetti and Maiovii along with a typically saturated remix of the former’s “L’Incubo Senza Fine” from Legowelt.

Information on how to order the EP can be found at the following link, and you can stream the release in all its throbbing, grainy glory via the Soundcloud player below.