Eglo prepare Gifted & Blessed release

The elusive Los Angeles based producer Gifted & Blessed will return to the Abstract Eye moniker with a forthcoming release on the Eglo label.

Gifted & Blessed (aka Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker) has had a productive few months, releasing the 7 in 24 EP on All City and sumptuous looking and sounding The Provider EP his own eponymous label, as well as unveiling a new collaborative project in the shape of The Steoples with fellow West Coast musician A Race Of Angels.

The Abstract Eye pseudonym was last used by Reyes-Whittaker on the Cool Warm Divine EP for the Valentine Connexion imprint that’s also been graced by Jimmy Edgar under his Creepy Autograph moniker, and the sounds that permeated that early 2011 release – rich analogue techno explorations dipped in glowering warmth and soul – are more than present on the forthcoming EP entitled GB Presents The Abstract Eye.

This EP is just one of many interesting forthcoming releases slated from Eglo over the coming months, with a much promised double CD label compilation and a Fatima Funkineven EP (including the stunning “Phoneline”) also on the horizon (via FACT).

Also, ahead of Eglo’s 3rd Birthday Fabric takeover next week, the label have offered up a free Arp101 jam as an audio entree to get your senses in the mood; go grab it from the Eglo bandcamp.

Eglo will release GB Presents The Abstract Eye on March 26.


1. Analogous
2. Grandfather Fire
3. Feel It In My Forehead