Best Of 2011: Record Sleeves

Call us Luddites, but the editorial team here at Juno Plus still places great importance on the amount of love and care put into a physical record release, and we’re liable to swoon at the very mention screen printing, hand numbering or obtuse run-out groove inscribing. For that reason we’ve decided to commence our Best Of 2011 fiesta with a gallery devoted to our favourite record sleeves from the past 12 months. Each week we are privileged enough to see and listen to dozens of new records, and it has become increasingly apparent that vinyl is now a boutique medium. The pretenders have long since departed, leaving only those who care passionately about their music and art putting out 7″s, 10″s and 12″s. In our list you’ll find inclusions from imprints well known for their stylish design principles (Minimal Wave, Swamp 81, 4AD) as well as a few that may just have slipped under your radar, with Fine Art Recordings, Acidicted, Public Release, Baud and Pacific Wizard Foundation among those represented.

Best Of 2011: Record Sleeves (scroll down for gallery)

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