Dave Smith preview The Tempest

Dave Smith Instruments has announced that the wait for the eagerly anticipated Tempest drum machine is nearly over, with small batches of the module shipping imminently.

And it looks to be worth the wait, having been designed by Smith himself (formerly of Sequential Circuits and responsible for the original Prophet and its reincarnation) and long term partner-in-crime Roger Linn, who needs little introduction (he designed the first drum machine to use digital samples, the LM-1 Drum Computer).

The Tempest, however, produces its sounds using six analogue synthesis voices and has 16 velocity/pressure sensitive pads, which are arranged in two strips of eight and can be used for real-time and step entry of beats. There are also two pressure/position sensitive Note FX slide controllers, which according to Smith provide “a unique new method of performance and control”.

Check out Mr Linn himself demonstrating the features on the Tempest below and keep an eye on Juno for the product’s arrival. Priced at £1508.