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Arthur’s Landing – Arthur’s Landing review

Arthur Russell’s legacy has remained strong long after his untimely death in 1992, most notably in recent times with the highly respected music critic Tim Lawrence unveiling his must read biography last year; this follows a documentary Wild Combination and a collection of cover versions released by Electric Minds. It is perhaps this latest musical project, presented by the good people at Strut Records, that will be of most interest to fans of Russell’s work.

Arthur’s Landing is a collective of musicians who worked with the producer and cellist throughout his varied musical career. Led by guitarist Steve Hall, the ever morphing group of musicians have made a commitment to sustaining Russell’s musical legacy and have spent the last few years touring and performing new arrangements of tracks from the Russell canon and they present twelve of them here on this enlightening album which has been produced by contemporary NYC icon Brennan Green.

As well as presenting unique takes on both well known and unheard Russell tracks – witness the shimmering beauty of their take on “Is It All Over My Face” for instance – the album sleeve notes have detailed memoirs from the members of Arthur’s Landing discussing each track, making this a truly special album. Strut surround themselves with so many great music projects you’d have to wonder what a gaping hole would be left if they weren’t around.

Tony Poland