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LOL – Me Me LP sampler review

Just when you thought you had Al Bleek and Damon Drama’s Non Plus sorted, they go and make a sharp diversion and take you somewhere completely different. The destination? LOL. And no, that’s not a joke. It’s a moniker for three friends, Jamie, Maggie and Katie, who have a “shared a common denominator with London’s night-time economy, having produced records for, interned at, and raved with various drum n bass labels”. Mysterious, although internet forums are awash with rumours that ‘Jamie’ is indeed a high-profile D&Bster (we won’t spoil the secret here though).

Well, it’s the debut single from their forthcoming album Me Me, on the aforementioned NonPlus, which is due out next year. The tracklist reads a little like an Alice In Wonderland list of instructions or perhaps a seductive dance; “Squeeze Me” kicks off with sinuous R&B style vocals and enticing synths with a slow, lolloping half step rhythm, which inevitably drags you in deep like a tidal current of sound. “Dare Me”, on the flipside, mirrors the sonic palette with shimmering, spaced out atmospherics and more glorious, syrup sweet lyrics. Visceral and rather enthralling, it bears the hallmarks of nocturnal dance music with throbbing b-line and infectious, enveloping synth-work, but with an underlying pop/R&B sensibility that shines through the darkness. A far cry from much of the recent NonPlus output for sure, but a remarkable release nonetheless which we urge you to get your teeth into.

Belinda Rowse