Cosmin TRG – Liebe Suende review

Romania is best known for Raresh and Rhadoo’s minimalism, but there can be no doubt that Cosmin Nicolae’s music has made a great contribution to electronic music. The appeal of his music is due in no small part to the fact that it effortlessly transcends lazy genre-fication, and it can be as easily found cosying up to Klockworks-style loopyness or UK funky artists like Deadboy. Certainly, on this release for Rush Hour, Cosmin continues to do his bit to defy purists. The title track’s drums come across like a softer, more fluid take on the rhythms on Wax’s “10001”, and the woozy synths and mushy chords, possibly borrowed from a hardcore record, complete Cosmin’s irresistible attempts at retro-futuristic-crossover triangulation.

“Sores of Attraction” is less subtle, but here too it is apparent that Cosmin is using older influences to create new possibilities. In particular, the dreamy, filtered textures are reminiscent of old school rave hooks passed through 90s disco house and emerging into the contemporary landscape. This is accentuated through the use of techno claps and the dense, shuffling drum patterns that have become a centre point of dustep/techno/funky. The only question is, in his quest to map out the future, what will Cosmin turn his attention to next?

Richard Brophy