New Soundstream 12″ on the way

The good folks at Hardwax have announced a couple of highly impressive new 12″s, due to hit the shelves this week.

First up it’s Shed, who dons his Equalized moniker for a 12″ of suitably menacing, moody techno. The previous three releases in this series sold out sharpish, but have now been repressed for those who missed out the first time round.

Next up is an all too rare offering from Soundstream, the Panorama resident who is one of those rare producers with fans in the disco, house and techno camps. His All Night EP contains three tracks of looped up disco samples, pianos aplenty chunky basslines; the type that always draw a raucous reaction during his DJ sets. For the record, the Juno Plus favourite is the almost ludicrously fun “Tease Me”.

As always, the Hardwax sleeve notes are succinct (“Anthem alert – techno!” and “Anthem alert – Soundstream!” respectively), but entirely accurate.