Various – Gilles Peterson: Worldwide review

For anyone not particularly au fait with how important Gilles Peterson’s long running Worldwide show has been to breaking new music, this exhaustive double CD retrospective is all the evidence you require. The emphasis on track selection has been to choose the artists which Peterson has debuted on his weekly broadcast, which is syndicated across the globe. Thus there are some classic tracks such as Amerie’s “One Thing” and “Galang” from M.I.A which were premiered long before the artists became international sensations (or should that be sensationalists in the case of M.I.A?). Alongside these and the likes of Winehouse and Dizzee, there are tracks from artists such as Benga, Quasimoto, Recloose and Theo Parrish – all big names within their respective realms and no doubt helped by exposure on Worldwide. This release is made all the more special by the conclusive sleeve notes compiled by Peterson and those who have worked alongside him over the years and some brilliant photography that charts his rise in the game.

Tony Poland