Commix – Re: Call To Mind review

Oxford Dictionary have just confirmed that the new definition of heavyweight is simply a photo of this ridiculously impressive Commix remix album. Both Metalheadz and the Cambridge duo deserve a golf clap for selecting the cream of the techno and dubstep crop to rework tracks from their seminal album Call To Mind. Burial’s remix finally sees release after two years of lurking in the Metalheadz archives, but the droning atmospherics of his rework is more than matched here. Kassem Mosse drops a heavy techno throb atop the oscilatting rhythmic stutter of “Strictly” whilst Steve Spacek’s voice is married to abrasive half step syncopation that punches through the mid frequency bass of Pangaea’s remix of “How You Gonna Feel”. Dave Huisman delivers another superlative turn as A Made Up Sound transforming “Change” into a mind bending industrial techno/dubstep cross pollination. Underground Resistance equal this in the impressive stakes with a remix of “Satellite Song” that ripples with futuristic menace. Essential!

Tony Poland