Tiger & Woods hit the road

Sparse details have emerged of  Tiger & Woods shows across Europe over the coming months, with the mysterious duo debuting this intriguing live set at celebrated Offenbach haunt Robert-Johnson.

Speculation over the true  identity of Larry and Dave has been rife amongst the vinyl buying public since their debut Editainment 12″ Hole In One surfaced at the height of news over a certain celebrity golfer’s infidelities.  Steeped deep in heavily filtered and expertly looped disco tinged sounds, the Hole In One EP proved to be one of last year’s most popular 12 inches, as indeed have the two subsequent Tiger & Woods releases.

It’s all been a bit quiet with Tiger & Woods since the summer, though Editainment have recently unveiled Cleo & Patra, an equally mysterious duo. Clearly Larry and Dave have been busy in the bunker fine tuning a live set which Frankfurters will be able to enjoy on October 30. Subsequent to that are dates promised in Stockholm, Glasgow, Paris and Rome with hopefully some London action to follow. More details as they come.