Toby Tobias/Casinoboy – Alreet review

It’s been a hot minute since some classy Toby Tobias has been rotating round our 1210s at 33rpm so there was a tingle of excitement when news of a new 12 from the Rekids fella filtered through. That Tobias has once again indulged his musical schizophrenia to deliver some edit action as Casinoboy on the newly relaunched Tracky Bottoms label is further reason for joy. (The Casinoboy rework of “La Vie En Rose” from the last TB EP in 2008 edges out Mark E’s subsequent version for UTS).  The title track “Alreet” is a pleasant enough bump through synth shimmer deepness. “Omniad” shows more production nous, infectious soul claps combining with crisp midtempo programming, with chopped up vocals and dramatic string stabs providing some real heat. The B Side provides more smiles, with a captivating bassline squelch mutating out of the sharp drums and electro synth patterns of “Paradub” – fans of the recent Lee Foss EP on Hot Natured will gravitate towards this one. The reverberating chugging boogie bliss of “Ce Soir” is an equally fine end to this EP.

Tony Poland