Peverelist – Better Ways of Living review

Rooted Records manager, Punch Drunk boss and key player in Bristol’s dubstep heritage, Tom Ford makes his voice heard once again amongst the hubbub of sounds emanating from the cultural pinnacle of the South West. His last release was his debut album Jarvik Mindstate, which gained virtually unanimous support from across the board.

Carefully considered, well paced and (unsurprisingly) impeccably executed, Peverelist’s “Better Ways Of Living” begins smoothly, with finely graduated, filmy layers build on filmy layers, connected by hissing percussion and slow, drawn out sliding SFX. Rolling bass, fidgity Scuba-like beats and warm instrumental chirrups and stabs throb and continue to build to a climax as we near the end of the tune. In fact, the track certainly bears comparison to Ramadanman and the Hessle Audio camp, in all its shuffling, melodic glory, though, of course, this is Peverelist’s signature sound to the core. Offering a new perspective, a new way of listening, the message in the title is most certainly honoured here.

The curiously entitled, “Fighting Without Fighting”, on the flip, retains that trademark techno-infused-dubstep essence, fused with melodic loveliness, though is an altogether moodier venture. Hypnotic rhythms, a morphing b-line and pummelling kicks drive the main body of the tune along. Cavorting and darting round the sonic boxing ring with an almost tribal pattern at times, Peverelist manages to hit home with a mildness and notable integrity to his swing. Very much the sound of now, with echoes of the before and after, this is a stunning 12” and a must have for the connoisseurs. Belinda Rowse