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Florrie – Kitsune X Ponystep: Call 911 review

Clearly destined to be a star any second now, Florrie was previously the house drummer for pop production powerhouse Xenomania before deciding to beat her own path into pop land. Her tracks have been made with the legendary Fred Falke, who along with Alan Braxe gave the world some of the finest French house available (“Intro”, Palladium”, “Rubicon” etc). On this remix package from Kitsune, Falke turns in another mix – this time aimed firmly at the floor. Matching Florrie’s fast-flowing lyrics, Falke weaves a modern Italo backing around it, with Hi-NRG drums and synths carrying it nicely. As with everything Falke turns too, the bass is funky as hell and the production is clean and crystal sharp.

Dutch party-rocker Bart Bmore may well have outgrown his moniker (having progressed beyond making Baltimore-flavoured edits of tunes) and these days throws down huge electro club jams (check out his bootleg mix of Falke and Braxe’s “Intro” as an example). On his “Call 911” mix, he creates big, punchy chord stabs that fit around Florrie’s chorus like a glove – stacking them while he builds a huge climax around it. Just as soon as he’s dropped a bass-heavy tech beat, he’s back to building up for the next huge drop. French duo Beataucue get even heavier on their mix – messing with Florrie’s pitched-up vocals which get panned viciously while putting the drums right at the top of the mix. Looping the line “Call 911, she’s on the run”, they stack things up for an almighty drop.

His Majesty Andre has kept a relatively low profile since his devastating “Peep Thong” EP became one of 2009’s must-play tunes. With new stuff on the way soon, his mix of “Call 911” is a welcome return, and as ever, features some brilliant filtering. Slowly bringing up the treble on a short disco sample, he drops the beats and Florrie’s vocals at the same time to really make the tune come to life with a bang! He keeps the momentum throughout without leaving the funk behind, and it rounds off this set of Kitsune-endorsed mixes in style. Oliver Keens