This week at Juno

Things got off to a good start this week when Graeme “The Revenge” Clark  turned up at the Juno Download office in a lorry and unloaded the entire Instruments of Rapture digital back catalgoue on our doorstep. Nice.

Fans of the label can check out the back cat here. Meanwhile there were plenty of other big releases this week, including a killer piece of dubstep/house/garage/funky/call-it-what-you-will on the Night Slugs imprint, plus the Juan Maclean DJ-Kicks compilation, yet another awesome Chicago house re-issue from Rush Hour and the Warm Up EP, courtesy of “so hot right now” duo Trickski.

Meanwhile the vinyl heads weren’t disappointed either, with the Hungry Ghost release on International Feel flying up the charts – a worthy follow up to Harvey’s Locussolus EP. There was also the brooding eminence that was Marcel Dettmann’s debut album, which welcomed techno to 2010 in some style, plus some new Instra:mental on Naked Lunch, and a killer EP from Jamie Jones.

As always, happy hunting.