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Nuvo Rich – Saffron review

Artist: Nuvo Rich
Title: Saffron
Label: Mullet
Genre: Disco/Nu-Disco
Format: Digital
Buy From: Juno Download

Since they opened their doors back in 2008, Mullet Records have made a habit of releasing some of the smoothest 80s influenced, electro, soul/funk dance grooves on the planet. Their eighteenth release is no different, proudly introducing Nuvo Rich’s debut release, “Saffron.” Pure future synth gold, these two euphoric productions will take you back to the 1980s with a cheeky grin across your face.

Although this is his first outing as Nuvo Rich, the man behind the monkier is far from a novice in the scene. Ferris Armstrong has been making music under a plethora of guises since he first emerged in 2001. He is most recognised as Kid Dub, under which he has had notable success producing everything from dark and eerie minimal and electro to deeper and more melodic sounds. He makes tech house under his D Dub alias with Cozzy D and on his own as Voltaeric. He also writes cinematic, ambient glitch music as Cuebit but it is under his new Nuvo Rich pseudonym that Armstrong escapes the world of techno and electro and wanders into the dreamy landscape of synth pop and 80s new wave.

“Saffron” and “Krystal” are both synth-heavy, melodic pop tracks inspired by French house producers such as Daft Punk, Lifelike and Air. The title track gets the release under way with heart felt melodies and euphoric keys. It’s uplifting to the last, with new wave synth lines building towards an ecstatic end where dream-like melodies finish the track in emotive style. “Krystal” is much the same but continues with a less sensational approach. Sounding almost modest, the track keeps a warm and emotive vibe but in more of a laid back style. Mullet Records have done it once again, looking forward as only they know how – namely, by delving into the classic pop of the 80s to get people dancing once again.

Review: Tom Jones