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Steve Bug – Flight 111 review

Artist: Steve Bug
Title: Flight 111
Label: Poker Flat
Genre: Minimal/Tech House
Format: 12″, Digital
Buy From: Juno Records, Juno Download

Steve Bug’s unshakably individual imprint, Poker Flat reaches its one hundred and eleventh release with a concise yet masterfully produced two tracker from the boss himself. The aptly named “Flight 111” takes in the usual Steve Bug ethos that less is more, spawning two dark and enveloping house tracks that build from unassuming positions into club killers.

“Metro Alpin” kicks things off in a haunting and moody fashion. It evolves from a firm analogue base, but manages to build itself up through a groove of intertwined acid tweaks and smooth phasing chords. The reduced levels are worked so skilfully that it actually gives the track a driving, techy feel. It’s deep, but still driving at the same time much like the sound of early Detroit that Bug clearly has an interest in. The track also has an intensely hypnotic feel, spellbinding the listener in a myriad of tech sounds and cushioned glitch.

On the flip, “Outside Inn” keeps it atmospheric and moody but adds more funk courtesy of a punchy bassline. With more of a raw sound than the a-side, the beat is kept simple whilst tense and rising synth lines that intercept one another provide the intricacy that demands the listener’s attention.

Again, Bug has been able to build with subtlety here, making it even more captivating when it drops in the later stages. At a time when percussive house tracks are all the rage, the unique German drops a brace of accomplished reduced yet highly hypnotic, techy tracks, proving not only that Steve Bug is a true individual but also that his production skills are second to none. As he constantly reminds us, “music is about passion, not fashion.”

Review: Tom Jones