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Roland Sebastian Faber – Gropiusstadt EP review

Artist: Roland Sebastian Faber
Title: Gropiusstadt
Label: Aube
Genre: Disco/Nu Disco
Format: 12″, Digital
Buy From: Juno Records, Juno Download

Out on his own Aube Records, Roland Sebastian Faber takes a step back into time with this EP and conjures up three magical cosmic disco tunes that put many modern synth-pop producers to shame. Opener “Loffelkinder” has an authentic spaced out sound among its guitars, drums and enveloped synths that instantly remind of early 80’s Giorgio Moroder and a host of other maverick producers. It’s as funky as it is grandiose, with tight drums and bubbly synths underpinning some wild theremin action and some nifty key changes along the journey.

“Gropiusstadt’s” brassy arpeggio’s are instantly familiar to anyone with a keen ear for experimental late-70’s production and the addition of smooth bluesy guitars just makes it more intriguing. Not only does Faber get the sounds right, he also gets the melodies and arrangements bang on too, creating something that’s definitely retro yet also makes perfect sense in 2010. “Morgengrau” is the most downbeat of the three tunes up for grabs and also the one that sounds most contemporary, as gurgling synths rise up and down over the chorus with dramatic effect. These are too well-crafted and unusual to ignore, and they come highly recommended to anyone with an appreciation for cosmic past and present.

Review: Oliver Keens