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Beatfanatic – I Love It EP review

Artist: Beatfanatic
Title: I Love It
Label: Soundscape
Genre: Disco/Nu Disco
Format: Digital
Buy From: Juno Download

Not only a crate-digger of epic proportions, Ture Sjoberg is also a prodigious producer of some of the most forward thinking disco around at the moment. This eclectic EP confirms that as he unleashes some more gems under his Beatfanatic moniker.

Title track “I Love It” is a chugging and futuristic delight, like a slowed down version of Can’s “I Want More”. It’s simple and understated, with just a sly change on the chorus to keep you riveted to its motorik groove. “Tyler’s Revenge” is faster and funkier, with a host of classy synths buzzing over the top of a rock solid Disco rhythm.

Boogie Up Yours is pure Balearic joy, combining a gentle drum pattern with huge waves of soft keys, and a lead melody that has all the intrigue and suspense of a John Barry score. The only remix on the EP comes courtesy of Daniel Savio, who brings a Skwee slant to Robots.

While Skwee has since become a worldwide phenomenon, it’s good to hear the originator of the genre having so much bleepy fun with Beatfanatic, an obvious kindred spirit and fellow Swede. Electric Souls is another Disco paean, albeit with a deeper vibe that forgoes heavy beats for more intricate melodies. It’s rare to find this much range on an EP from one artist, but as I Love It shows, Beatfanatic is really a world apart and right at the top of his game.

Review: Oliver Keens