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Decksaver CDJ-2000 Cover & Faceplate review

Decksaver have been prolific in providing protection for your most precious DJ gear, so it was only a matter of time before Pioneer’s CDJ-2000 got the Decksaver treatment. Juno Plus takes a look at the new CDJ-2000 cover and matching protective faceplate to see if they’re worth their weight in plastic.

Decksaver covers are all custom moulded to fit perfectly around your equipment and the CDJ-2000 cover is no exception, providing a snug, precise fit that’ll give you peace of mind from dust, debris or liquids getting inside your gear. The cover even goes over the CD slot and all round the edges so none of the top or sides are left unprotected.

Decksaver have even gone to the length of making sure the cover sits roughly half a centimetre above the platter, knobs and buttons, which means the controls are protected if heavy pressure is applied to or something is dropped on your equipment.

The Decksaver cover is made from Polycarbonate which is a major component used in the construction of bulletproof-glass, so is more than capable of withstanding knocks, bumps or being leant on. In fact, these covers are so robust that even standing on them won’t break them.

Decksaver are to be taken seriously when it comes to providing protection for your gear. Having already manufactured covers for Pioneer’s CDJ-400, CDJ-800 & CDJ-1000 CD decks, Vestax’s VCI-100 & VCI-300 DJ Controllers, Allen & Heath’s Xone 3D/4D DJ controllers as well as a pro mixer cover, they certainly know what they’re doing.

The faceplate is new territory for Decksaver and is a much needed tool for preventing the scratch-prone shiny black plastic of the CDJ-2000s casing getting damaged. The faceplate is easily fitted over the CDJ-2000 by removing the two vinyl speed adjust rotary knobs, putting the faceplate in position then replacing the two knobs. As with the CDJ-2000 cover, the faceplate is also a custom fit and has been laser cut to ensure the finest tolerances are achieved. The faceplate fits round each button, fader and switch perfectly with no sharp, imperfect edges catching on the CDJ-2000. It is thin enough not to hinder the use of the controls but not too thin that it feels flimsy.

These two latest creations from the Decksaver camp are an absolute must-have for anyone looking to protect their hefty investment. Let’s face it, at nearly £1500 each, Pioneer’s CDJ-2000’s are definitely worth protecting.

Review: Ben Daly

Find out more about the Decksaver CDJ-2000 Cover & Faceplate at Juno Records.