Nicolas Jaar – A Time For Us review

Artist: Nicolas Jaar
Title: A Time For Us
Label: Wolf + Lamb
Genre: Deep House, Minimal/Tech House
Format: 12″, Digital
Buy From: Juno Records, Juno Download

Finally the tracks as heard in Nicolas Jaar’s Get the Curse podcast are to be released in his second EP from Wolf + Lamb.

Born in New York only 19 years ago, Jaar has not failed to impress since with a gaggle of stunning tracks from his own label Clown and Sunset, self-described as ‘rhythmic melancholy’.

An elegant slice of deep house, both sides of the new release are soulful, dark, and oozing with Jaar’s signature reflectiveness and romanticism.

His sound is particularly distinct given his unusual manipulation of traditional principles in techno juxtaposed with the soft vocals and piano pieces as heard in songs as like “The Student” and “John the Revelator”.

The a-side “A Time For Us” features slowly shifting tempos and sultry vocals whilst the groovier “Mi Mujer” brings a Chilean flavour to the tech-house rhythm with delicate pianos and instrumental samples.

Review: Flora Wong