Mark E Works 2005 – 2009: Selected Tracks & Edits review

Artist: Mark E
Title: Works 2005 – 2009: Selected Tracks & Edits
Label: Merc
Genre: Disco/Nu-Disco
Format: CD
Buy From: Juno Records

The Second City’s favourite slow mo disco son Mark E has played no small part in the inexorable rise of cowbell inflected electronic music over the past decade. His trademark low bpm boompty burners for the likes of Jiscomusic, Sonar Kollektiv, Endless Flight and Golf Channel have regularly been charted by his disco beard luminaries as well as eeking into the playlists of DJs such as Mr Scruff and Gilles Peterson.

Indeed it was his stunning reimagination of a little known Janet Jackson track, R & B Junkie, for Golf Channel, which threw the limelight on Mark E after featuring on the essential mix by Lindstrom and Prins Thomas, essentially the chairmen of the disco beard board.

The start of a new decade has seen Mark E start his own label, Merc Records, with this limited CD only retrospective offering a last chance to pick up a selection of his most sought after edits and productions from the past five years, before the label switches attention to vinyl only releases.

The presence of The MEdit of Birth Control’s Plastic People on this retrospective will no doubt guarantee it selling out pretty darn quickly. After featuring on his Resident Advisor mix, this edit of a krautrock standard caused much internet fuss as to when, and indeed if, it was ever going to be released. Presented here in it’s full nine minutes of glory, it is indeed one of the CD highlights, teasing the listener for some six minutes before letting the track play out in its original glory. The aforementioned R & B Junkie sits next to the endless groove of Sun Shadow in providing further smile inducers.

Review: Tony Poland