Ben Rourke – Blue review

Artist: Ben Rourke
Title: Blue EP
Label: Autoreply
Genre: Minimal House/Tech House
Format: Digital, 12″
Buy From: Juno Records, Juno Download

Autoreply’s aptly named ‘After Hours’ edition sees Ben Rourke subtly create a sonic landscape in which every note matters, and reminds us that techno can indeed be a deeply emotional form of music.

This is the kind of EP you wish would magically start playing during the taxi ride home from Berghain or some other temple of techno; it’s music to soundtrack personal reflection; deeply introspective and atmospheric.

“Blue” features shuffling synths bouncing off delicate keys and deep scrapes that appear unannounced alongside ethereal vocal snippets.

Pier Bucci’s remix utilises the title track’s subtle instrumentation and takes it up a notch. It’s beautifully constructed and textured – just as we’ve come to expect from the Chilean producer – with the trademark hint of South American flavour.

The three-track EP is rounded off with Rourke’s “Squareb”, which is possibly even more introspective and thought-provoking than “Blue”.

Review: Aaron Coultate