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Back Catalogue: Jazz

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Cat: AR 009CDX. Rel: 18 Jun 19
  1. Ciemnosc/The Darkness
  2. Leszy/Woodland Spirit
  3. Poludnica/The Noon Witch
  4. Sleza (Mgla)/Sleza (The Fog)
  5. Sleza/Sleza
  6. Przywitanie Slonca (Rytual)/Sun Worship (The Rite)
  7. Przywitanie Slonca/Sun Worship
 in stock $11.92
Slavic Spirits (limited CD + book in slipcase)
Cat: AR 009CDLTD. Rel: 18 Jun 19
  1. Ciemnosc/The Darkness
  2. Leszy/Woodland Spirit
  3. Poludnica/The Noon Witch
  4. Sleza (Mgla)/Sleza (The Fog)
  5. Sleza/Sleza
  6. Przywitanie Slonca (Rytual)/Sun Worship (The Rite)
  7. Przywitanie Slonca/Sun Worship
 in stock $19.25
Femenine (CD)
Cat: FR 6. Rel: 09 Sep 16
  1. Femenine
 in stock $18.98
Cat: HUBROCD 2606. Rel: 05 Aug 19
  1. Nightride
  2. Tundra
  3. Endless
  4. Bouvet Blues
  5. Signal
  6. Venus
  7. Polynesia Pluck
  8. Sibirean Sorrow
  9. Hardanger
  10. Appreciate
 in stock $11.66
Cat: SOM 003. Rel: 18 Apr 18
  1. Viva Tirado (part I)
  2. Ode To Billy Joe
  3. Caravan
  4. At Nee-Ko
  5. Como Estas
  6. Drug Bay
  7. In The Summertime
  8. Nuts
  9. I'm A Man
  10. Viva Tirado (part II)
 in stock $5.97
Cat: RCD 2206. Rel: 07 Jun 19
  1. I Cover The Mountaintop
  2. Farmer's Secret
  3. Habanera Rocket
  4. Skink/Fugl Fonix
  5. Actionpack 1
  6. Dodovoodoo
 in stock $13.29
Cat: RCD 2207. Rel: 07 Jun 19
  1. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
  2. Skink/Fugl Fonix
  3. Habanera Rocket
  4. Freedom's Children/John Tinnick
 in stock $13.29
Cat: BGOCD 1317. Rel: 11 May 18
  1. Tears Of Joy
  2. 5/4 Gateway
  3. Bulgarian Bulge
  4. Get It Together
  5. Quiet Longin
  6. Blues In Elf
  7. Loss
  8. How's This For Openers?
  9. Samba Bajada
  10. Strawberry Soup
  11. Euphoric Acid
  12. Put It Where You Want It
  13. Alone Again (Naturally)
  14. Superstar (From The Rock Opera "Jesus Christ, Superstar")
  15. I Feel The Earth Move
  16. Theme From "The French Connection"
  17. Conquistador
  18. Roundabout
  19. Chain Reaction
  20. Goodbye To Love
  21. Lean On Me
  22. Train To Get There
 in stock $11.66
Earth (CD)
Cat: JMANCD 099. Rel: 21 Jun 18
  1. Dawn Child (Sunrise)
  2. Heaven's Mirror (feat Idris Ackamoor & David Molina)
  3. Iyaami (feat Dele Sosimi)
  4. Spice Routes (feat Nat Birchall)
  5. Sandhyavandanam
  6. Egosystem (Solar Noon)
  7. Reflection (feat Nat Birchall & Liz Elensky)
  8. New Day (feat Ahu)
  9. Heaven's Mirror (reprise)
  10. Minutes To Midnight For This Planet
  11. Raga Requiem (Dusk)
Review: For one reason or another, this is Emanative's debut for London's Jazzman imprint, with the artist having touched most other like-minded labels thus far. Better late than never, we say! It also marks Nick Woodmansey's fourth studio album to date, having travelled through Space and Time, and now landing firmly on Earth. As you'd expect, mystique and experimentation are very much a core part of this LP, morphing at every turn, shifting unpredictably amid jazz flutes, deep cello bass, and a supremely sporadic drumming aesthetic that perfectly encapsulates the 'free' element of jazz. The electronics play a part too, however, adding a noticeable aura to an already atmospheric selection of sonic patterns. A beauty, from start to finish.
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 in stock $13.00
  1. N2 Deep
  2. Freedom Jazz Dance
  3. Little Sunflower
  4. Be Known
  5. Black Is Back
  6. Blew It
  7. Wish I Knew (From The Film "Be Known")
  8. Pharoah
  9. Ntozake
  10. Little Sunflower/Percussion
  11. Oof (live At The Loving Cup)
Review: Founded in 1981, the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble has been responsible for some sublime albums over the years. They built their reputation via a swathe of sets dedicated to free jazz and inspired improvisational workouts, but "Be Known: Ancient/Future/Music" is a little more structured and polished, with clear influences from spiritual jazz and African music. It's a blend that consistently produces impressive results, from the chant-along soul-jazz spirituality of "Be Known" and loose-limbed madness of "Blew It", to the tribal drums and soulful vocals of "Wish I Knew" and the slow-burn vibes of simmering late night cut "Ntozake".
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 in stock $13.29
Cat: DOLCD 0625. Rel: 12 Aug 19
  1. I Love You
  2. Dive
  3. I Got It Bad & That Ain't Good
  4. Conception
  5. Easy Living
  6. Displacement
  7. Speak Low
  8. Waltz For Debby
  9. Our Delight
  10. My Romance
  11. No Cover, No Minimum
  12. Stolen Moments
  13. Hoe-Down
  14. Cascades
  15. Yearnin'
  16. Butch & Butch
  17. Teenie's Blues
  18. My Funny Valentine
  19. I Hear A Rhapsody
  20. Dream Gypsy
  21. Stairway To The Stars
  22. Romain
  23. Skating In Central Park
  24. Darn That Dream
  25. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
  26. You & The Night & The Music
  27. When You Wish Upon A Star
  28. I'll Never Smile Again
  29. Interplay
  30. You Go To My Head
  31. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
  32. The Washington Twist
  33. Danny Boy
  34. Let's Go Back To The Waltz
  35. With A Song In My Heart
  36. Goodbye
  37. I Believe In You
 in stock $9.75
Cat: 90270. Rel: 20 Aug 19
  1. Re: Person I Knew
  2. Polka Dots & Moonbeams
  3. I Fall In Love Too Easily
  4. Stairway To The Stars
  5. If You Could See Me Now
  6. It Might As Well Be Spring
  7. In Love In Vain
  8. Very Early
  9. How My Heart Sings
  10. I Should Care
  11. In Your Own Sweet Way
  12. Walking Up
  13. Summertime
  14. 34 Skidoo
  15. Show-Type Tune
 in stock $8.67
Cat: ETJ 006CD. Rel: 25 Apr 19
  1. Space Is The Place (reprise)
  2. Why You Mad?
  3. Red Whine
  4. Quest For Coin
  5. Reason In Disguise (feat Jorja Smith)
  6. What Am I To Do? (feat Loyle Carner)
  7. Chris & Jane
  8. People Saved
  9. Philosopher II
  10. Sao Paulo
  11. King Of The Jungle
  12. You Can't Steal My Joy
  13. Shakara (feat Kokoroko)
Review: London's contemporary jazz scene is so strong right now that there's not a week that passes without the release of a killer new album from one of its leading protagonists. The latest comes from Ezra Collective, which finally delivers its' debut album following a string of inspired live performances and a handful of must-have singles. Kicking off with a breezy chunk of hip-hop-jazz, "You Can't Steal My Joy" sees the hyped five-piece confidently bounce between intense, spiraling epics ("Why You Mad?"), reggae-influenced aural sunshine ("Red Whine"), polyrhythmic Afro-jazz ("Quest For Coin"), bespoke soul (Jorja Smith hook-up "Reason In Disguise"), live boom-bap hip-hop (Loyle Carner collaboration "What Am I To Do"), bustling Afro-Cuban jazz ("Chris & Jane"), picturesque piano pieces ("Philosopher II") and much more besides. As debuts go, it's mighty impressive.
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Played by: Vito lalinga
 in stock $10.57
Cat: 33JAZZ 250. Rel: 10 Jul 15
  1. Don't Forget The Poet, Please (Don't Forget The Poet)
  2. A Nameless Gate
  3. The Night Bird (Night Bird)
  4. With Every Smile Of Yours ( O! Le Feu Dans Tes Yeux)
  5. Within The Hush Of Night (Within The House Of Night)
  6. I Took Your Hand In Mine (Fellini's Waltz)
  7. Day Dream
  8. Home Is Where The Heart Is (Distance From Departure)
  9. This Is New
$11.92 SAVE 35%
 in stock $7.75
  1. Where The River Goes
  2. For Django
  3. Descendants
  4. Clearing
  5. Buenos Aires
  6. One Day My Prince Was Gone
  7. Blueshead
  8. Panorama
 in stock $12.47
Kumuska (CD)
Cat: INTAKT 328. Rel: 12 Nov 19
  1. NYC
  2. Kumuska
  3. Avdaruv
  4. Koshkel
  5. Sakav
  6. Uyum
  7. Kamir
  8. Kok
  9. Bala
 in stock $13.29
Cat: 673698 8. Rel: 04 Sep 18
  1. Lugano
  2. Temporary Kings
  3. Turner's Chamber Of Unlikely Delights
  4. Dixie's Dilemma
  5. Yesterday's Bouquet
  6. Unclaimed Freight
  7. Myron's World
  8. Third Familiar
  9. Seven Points
 in stock $14.64
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Back Catalogue: Jazz
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