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Back Catalogue: Jazz

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Ye Me Le (limited 7")
Cat: BRZ45 047. Rel: 01 Jul 16
  1. Elis Regina - "Ye Me Le" (2:19)
  2. Senay - "En Buyuk Sansin Yasiyor Olman" (3:39)
Review: The Brazil 45 series from Mr Bongo bursts through the picture with yet another rocking 7" fire starter by two vintage pop greats - we have to say, their format simply works. First up is Elis Regina, a Brazilian singer who released a countless pop records back in the '60s, and "Ye Me Le" is a soft, seductive Brazilian soul warmer complete with blasting trumpets and that inimitable South American percussion swagger. Turkey's Senay features on the flip with "En Buyuk Sansin Yasiyor Olman", an incandescent lover's ballad that makes a welcome change to the more widely heard Turkish psych sound of the '70s.
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 in stock $7.37
Scrabble (7")
Cat: KOL 009. Rel: 11 Jul 18
  1. Scrabble (7 Inch mix) (4:45)
  2. Move Your Red (7 Inch mix) (4:21)
 in stock $14.75
Cat: KOL 11. Rel: 11 Jul 18
  1. Come With Me (7 Inch edit) (3:49)
  2. Let's Stay Together (alternate version) (4:30)
Review: This tasty seven-inch single offers up two previously unheard reworks of tracks from RM Jazz Legacy's acclaimed 2016 debut album. Side A sports an on-point seven-inch edit of "Come With Me", which is the kind of low-down, Blaxploitation era style jazz-funk workout that could previously have emerged from the studio of Roy Ayers. Turn to the flipside for an "Alternate Version" of the deeper, looser and woozier "Let's Stay Together", an altogether fresher and breezier concoction that sees the Japanese producer and his accompanying musicians trade guitar, electric piano and horn solos over a lolloping groove. The sound of summer.
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 in stock $14.75
 in stock $10.02
Cat: EXPAND 115. Rel: 21 Sep 18
  1. You've Got To Have Freedom (6:48)
  2. Got To Give It Up (6:03)
 in stock $11.86
Cat: BPR 006SP. Rel: 08 Nov 18
  1. Acht Plus Zehn (7:08)
  2. Elbnebel (6:25)
 in stock $18.19
First Recordings (CD single)
Cat: TR 132CD. Rel: 13 Dec 14
  1. Deals
  2. Village
  3. With Forks & Hope
  4. Then, Silence
 in stock $14.50
Paper Wind (10")
Cat: WERF 154EP. Rel: 23 May 18
  1. Wuivers (3:56)
  2. Waaien (2:17)
  3. Stacey (2:59)
  4. Red Flares & Yellow (3:03)
  5. Waterlander (5:08)
 in stock $14.50
Cat: BGPS 038. Rel: 29 Apr 13
  1. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
  2. Home Is Where the Hatred Is
Review: Wow, classics don't come much more special than this. A like-for-like repress of the 1970 RCA release, both sides here are soaked in Scott Heron's raw troubled soul. The endlessly sampled, hugely powerful and perfectly funky "Revolution" remains almost as poignant and prophetic as it was the day it was penned. "Home Is Where The Hatred Is" is much more personal and reveals his talent as a singer as much as the lead track boasts his poetry and ability to deliver a strong message.
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 in stock $8.42
Cat: BGPS 047. Rel: 27 Mar 15
  1. When You Are Who You Are (3:22)
  2. Free Will (alternative take #1) (2:55)
Review: Two crucial moments from Gil Scott Heron's immense repertoire; "When You Are Who You Are" takes the lead. Taken from his 1971 album Pieces Of A Man, it's a straight up homage to clarity and honesty told in the context that only Gil knew best. Flip for a very special alternative take of "Free Will". The title track of his following album, released a year later in 1972, the variations of this take (which has never been released on vinyl before) are subtle but strong enough to justify it a place in your collection.
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 in stock $8.42
Cat: TOWN 147. Rel: 29 Apr 13
  1. Gil Scott-Heron - "Lady Day & John Coltrane"
  2. Cesar - "See-Saw Affair"
 in stock $8.42
Nem Vem Que Nao Tem (limited 7")
Cat: BRZ 45020. Rel: 11 Mar 15
  1. Wilson Simonal - "Nem Vem Que Nao Tem" (2:33)
  2. Trio Mocoto - "Nao Adianta" (4:04)
Review: Wilson Simonal - Nem Vem Que Nao Tem
An instant and super catchy samba-MPB hit made famous by its inclusion in Fernando Meirelles and Katia Lund's 'City Of God'. This is a firm Simonal favourite at Mr Bongo HQ.

Simonal was a hugely successful singer in the 1960's and early 70's; one of the most popular artists in Brazil infact. 'Nem Vem Que Nao Tem' was previously released on 7" by Odeon in France and Spain, and appears on his 'Alegria, Alegria !!!' LP on Odeon Brazil, released in 1967

Trio Mocoto - Nao Adianta
Trio Mocoto were one of Jorge Ben Jr's main backing bands and highly influential to his sound. They recorded with him on the seminal 'Forca Bruta', 'Negro E Lindo' and 'Tabua de Esmeralda' LP's.

'Nao Adianta' first appeared on Trio Mocoto's self-titled 1977 Arlequim LP. It was subsequently released on 7" in Spain, Portugal and Italy (and we are assuming in France too).
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 in stock $7.91
White Christmas (limited white vinyl 7")
Cat: 570862 5. Rel: 30 Nov 18
  1. White Christmas (2:38)
  2. The Christmas Waltz (2:58)
 in stock $18.19
Expansions (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: DB 10214P. Rel: 20 Jun 18
  1. Expansions (6:08)
  2. A Chance For Peace (5:23)
 in stock $10.28
Cat: SDBANU 1002. Rel: 01 May 18
  1. Inverse/Reverse (1:41)
  2. Berlin Revisited (8:23)
  3. Bachfag (2:07)
  4. You Is You? (6:29)
 in stock $14.50
Atlas EP (heavyweight vinyl 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: RESILIENS 001AS. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Mm01 (6:25)
  2. Mm02 (5:04)
  3. G 1 (8:32)
  4. G 5B (2:51)
 in stock $13.18
Cat: BMM 032. Rel: 29 Jan 18
  1. Billy's Castle (4:32)
  2. The Pusher (3:58)
Review: M.A BEAT!'s Adrien Legay returns to Black Milk Music with his brand new project The Storm Watchers. Joined by Alexandre Weppe on Rhodes, Julen Moneret on double bass and Nicolas Gegout on tenor sax, their first forecast is a strong one; "Billy's Castle" is a bewitching, smoky brew of tension and soft release as the sax takes the lead of Legay's twinkling percussion. "The Pusher" has much more of an unpredictable narrative as we're hurled from horn hurricane to glistened keys and back again with a brilliant sense of pace. The storm's a-brewing and we suspect it's only going to get heavier...
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 in stock $10.28
Nuclear War (red vinyl 10")
Cat: MH 106. Rel: 06 Sep 16
  1. Nuclear War (7:46)
  2. Outer Reach Intense Energy (early version - originally unissued) (6:59)
  3. Twilight (originally unissued) (2:06)
 in stock $20.02
Plutonian Nights (clear pink vinyl 7")
Cat: MH 103. Rel: 17 Jan 17
  1. Plutonian Nights (4:22)
  2. Reflects Motion (part One) (3:26)
Review: While legend Sun Ra can sometimes appeal to only the most obsessive of free jazz enthusiasts, this new two-track 7" is undoubtedly something that will blow any sort of music fan into smithereens. We mean that as a good thing, of course. Modern Harmonic have got it spot on here: the first is the opener from 1959's The Nubians Of Plutonia LP, the supremely funky, tripped-out jazz licks of "Plutonian Nights, while the flipside consists of the first part of "Reflects Motion", a sixties abstraction with a much heavier injection of brekbeats, and Ra's notable experimentation with electronics. This is an unmissable EP.
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 in stock $11.59
Cat: GB 1538. Rel: 02 May 17
  1. The Schimmel Impromptu (4:34)
  2. Sun Ra Interview With Jez Nelson (Jazz FM, 7th June 1990) (12:08)
Review: In honour of Record Store Day 2017, Gearbox has put together a rather special Sun Ra 7". Cut at 33rpm, the A-side boasts a previously unreleased piano improvisation by the spiritual jazz legend. It's as free-spirited and freaky as you'd expect, but also stunningly beautiful and, at times, impressively jaunty. It may take a few listens to fully comprehend, but it's more than worth the attention. The improvisation was captured during a rare 1990 interview with Jazz FM's Jez Nelson, so it's fitting that a 12-minute excerpt from that chat - featuring Sun Ra explaining some of his spiritual beliefs and approach to composition - can be found stretched out across the B-side. There are only 750 of these floating around, so grab a copy while you can.
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 in stock $6.85
Rocket Number Nine (transparent green vinyl 10")
Cat: MH 10104. Rel: 05 Sep 16
  1. Rocket Number Nine (8:37)
  2. Ankhnation (5:49)
  3. Project Black Mass (6:54)
 in stock $18.45
  1. The Lady With The Golden Stockings (7:45)
  2. Spontaneous Simplicity (3:03)
  3. Love In Outer Space (vocal) (3:51)
Review: Resurfacing Sun Ra treasures from the 1950s have become increasingly prominent and, by now, his younger fans can truly explore this legend's never-ending catalogue in its original vinyl format. Modern Harmonic are the ones responsible here, and reissuing "The Lady With The Golden Stockings is a great move on their part because it's one Ra monster that we'd been missing from our catalogue; the percussion, the sax and the general feeling of potential deconstruction at any given point make this a truly stupendous affair. "Spontaneous Simplicity" is calmer, more psychedelic and, if we're not mistaken, there's a very early drum machine rambling on in the lower end of the mix, while "Love In Outer Space" finishes this off with Ra's own voice backed by a more traditional sway from the famous Arkestra.
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 in stock $20.02
Saturn (clear orange vinyl 7")
Cat: MH 101. Rel: 17 Jan 17
  1. Saturn (3:44)
  2. Mystery, Mr. Ra (3:10)
 in stock $12.92
El Is A Sound Of Joy (clear blue vinyl 7")
Cat: MH 102. Rel: 17 Jan 17
  1. El Is A Sound Of Joy (4:00)
  2. Black Sky & Blue Moon (2:59)
 in stock $10.11
Cat: RONET 002. Rel: 11 Sep 18
  1. Manager (2:03)
  2. Jupiter & Sand (1:29)
  3. Walzeth (2:15)
  4. Desert Douple (2:08)
Review: Over the last few years, Jimi Tenor seems to have settled into a new role as an elder statesman of left-of-centre Finnish jazz. He's also taken to composing music for film, as with the four cuts on this extended-play seven-inch. They're all featured on Kati Juruus's recent movie Cinema Dadaab, which focuses on the escapism films provide for the inhabitants of a refugee camp. Echoes of the setting and storyline can be heard across Tenor's compositions, which variously mix and match elements of jazz-funk, Blaxploitation-era soundtracks, the polyrhythms of Africa, the intoxicating instrumentation of the Middle East and the Finnish musician's own eccentric musical vision.
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 in stock $5.80
Cat: WAH 7062. Rel: 23 Oct 18
  1. Roy The King (3:19)
  2. Sir Blunt (3:31)
 in stock $11.33
O Journaleiro (limited 7")
Cat: BRZ45 016. Rel: 15 Dec 14
  1. Toni Tornado - "O Jornaleiro"
  2. Som Tres - "Homenagem A Mongo"
Review: Rich gutsy soul from a man who's regularly described as Brazil's James Brown, "O Journalerio" is a blueprint funk jam. Released in 1971 (on his hyper-rare album BR-3) it's all about the orchestrated swing, bluesy groove and Hammond licks so lavish you need to towel on every listen. Flip for Som Tres... An off-shoot of the Sambalanco Trio, it's the sound of Cesar Camargo Mariano controlling a restrained rolling slice of filmic instrumental funk where horns, keys and drums gather momentum with big band drama. Neither have been released on 45" before, making this all the more special.
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 in stock $7.91
Cat: HR 12S 007. Rel: 01 Mar 18
  1. I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun (12" mix) (4:58)
  2. Kitty Bey (6:28)
Review: It's been a while since we last heard from former United Future Organisation member Toshio Matsuura. He's released very little in the last decade, which is rather surprising given his experience and credentials. Here he goes full-on jazz-funk, serving up a superb cover of Rotary Connection favourite "I Am The Black Gold of the Sun". Unlike the better-known Nuyorican Soul cover from the '90s, Matsura's version feels chunkier, heavier and thrillingly raw, with eyes-closed guitar solos clustering around a guttural groove. Of course, the track's life-affirming piano riff is still present, and Dayme Arocena does a terrific job in providing a suitably wild, passionate lead vocal. The two tracks included on this limited 12 inch are exclusive to this Japan only release and did not feature on the Brownswood long player .
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 in stock $27.68
Democustico (limited 7")
Cat: BRZ45 028. Rel: 19 Aug 15
  1. Democustico (2:21)
  2. Freio Aerodinamico (2:39)
 in stock $7.91
Mentira (limited 7")
Cat: BRZ 45017. Rel: 07 Aug 18
  1. Marcos Valle - "Mentira" (3:43)
  2. Toni Tornado - "Me Libertei" (3:39)
Review: Two premium Latin funk documents on one limited 45, Mr Bongo deliver once again: Marcos Valle needs no introduction to Brazilian music enthusiasts. "Mentira" is a self-cover as Valle takes his 69 classic "Mentira Carioca" and develops the dynamic with a vocal style that's highly reminiscent of Donovan. Flip for Toni Tornado's Black Rio anthem "Me Libertei". Fusing sleazy rock n roll with jazzy Latin soul, madly this is the first time it's ever graced a 45!
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 in stock $7.91
Guadi (12")
Cat: ENID 004. Rel: 14 Sep 17
  1. Get Up & Do It (4:09)
  2. Love & Hate (4:44)
  3. Got To Believe (6:27)
  4. Alive In The Five (For Ken) (5:30)
  5. Amazing Grace (2:17)
Review: Following the debut album Blackism earlier this year, Acid jazz / Wag club fusioneer Lascelle Lascelles continues to build on his latest explorative endeavour; Vibration Black Finger, a band driven by the ideals of post punk and spiritual jazz. Instantly plugging us in with the raffish loose-limbed electroid funk of "Get Up And Do It", Lascelles then blindsides us with a rainbow of elements ranging from the deep emotional soul of Maggie Nicols on "Got To Believe" and one of the most spiritual takes on "Amazing Grace" we've ever heard. Awash with the smoky sax, shimmering Rhodes and delicate horn work, the vibrations run deeper than ever.
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 in stock $11.07
Tanganica (7")
Cat: BRZ 45046. Rel: 10 May 16
  1. Luiz Carlos Vinhas - "Tanganica" (4:37)
  2. O Som De LCV - "Tanganica" (3:38)
 in stock $7.37
Antenna (10" + MP3 download code)
Cat: 571044 0. Rel: 22 Dec 16
  1. Binary (2:26)
  2. Water, Bird Headed Mistress (2:25)
  3. Threshold (5:36)
  4. Rumbakua (2:36)
  5. El Titan De Bronce (6:46)
  6. Text (1:48)
 in stock $16.34
Harmony Of Difference (12" + insert)
Cat: YT 171. Rel: 29 Sep 17
  1. Desire (4:36)
  2. Humility (2:48)
  3. Knowledge (3:51)
  4. Perspective (3:25)
  5. Integrity (3:45)
  6. Truth (13:25)
Review: The music that makes up Harmony of Difference, Kamasi Washington's first EP of note since the release of acclaimed 2015 album The Epic, was premiered live as a "six-track movement" earlier this year. The "suite" - here stretched across both sides of an essential 12" - sees Washington continue to explore the idea of what it means to be black in America in the 21st century. Musically, the EP contains some of his smoothest and most laidback compositions yet, with all his musical collaborators being on fine form. The headline attraction is undoubtedly 14-minute flipside "The Truth", an almost operatic jazz epic full of swelling choral contributions, fizzing drum solos, rising horns and, of course, plenty of Washington's distinctive saxophone.
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 in stock $8.17
Cat: YTCD 171. Rel: 29 Sep 17
  1. Desire
  2. Humility
  3. Knowledge
  4. Perspective
  5. Integrity
  6. Truth
Review: The music that makes up Harmony of Difference, Kamasi Washington's first EP of note since the release of acclaimed 2015 album The Epic, was premiered live as a "six-track movement" earlier this year. The "suite" - here stretched across both sides of an essential 12" - sees Washington continue to explore the idea of what it means to be black in America in the 21st century. Musically, the EP contains some of his smoothest and most laidback compositions yet, with all his musical collaborators being on fine form. The headline attraction is undoubtedly 14-minute flipside "The Truth", an almost operatic jazz epic full of swelling choral contributions, fizzing drum solos, rising horns and, of course, plenty of Washington's distinctive saxophone.
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 in stock $5.80
Right On (7")
Cat: DYNAM 7018. Rel: 02 Oct 18
  1. Right On (4:41)
  2. Doin' What I Wanna (4:07)
Review: Since launching last year, the Dynamite Cuts has delivered a string of killer seven-inch singles featuring sought-after cuts from fantastic old albums and this is another must-have along the same lines. It boasts two tracks from Clarence Wheeler and the Enforcers' 1970 debut album, "Doing What We Wanna Do", neither of which have appeared on a "45" before. You'll find a riotous Hammond funk explosion rich in energetic, break-driven drumming and wild trumpet and organ solos on the B-side, with the similarly sweaty title track nestling on the A. This insatiable number is altogether deeper and looser in feel, with tasty group vocals rising above bustling drums, warm Hammond lines and punchy sax solos.
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 in stock $10.02
New Heights (limited heavyweight vinyl 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: BFR 003. Rel: 14 Dec 18
  1. New Heights (Visions Of Aisha Malik) (7:05)
  2. Snitches Brew (6:23)
 in stock $11.59
Cat: FJSP 309. Rel: 11 Jul 18
  1. Koroshi No Blues (Theme From "Style To Kill") (1:33)
  2. Dead Man On Back Seat (0:52)
  3. Hanada Bop (1:17)
  4. Koroshi No Blues (Humming version) (1:21)
  5. Koroshi No Blues (Naked version) (1:35)
  6. Sayonara Feeling (0:57)
  7. Koroshi No Bossa (1:13)
  8. Koroshi No Blues (Ending version) (0:51)
 in stock $11.86
  1. Theme From Lupin III 2015 (4:21)
  2. Track 2 (feat Shiori Sasaki) (2:32)
  3. Romantico Azione (Sha-Ba-Da-Ba) (2:33)
  4. Track 4 (feat Shiori Sasaki) (3:24)
  5. Sailing In The Sunset (2:26)
  6. Track 6 (feat Sayuri Ishikawa) (3:11)
 in stock $23.72
Jimmy Renda Se (limited 7")
Cat: BRZ 45032. Rel: 16 Nov 15
  1. Tom Ze - "Jimmy Renda Se" (3:39)
  2. Jorge Ben - "Take It Easy My Brother Charlie" (2:36)
Review: Mr Bongo's Brazil 45s series gets its rock on with two hairy grooves, both of which have enjoyed the sampler's crafty knives over the years. First up, Tom Ze's "Jimmy Renda-se" rolls with an oily sleazy groove that's peppered by a playful lyrical rhythm that transcends language barriers. Ben's "Take It Easy My Brother Charlie" joins the dots between Samba and very light Rock with all the signatures that made Mr Ben the legend he remains to this day with big vocal harmonies and infectious textures of Brazilian percussion.
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 in stock $7.91
Chromola (LP + CD)
Cat: HUBROLP 3558. Rel: 06 Apr 17
  1. 07:56 (7:42)
  2. 06:19 (6:08)
  3. 06:37 (6:25)
  4. 07:00 (6:43)
  5. 04:03 (4:02)
  6. 04:45 (4:34)
  7. 04:09 (3:53)
  8. 07:56
  9. 06:19
  10. 06:37
  11. 07:00
  12. 04:03
  13. 04:45
  14. 04:09
 in stock $15.55
Vibes Of Truth (gatefold LP)
Cat: F 9476. Rel: 01 Dec 12
  1. I Need You Girl
  2. Backed Up Against The Wall
  3. Vibes Of Truth
  4. Shortin' Bread
  5. Self Dealin'
  6. Concrete Jungle
  7. If Only I Could Prove To You
  8. Cool It
  9. Virtue
Played by: Mop Mop, Osmose
 in stock $13.18
Sidarta (LP)
Cat: DCM 004. Rel: 18 May 17
  1. Sidarta (18:02)
  2. Trag (4:22)
  3. Pescani Sat (8:10)
  4. Izmoreni Putnik (8:11)
  5. Vrteska (5:11)
 in stock $23.46
Form (CD)
Cat: WJCD 02. Rel: 02 Nov 17
  1. Flaig
  2. Five New Dukes
  3. Formality
  4. Stars
  5. Empty & Still
  6. Infinitum
  7. Desolation
  8. Flaigology
  9. D
  10. Winterline (1st Impression)
  11. Iris
  12. Form
  13. Winterline (2nd Impression)
  14. Iran
  15. Dawn
 in stock $9.23
Cat: AR 47CD. Rel: 07 Apr 15
  1. Chelsea Bridge
  2. Estate
  3. It Might As Well Be Spring
  4. Olhos De Gato
  5. Never Let Me Go
  6. The Peacocks
  7. The Windmills Of Your Mind
  8. Everything Happens To Me
  9. Soul Eyes
  10. Spring Is Here
  11. The Party Is Over
 in stock $13.44
Excavations 1 (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: FDTB 337. Rel: 07 Jun 18
  1. Unexplain (7:54)
  2. Wager (9:48)
  3. Branches (0:58)
  4. Buzzards (7:07)
  5. Lingo (7:03)
  6. Dag (2:30)
  7. Scratching On It (3:42)
 in stock $30.05
Sightsong (LP)
Cat: BSR 003. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. WW (Dedicated To Wilbur Ware) (4:59)
  2. JG (Dedicate To Johnny Griffin) (5:39)
  3. Sightsong (6:19)
  4. Two Over One (6:17)
  5. Way Way Way Down Yonder (5:31)
  6. Panorama (6:01)
  7. Unity (Dedicated To The AACM) (5:21)
 in stock $13.44
Brookland Suite (limited hand-numbered colored vinyl LP in silk-screened sleeve)
Cat: N 64LP. Rel: 01 Mar 18
  1. Tomorrows Past Trilogie (part 1) (4:31)
  2. Brookland (4:04)
  3. Tomorrows Past Trilogie (part 2) (3:53)
  4. Low Pulse (5:01)
  5. Tomorrows Past Trilogie (part 3) (6:43)
  6. Colenet (3:50)
  7. Interlude (3:19)
  8. Oreman (5:50)
 in stock $18.97
Cat: CAROLR 075CD. Rel: 08 May 18
  1. Rhythm Of Life
  2. Get Here
  3. Circle Of One
  4. You've Got To Give Me Room
  5. I've Got To Sing My Song
  6. I've Got A Right
  7. Will We Ever Learn
  8. Everything Must Change
  9. Don't Look Too Closely
  10. I've Got To Sing My Song (live B-side - bonus track)
  11. Birdland (B-side - bonus track)
  12. Think Again (B-side - bonus track)
  13. Watch What Happens (B-side - bonus track)
  14. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (single mix - bonus track)
  15. Rhythm Of Life (Rhythm & Prophet - bonus track)
  16. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (edit - bonus track)
  17. Rhythm Of Life (Gospella - bonus track)
  18. Circle Of One (Full Cycle 12" - bonus track)
  19. Circle Of One (Hot mix 12" - bonus track)
  20. Circle Of One (T remix - bonus track)
  21. Circle Of One (Yvonne Circle mix - bonus track)
  22. Rhythm Of Life (Full Mega - bonus track)
  23. Rhythm Of Life (Rhythm dub - bonus track)
  24. Rhythm Of Life (Syncopated Urban mix 7" version - bonus track)
  25. Rhythm Of Life (Syncopated Urban mix 12" version - bonus track)
  26. Rhythm Of Life (Heavenly edit - bonus track)
  27. Rhythm Of Life (Reverend Jefferson Choo Choo dub - bonus track)
  28. Rhythm Of Life (Reverend Jefferson Deeper Rhythm mix - bonus track)
  29. Rhythm Of Life (Jules & Skin Rhythm mix - bonus track)
 in stock $10.53
Cat: B00209 9601. Rel: 18 Sep 14
  1. Gimme Something Good
  2. Kim
  3. Trouble
  4. Am I Safe
  5. My Wrecking Ball
  6. Stay With Me
  7. Shadows
  8. Feels Like Fire
  9. I Just Might
  10. Tired Of Giving Up
  11. Let Go
 in stock $21.88
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