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Desert To Douala
Cat: WONDERCD 37. Rel: 28 Mar 19
  1. Cera Cera
  2. Clandoman (feat FTP)
  3. Taroum (De Moundou)
  4. Un Jour (feat FTP)
  5. Bazaka (feat DJ Teguil)
  6. Dabadji Am Alcorama
  7. Les Feuilles Tremblent (feat Matibeye Dje Non Pah - interlude)
  8. Sanga (Audrey)
  9. Mbaoundaye
  10. Kawolea
  11. Nguendam
 in stock $9.99
En Hollande
Cat: ATFA 034CD. Rel: 25 Jan 19
  1. Seremende
  2. Ha-Madi
  3. Moussa
  4. Kaira
  5. Djonol
  6. N'na
  7. Dioula
  8. Hadjiatu Mari N'Djaye
 in stock $11.87
Bafana Bafana
Cat: ATFA 027CD. Rel: 20 Oct 17
  1. Bafana Bafana
  2. Isidakwa
  3. Via Botswana
  4. Leave Me Alone
  5. Kancane Kancane
  6. Release Me
  7. Zama Zama
  8. Don't Say You Love Me
Review: As a member of several chart-topping groups and an in-demand producer in his own right, Thami Mdluli was something of a superstar on South Africa's "bubblegum" scene during the 1980s. Yet as the decade progressed, it was for his club-focused instrumentals - released under the Professor Rhythm alias - that he became most celebrated. By the time this album was first released in 1995, he'd helped to develop the now celebrated "Kwaito" style of house-influenced South African dancefloor fusion. Bafana Bafana does contain some distinctive kwaito moments, but for the most part it just sounds like a gloriously South African take on mid 1990s U.S, Italian and British house music. Crucially, it's also superb, like some long lost '90s house album made in Jo'burg, rather than New Jersey.
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 in stock $11.78
Asnaketch (CD)
Cat: ATFA 031CD. Rel: 16 Nov 18
  1. Jinyew
  2. Tche Belew
  3. Awkew Beneber
  4. Baynelay Yidal
  5. Mingizem Yene New
  6. Tew Begize Giba
  7. Sak Bleh Askegn
  8. Abyotegnaw Jegna
  9. Kand Yerega Deg New
  10. Mech Alkugn Lela Sew
 in stock $11.86
Fongola (CD)
Cat: TRANS 417CD. Rel: 05 Jul 19
  1. Likolo
  2. Azo Toke
  3. Buka Dansa
  4. Identite
  5. Malembe
  6. LOVE
  7. Tongos'a
  8. Zala Mayele
  9. Singa
  10. Kitoko
  11. Tokoliana
Review: It would be fair to say that Kokoko! are not just dragging the music of the Democratic Republic of Congo into the 21st century, but also pushing it forwards towards the future. That much is proved by this essential debut album, a set full to bursting with thrilling fusions of Kuduro style electronics beats, lo-fi analogue electronics, traditional Congolese instrumentation, hand-played percussion polyrhythms and basslines so weighty they could crush an average-sized person. It's an arresting audio blueprint that guarantees thrills from start to finish. Highlights include the hot-stepping dancefloor sleaze of "Azo Toke", the foreboding, polyrhythmic 21st century punk-funk of "Malembe" and the intergalactic brilliance of "L.O.V.E.".
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 in stock $10.41
One People One World
Cat: KFR 11422. Rel: 23 Feb 18
  1. Africa Will Be Great Again
  2. Best To Live On The Good Side
  3. One People One World
  4. Na Their Way Be That
  5. How Many
  6. Evil People
  7. Equal Opportunity
  8. E Get As E Be
  9. Corruption Na Stealing
  10. Dem Don Come Again
  11. Dem Militarize Democracy
  12. The Way Our Lives Go
 in stock $7.97
Wasalala (CD)
Cat: BJRCD 29. Rel: 10 Apr 19
  1. Vina Vina Malawi
  2. Naphiri
  3. Mita
  4. Chikondi Cholawa
  5. Nambewe
  6. Wasalala
  7. Moyo Wa Lelo
  8. Chinakulaka
 in stock $15.35
On (CD)
Cat: BJR 025CD. Rel: 10 Apr 18
  1. Tatli Dile Guler Yuze
  2. Kirsehir'in Gulleri
  3. Goca Dunya
  4. Halkali Seker
  5. Caney
  6. Sad Olup Gulmedim
  7. Cemalim
  8. Cicekler Ekiliyor
  9. Kaymakamin Kizlari
  10. Seker Oglan
Played by: DJ Kobayashi
 in stock $12.95
Waak Waak Ga Min Min
  1. Rainbow Serpent
  2. Djambaku
  3. White Cockatoo
  4. Mother, I'm Going
  5. Gandi Bawong
  6. Black Crow
Review: Efficient Space's latest release is certainly an intriguing one. It was sparked by the discovery of a CD copy of an obscure, mid-'90s album made by the late Victorian musician Peter Mumme and three Aboriginal songmen from the Yolngu people of the Arnhem Land in Australia's Northern territory. Uniquely, the album - here reissued under a new title with an additional unreleased piece - mixed the singers' traditional vocals with impeccable ambient soundscapes, gently pulsating electronic rhythms and the kind of fluid and wide-eyed synthesizer melodies more often found on '80s new age recordings. The results still sound remarkable and, thanks to the Yolngu singing style, surprisingly haunting.
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Played by: Dreems, Piers Harrison
 in stock $12.39
Wande (CD)
Cat: GBCD 059. Rel: 17 May 18
  1. Yo Pouhala/Blah Blah Blah
  2. Hawah
  3. Yerfara/We Are Tired
  4. Goy Boyro/The Good Work (Well Done)
  5. Wande/The Beloved
  6. Irganda/It Is Our Land
  7. Mana Yero Koy/Where To Go?
  8. Hayame/Be Careful!
  9. Tribute To Zoumana Tereta
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Darandi (CD in 28 page hard-back book sleeve)
Cat: CDRW 216. Rel: 23 Jan 17
  1. Dondo
  2. Yalifu
  3. Yange
  4. Laru Beya
  5. Sielpa
  6. Dugu
  7. Sananaro
  8. Landini
  9. Funa Tugudirugu
  10. Nari Golu
  11. Lumalali Lamaniga
  12. Naguya Nei
 in stock $8.46
Konono No 1 Meets Batida
Cat: CRAM 261. Rel: 07 Jun 16
  1. Nlele Kalusimbiko
  2. Yambadi Mama
  3. Tokolanda
  4. Bom Dia
  5. Kinsumba
  6. Nzonzing Familia
  7. Kuna America
  8. Um Nzonzing
 in stock $9.15
Leite Quente Funana De Cabo Verde
Leite Quente Funana De Cabo Verde (CD in hard-book sleeve)
Cat: OST 007CD. Rel: 26 Jul 19
  1. Longi Di Bo
  2. Rabes
  3. Txada Liton
  4. S'ta Contente
  5. Kanto Nstaba Nobu
  6. Liberdadi
 in stock $11.86
Sweet As Broken Dates: Lost Somali Tapes From The Horn Of Africa
Cat: OSTCD 003. Rel: 25 Aug 17
  1. Nimco Jamaac - "Buuraha U Dheer (The Highest Mountains)"
  2. Aamina Camaari - "Rag Waa Nacab Iyo Nasteexo (Men Are Cruel & Kind)"
  3. Ali Nuur - "Unknown"
  4. Hibo Nuura - "Haddii Hoobalkii Gabay (If The Artist Let's You Down)"
  5. Gacaltooyo Band - "Ninkaan Ogayn (He Who Does Not Know)" (feat Faduumina Hilowle)
  6. Iftiin Band - "Xuduud Ma Leh Xubigaan (This Love Has No Boundaries)" (feat Mahmud Abdalla "Jerry" Hussen & Maryan Naasir)
  7. Xasan Diiriye - "Qaraami (Love)"
  8. Dur Dur Band - "Gorof (Elixir)" (feat Sahra Dawo)
  9. Sharaf Band - "Kadeed Badanaa Naftaydani (My Life Is Full Of Tribulations)" (feat Xaawo Hiiraan)
  10. 4 Mars - "Na Daadihi (Guide Us)"
  11. Danan Hargeysa - "Uur Hooyo (Mother's Womb)" (feat Mohamed "Huro" Abdihashi)
  12. Sharero Band - "Qays Iyo Layla (Romeo & Juliet)" (feat Faadumo Qaasim)
  13. Waaberi - "Oktoobar Waatee? Waa Taayadii (What's October? It's Ours)"
  14. Dur Dur Band - "Duruuf Maa Laygu Diidee (Rejected Due To My Circumstance)" (feat Muqtar Idi Ramadan)
  15. Iftiin Band - "Anaa Qaylodhaanta" (feat Mahmud Abdalla "Jerry" Hussen)
Review: In 1988, on the eve of the civil war that began to tear apart Somalia in the early 1990s, an intrepid band of broadcasters and journalists secretly salvaged some 10,000 cassettes of homegrown music from the archives of Radio Hargeissa in Somaliland. Almost 30 years on, those tapes have finally been mined for Sweet As Broken Dates, a brilliant compilation that finally showcases some of the multitude of gems that were recorded and released in the country between the late '60s and early '90s. It's a brilliant collection, all told, full of exotic music that combines Western styles - soul, funk, disco, pop, reggae, boogie, psychedelic rock and even early hip-hop- with musical influences from the wider region (most notably Arabic and tropical music from islands in the Indian Ocean). In other words, it should be an essential purchase.
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 in stock $16.06
Antilles Mechant Bateau: Deep Biguines & Gwo Ka From 60s French West Indies
  1. Mahy - "Antilles Mechant Bateau"
  2. Guy Conquete - "Ban Moin Cle A Titine"
  3. Dolor - "A Dardonnel"
  4. Joseph Lacides - "Yo Ka Biguine"
  5. Tino Saint-Val - "Mam'zelle Cancan"
  6. Dolor Et Ses Etoiles - "Ki Vino"
  7. Dolor Et Ses Etoiles - "Socie Cabrite"
  8. Gaby Siarras - "Moana"
  9. Joseph Lacides - "Citation Creole"
  10. Casimir Letang - "Menage Chalvire"
  11. Manuela Pioche - "Pas Ban Moin Coup"
  12. Gerard Valton - "Bel' Me A Present"
  13. Beaujour & Ses Diables Du Rythme - "Ti Te Ya"
  14. Josiane St Louis - "Jeines Gacons"
  15. Dolor - "Vini Sauve Moin"
 in stock $14.58
Jaribu Afrobeat Arkestra
  1. Yuji Okumura - "Eastern Comfort"
  2. Fela Anikulapo Kuti - "Eko Ile"
  3. Jack Fulks - "Panama"
  4. Yasuhiro Suenatsu - "Scarface"
  5. Enrico Rodriguez - "This Day"
  6. Yuji Okumura - "Bomb" (Ultimate take)
 in stock $20.79
Shango Dance Band
Cat: CRZR 1003CD. Rel: 15 Aug 16
  1. Position Pass Power
  2. Women Are Great
  3. I Need Your Love
  4. Son Of Thunder
  5. Alupandu-Gbe
Review: During military service with the Nigerian military in 1978, former Fela Kuti collaborators Ojo Okeji and Abayomi "Easy" Adio decided to form a new band. Featuring other musicians recruited from within the ranks of the 6th Infantry Brigade of the Nigerian Army, the Shango Dance Band recorded an eponymous debut album that was only ever available to other military personnel. Here, it gets a first worldwide reissue. Similar in ethos to the Afrobeat sound the duo had helped Fela develop - but with extra layers of guitar, percussion, and gravel-throated U.S soul style vocals - Shango Dance Band is as potent and funky as anything released in Nigeria during the period. Thanks to the excellent Comb & Razor Sound, it's no longer a hidden classic.
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 in stock $11.32
A Universe That Roasts Blossoms For A Horse
Cat: GBCD 079. Rel: 28 Aug 19
  1. A Washed Out Boy Taking Fossils From A Frog Sack
  2. Sleight Of Hand With A Melting Key
  3. A Pulse Expels Its Brothers & Sisters
  4. Low Probability Of A Hug
  5. Same As The One She Hardly Remembered
 in stock $10.53
The Photographs Of Charles Duvelle: Disques Ocora & Collection Prophet
  1. Sakara (Benin)
  2. Court Orchestra Of Naba Tigre (Burkina Faso)
  3. Wame Igini Kamu (Papua New Guinea)
  4. Duet Of Sanzas (Bissa)
  5. Samy Faly (Madagascar)
  6. Pili Pe (Papua New Guinea)
  7. Medzang Me Biang (Gabon)
  8. Malinke Balafons (Guinea)
  9. Laments (Papua New Guinea)
  10. Cengume (Benin)
  11. Bopal Solo (Burkina Faso)
  12. Balante Balafon (Guinea Bissau)
  13. Mbale (Centrafrican Republic)
  14. Sohan Lal - "Sodina" (India)
  15. Kheo Oudon - "Khene Lao" (Laos)
  16. Madurai Ramaswami Gautam - "Dhrupad" (India)
Review: For the uninitiated, Charles Duvelle was one of the pioneers of field recording. Between the mid 1950s and the late 1970s, he traveled around Africa, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Islands and South East Asia, making recordings of traditional percussion workouts, folk songs and obscure indigenous instruments. This superb set gathers together the best of his work - including a swathe of previously unreleased recordings. The two discs come tucked inside a luscious, hardcover art book which not only showcases Duvelle's photographs of the lost tribes and traditional music-makers he encountered en route, but also an in depth interview in which he discusses his vast contribution to the art of field recording.


- The Photographs of Charles Duvelle: Disques Ocora and Collection Prophet focuses on composer and musicologist Charles Duvelle's pioneering field recordings, as well as his now-iconic photographs and graphic design.
- The material focuses on the five regions surveyed during his time with Ocora: West Africa, Central Africa, Indian Ocean, Pacific Islands, and SouthEast Asia. ?
- This 296-page fine-art photography book comprises an exhaustive collection of Charles Duvelle's field photography from 1959 to 1978 (188 black-and-white and 58 colour photographs).
- Two CDs of archival recordings (some of which have never been published) selected, annotated, and compiled exclusively for this volume by Charles Duvelle.
- Contains an exhaustive interview with Charles Duvelle by Hisham Mayet.
- The book is printed on 170 gsm Lumisilk matte art paper.
- Hardcover book; 10"x10"; 296 pages; 4.5 lbs.

Disques Ocora, a French label dedicated to capturing and publishing the sounds of folkloric culture from around the world, is held in the highest possible regard in the realms of professional and amateur ethnomusicology. Instigated in 1958 by Pierre Schaeffer, the founder of musique concrete, Disques Ocora's sterling reputation is largely built on composer and musicologist Charles Duvelle's pioneering field recordings, as well as his now-iconic photographs and graphic design.

Charles Duvelle's work is indisputably one of the most important contributions to the human understanding of the rich biodiversity of our planet's music and language. In 1977, his field recordings from Benin were selected by Carl Sagan for inclusion on the Voyager Golden Records, which were carried into outer space by the Voyager spacecraft to stand as an example of humanity's highest musical expressions for the universe's unknown listeners.

Sublime Frequencies' most ambitious project to date, this 296-page fine-art photography book comprises an exhaustive collection of Charles Duvelle's field photography from 1959 to 1978 (188 black-and-white and 58 colour photographs), demonstrating that this master musicologist had an equally unerring eye for photography; Includes a photo index listing the details of each photograph. It also contains an exhaustive interview with Charles Duvelle by Hisham Mayet, detailing the history of the label and offering Duvelle's unique insights into the discipline of field recording (French and English facing text).

The package includes two full-length CDs of archival recordings (some of which have never been published) selected, compiled, and fully annotated by Duvelle himself. Most of the tracks on CD one (Africa) are complete versions of truncated tracks from OOP Ocora LPs. CD two, which includes performances by Sohan Lal, Kheo Oudon, and Madurai Ramaswami Gautam, is focused on material from Asia (music from India and Laos), with two long tracks that have never been released (a third track is a complete unedited version).

The material focuses on the five regions surveyed during his time with Ocora: West Africa, Central Africa, Indian Ocean, Pacific Islands, and SouthEast Asia. It includes "Disques Ocora / Charles Duvelle Discography, 1959-1974", a complete overview illustrated with 94 full-colour album thumbnails, "The Prophet Collection, 1999-2004" a discography of Duvelle's post-Ocora label illustrated with 41 full-colour album thumbnails, "Eastern Music in Black Africa", a 17-page report prepared by Charles Duvelle at the request of UNESCO (February 1970), and a review of the Ocora catalogues (1964-1973). In a tribute to Disques Ocora's exquisite design sensibility, the book is printed on 170 gsm Lumisilk matte art paper and bound in grey buckram with gold foil stamping on the cover and spine. The front cover includes a tipped-on glossy photograph by Charles Duvelle. Hardcover book; 10"x10"; 296 pages; 4.5 lbs. Produced and edited by Hisham Mayet.
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Played by: Kaoru Inoue, Dj soFa
 in stock $64.78
Saigon Rock & Soul: Vietnamese Classic Tracks 1968-1974
Cat: SF 060. Rel: 15 Apr 13
  1. CBC Band - "The Greatest Love"
  2. Elvis Phuong - "The Crazy Song"
  3. Carol Kim - "Your Hair Clip"
  4. Thanh Mai - "Long, Uneven Hair"
  5. Carol Kim - "The sadness Of Being A Girl"
  6. Bich Loan & CBC Band - "Heart & Tears"
  7. Phuong Tam - "Magical Night"
  8. Le Thu - "Magical Night"
  9. Minh Xuan & Phuong Hoang - "Black Sun"
  10. Thai Thanh - "Dawn"
  11. Bang Chan - "Fireballs"
  12. Giao Linh - "A Love Story From Sau Ri"
  13. Elvis Phuong - "Our Treasures"
  14. Thanh Lan - "Autumn Memory"
  15. Hung Cuong & Mai Le Huyen - "Jealousy"
  16. Mai Le Huyen - "A Girls Destiny"
  17. Phuong Dung - "Riddles"
Played by: ShoCkS
 in stock $19.43
Ethiopiques 3: Golden Years Of Modern Ethiopian Music 1969-1975
Cat: 829632. Rel: 02 Aug 19
  1. Mahmoud Ahmed - "Kulun Mankwalesh"
  2. Mahmoud Ahmed - "Lomiwen Teqebeletch"
  3. Alemayehu Eshete - "Tey Gedyeleshem"
  4. Alemayehu Eshete/Hirut Beqele - "Temeles"
  5. Hirut Beqele - "Almokerkum Neber"
  6. Hirut Beqele - "Essu New Messelegn"
  7. Hirut Beqele - "Yeqondjowotch Mender"
  8. Hirut Beqele - "Man Yawgal Yebeten"
  9. Tlahoun Geseesee - "Sema"
  10. Tlahoun Geseesee - "Yewnet Messosso Metch Yeneqaneqal"
  11. Tadele Beqele - "Enafqeshalehu"
  12. Tadele Beqele - "Antchi Qondjo"
  13. Teferi Felleqe - "Kelkeyelgn"
  14. Teferi Felleqe - "Aynamaye"
  15. Mulugen Mellesse - "Tenesh Kelbe Lay"
  16. Mulugen Mellesse - "Embwa Belew"
  17. Alemayehu Eshete - "Ete Hoy"
  18. Alemayehu Eshete - "Hameta"
  19. Mahmoud Ahmed - "Selam Almazeye"
 in stock $11.49
Africa Is The Future
Cat: PARISDJSCD 091. Rel: 17 Oct 17
  1. You No Lie
  2. Abandon Property
  3. Adjoleru
  4. Who Is Who?
  5. Africa Is The Future
  6. Another Man Thing
  7. Don't Mind Them
  8. My People
 in stock $17.82
History (CD)
Cat: NJ 7026. Rel: 11 Jun 19
  1. Habib Faye
  2. Birima (feat Seinabo Sey - remix)
  3. Confession
  4. Ay Coono La
  5. My Child (feat Babatunde Olatunji)
  6. Macoumba
  7. Salimata
  8. Hello (feat Mohombi - remix)
  9. Takuta (Babatunde Olatunji)
  10. Tell Me
 in stock $10.66
The Healing
Cat: 860351. Rel: 24 May 19
  1. The Journey With Mr Van Der Merwe
  2. Sikhulekile
  3. Isivunguvungu
 in stock $11.87
Satingarona Part 2
Cat: UR 828221CD. Rel: 25 Apr 19
  1. Grenn Pwonmennen (feat Kephny Eliacin)
  2. La Carga (feat Nidia Gongora)
  3. L'Autre Quai (feat Greg Frite)
  4. Jashu (feat Nidia Gongora)
  5. San Gabriel (feat Cindy Pooch)
  6. Agua Fria (feat Laurene P Magnani)
  7. O Na Ya (feat Cindy Pooch)
  8. Sonora (feat Nidia Gongora)
 in stock $12.15
Rebujo (CD)
Cat: MAIS 037CD. Rel: 28 Jun 19
  1. Festa Do Tubarao
  2. Carimbo Arrepiado
  3. Mexe Mexe
  4. Vem Chamegar
  5. Musa Da Babilonia (feat BNegao)
  6. Tambor Do Norte
  7. Mistura Pai D'egua
  8. Fogo Na Aldeia
  9. Acao E Reacao
  10. Balanco De Acai
  11. Galante Sedutor
 in stock $11.34
Welcome To The Colorful World Of Arp Frique
  1. Kamajo
  2. African Reggae Disco
  3. Living In The Box
  4. City Lights
  5. Awa Dupe
  6. Nos Magia
  7. Blaka Doti
  8. This Is Love
  9. Ijo Ya
  10. African Love
Review: Dutch dude Arp Frique won plenty of praise for his 2017 debut 12" on Rush Hour Store Jams, which featured contributions from Senegalese and Cape Verde musicians. On this surprise debut album, he continues the same approach, delivering a scintillating set of tracks that gleefully join the dots between Afro-disco, jazz-funk, boogie, Caribbean reggae-disco, bossa-soul and the kind of up-tempo, synth-laden madness that defies easy categorization. Throughout, the presence of live drums, vocals and instrumentation gives the album a loose and fluid feel, as if what we're listening to is not a fresh album, but rather a long lost African rarity from the turn of the '80s. As debut albums go, it's a bit of a corker.
Read more
 in stock $15.66
Matjale (CD)
Cat: M3HART 003CD. Rel: 20 Sep 18
  1. Richard
  2. Father & Mother
  3. Ke Mmone
  4. Ngwananga
  5. Freedom Station
  6. Bengekho
  7. Nyanda Yeni
  8. Babatshwenya
  9. Thuli (Mama)
  10. Dlanga Dlanga
 in stock $8.50
Listen All Around: The Golden Age Of Central & East African Music
Listen All Around: The Golden Age Of Central & East African Music (unmixed 2xCD + MP3 download code in hard-back book sleeve)
Cat: DTD 52. Rel: 15 Jun 18
  1. Kalenga Antonance - "Mamboleyo"
  2. Ilunga Patrice, Misomba Victor & Friends - "Mamwana Kufika Munda"
  3. Vijana Wa Mbeya - "Siwezi Kuiacha Rumba" (with Jim D Gondwe)
  4. Henri Bembele & Orchestra Tinapa - "Stanleyville Putulu"
  5. Dar Es Salaam Jazz Band - "Kwa Jinsi Ninavyokupenda"
  6. Lang Obiero - "Pini Ochama"
  7. Joseph Eluka & Soldiers - "Soko Olingi Na-boma"
  8. Yemba Jean Batiste And Soldiers - "Caroline Zibula Bango"
  9. Societe Edemi De Stanleyville - "Tala Bango" (with Elise Edemi)
  10. Bakia Pierre - "Gitari Na Congo"
  11. Morris Kalala - "Birima"
  12. Tauni Mwenasasu & Friend - "Mangwasi"
  13. Coast Social Orchestra - "Nependa" (with Alexander Ayub)
  14. Coast Social Orchestra - "Mamie Sistah Mai Deah" (with Alexander Ayub)
  15. Chemutoi Ketienya & Kipsigis Girls - "Chemirocha III"
  16. Sunderland String Band - "Mpenzi Wangu Wanitupa" (with Louis Mellito)
  17. Lang Obiero - "Mpenzi Wangu Umepotea Mjini"
  18. Lang Obiero - "Jumamosi Kuna Vigelegele"
  19. Orclos - "Maivuno Ni Kilema" (with Ombiza Charles)
  20. Kimambo Brothers - "Kisima Cha Wivu"
  21. Coast Social Orchestra - "Moyo Waitanga-tanga" (with Alexander Ayub)
  22. Coast Social Orchestra - "Nali Kisafiri" (with Alexander Ayub)
  23. Eco (East Coat Archestra) African Band - "Wapenzi Kuwaona"
  24. Ilunga Patrice, Misomba Victor & Friends - "Mama Josefina"
  25. Orclos - "Jean Ndjela Ku Parquet" (with Ombiza Charles)
  26. Norbert De Magaro - "Pipi Na Dongo"
  27. Ezekiel Kamenga & Luba Men - "Kilio Mama"
  28. Mwenda Jean Bosco & Singers - "Mwendo Tulikwenda"
  29. Eco (East Coast Orchestra) African Band - "Doa Jeupe" (with Mohammed Ngala Badi)
  30. Sunderland String Band - "Eh, Mwajuma Wanikataa" (with Louis Mellito)
  31. Samuel Colon & Baninga Baye - "Marie Wabolingo"
  32. Dar Es Salaam Jazz Band - "Hayo Siyakweli"
  33. Dar Es Salaam Jazz Band - "Nimepata Mpenzi, Mtoto, Mdogo, Mzuri Simwachi" (with Shabani Abdullah (Mwankema))
  34. Chipukizi Rumba - "Nimepata Mpenzi, Mtoto Mzuri" (with Abdala Ibrahimu)
  35. Vijana Wa Mbeya - "Mtoto Mzuri Simwachi"
  36. Merry Black Birds - "Chineno" (with Ally Skyes)
  37. Merry Black Birds - "Chaupele Mpenzi" (with Ally Skyes)
  38. Orclos - "Ushuru Wa Guitare"
  39. Katanga Dance Orchestra - "Mapani"
  40. Salum's Brass Band - "Mahaba Matamu" (with Salum Seliman)
  41. Salum's Brass Band - "Shukurani" (with Salum Seliman)
  42. Salum's Brass Band - "Hawana Kazi Makarani" (with Salum Seliman)
  43. Chipukizi Rumba - "Dada Mwajuma Nifichie Siri Yangu" (with Abdala Ibrahimu)
  44. Chibanda Baudouin - "Skoot"
  45. Lake Victoria Band - "Dhi Dala U"
  46. Kamwema Jean & His Friends - "Nabela"
  47. Orclos - "Tulale Ngonga Imelia" (with Ombiza Charles)
 in stock $28.14
Suelta (CD)
Cat: XRPCD 1902. Rel: 29 Mar 19
  1. A Ver A Ver
  2. Linda La Cumbia
  3. Sube La Presion
  4. Cuando
  5. Alegria
  6. Tenemos Voz (feat Soom T)
  7. Ruge
  8. Siempre Restas
  9. Nada Parece
  10. Cuando (String version)
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Miri (CD)
Cat: OH 032CD. Rel: 22 Jan 19
  1. Kanougnon (feat Majid Bekkas)
  2. Deli
  3. Kanto Kelena (feat Habib Koite)
  4. Wele Cuba (feat Madera Limpia)
  5. Miri
  6. Wele Ni (feat Abdoulaye Diabate)
  7. Konya
  8. Nyame
  9. Fanga (feat Abdoulaye Diabate)
  10. Tabital Pulaaku (feat Afel Bocoum)
  11. Yakare
 in stock $11.73
I Love You Inna
Cat: CLE 025CD. Rel: 29 Jul 19
  1. Houndia
  2. Oumar Bakoi
  3. I Love You Inna
  4. Badje Bisindje
  5. Almounakaf
  6. Mariama
  7. Koima Djine
  8. Ni Tchilla Sibara
  9. Zankai Hora
  10. Wa Toto
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Drumphilia Vol 1
Cat: CR 1CD. Rel: 22 Jun 18
  1. Jawa
  2. Maharaja
  3. The Juggler
  4. El Guerrero
  5. The Forbidden Tale
  6. Marranzanu
  7. Pink Twirl
  8. Paramour
  9. Blue Drop
  10. Bacio Rubato
  11. Cosmonomade
  12. Syncussion
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Bossa Nova (reissue)
  1. Aquarela
  2. Tristeza
  3. Desafinado
  4. Agua
  5. Manha De Carnaval
  6. Garota De Ipanema
  7. Samba De Uma Nota So
  8. Saudade Do Rio
  9. Rio
  10. O Barqhuinho
  11. Voce E Eu
  12. Din! Din! Din!
 in stock $10.11
It's Time
It's Time (CD)
Cat: SLW 105CD. Rel: 25 Aug 16
  1. It's Time
  2. Live & Let's Live
  3. Shakedown
  4. Lost
  5. Siempre Presente (DJ Farmo Fiesta remix)
  6. DWB Breakdown (Dj Quiet Cool Down remix)
  7. Ain't It Time (DJ Phader Decale remix)
  8. Lost In Dub (Los Kalakos dub remix)
  9. Room Enough For Us (feat Ray Lugo - Terrificos mix)
Review: The Alma Afrobeat Ensemble is a ten-piece outfit from Barcelona created, in part, to pay tribute to the pioneering work of Fela Kuti and Tony Allen, amongst others. It's Time is their third full-length, and comprises both new material, and fresh remixes of previous work. In the former category, you'll find the thrilling, horn-heavy brilliance of "It's Time", and the slower, organ rich thrills of "Lost". As fine as these tracks are, it's the dancefloor-ready reworks that arguably hit home hardest. Highlights include DJ Quiet's low-slung, broken beat influenced interpretation of "DWB Breakdown", Los Kalakos killer dub rework of "Lost", and the subtle Afro-house infusions of Terrificos' remix of "Room Enough For Us
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