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International vinyl represses and restocks
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Turn It Up
Cat: AFS 038. Rel: 30 Jun 20
Turn It Up (7:48)
Turn It Up (instrumental Disco mix) (7:49)
Review: Afrosynth Records has become renowned for its deep dives into the colourful, synth-heavy world of original South African disco, boogie and bubblegum. They're at it again here, offering up a fresh pressing of "Turn It Up" by Adaye, a one-off studio project featuring members of legendary South African 'supergroup' Stimela. This edition replicates the track listing of the original 1983 release, beginning with the A-side vocal version - a driving slab of bubblegum boogie laden with James Brown style lead vocals, colourful synth sounds and delay-laden drum machine beats. The flipside "Instrumental Disco Mix" naturally strips out all but the backing vocals, instead showcasing the intricacy of the studio outfit's Prince-style guitar riffs, jaunty bass and kaleidoscopic synthesizer flourishes.
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 in stock $14.90
Caosmosi (LP + booklet + MP3 download code)
Cat: BS 085. Rel: 25 Apr 24
Look At Us (feat Joshua Idehen) (5:00)
Caosmosi (5:04)
Copelandia (4:34)
Love Lava (3:31)
Interlude (1:08)
Ya Bled (feat Rabii Brahim) (4:34)
Por Nostalgia (4:29)
 in stock $24.38
Little Electric Chicken Heart
Little Electric Chicken Heart (gatefold translucent blue vinyl LP + insert (indie exclusive))
Cat: MRBLP 309B. Rel: 28 Jun 24
Saudade (3:40)
Promessa E Previsoes (3:42)
Se No Cinema (3:37)
Tem Certeza? (3:49)
Chocolate (4:56)
Vinheta (1:00)
Torturadores (2:53)
Devia Ter Ficado Menos (3:09)
Caspa (2:34)
Review: Ana Frango Eletrico's first ever reissue, Little Electric Chicken Heart, follows up 2023's most recent record Me Chama De Gato Que Eu Sou Sua. Surfacing after Mr. Bongo were met with a string of requests to reissue the album not long after its original release in 2019, we're once more compelled to consider the album's merits and what makes the enjoyment of it tick. More of an establishment of style and talent than an exploration of a concept, the album is noted for its fusion of chamber pop, rock and samba, across a vintage palette that defies any overarching categorisation.
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Tags: MPB | Brazilian
 in stock $25.46
Percussions Pour La Danse
Cat: LER 1016. Rel: 29 Jun 22
Remedios (5:57)
Dans Le Secret & Clepsydre (8:22)
Des Perce-Bois (7:39)
C'est A Sete (5:37)
Vas Y Peter (9:05)
A Capucine (3:26)
 in stock $26.28
Clandestino (gatefold 2xLP + CD)
Cat: BEC 5161605. Rel: 16 Oct 13
Bongo Bong
Je Ne T'Aime Plus
Lagrimas De Oro
Mama Call
Luna Y Sol
Por El Suelo
Welcome To Tijuana
Dia Luna... Dia Pena
La Vie A 2
Minha Galera
La Despedida
El Viento
Bongo Bong
Je Ne T'Aime Plus
Lagrimas De Oro
Mama Call
Luna Y Sol
Por El Suelo
Welcome To Tijuana
Dia Luna... Dia Pena
La Vie A 2
Minha Galera
La Despedida
El Viento
Tags: Dub | Latin | Dub Reggae
 in stock $24.38
Disco Groove (reissue)
Cat: CGI 7031. Rel: 01 Feb 22
Disco Groove (3:55)
Spouge Beat (3:09)
Review: Wirl, Palo, Trex, and Ted & Way were the original labels that put out these super rare, super obscure and super funk gems as part of eight majestic tunes on various 45rpms back in the 70s and 80s. Now, Common Ground International brings otters two of them on this reissued 7". A-side pearler 'Disco Groove' is just that - it has disco rhythms with an afro touch, plenty of big and characterful horns and silky synths fleshing out the beats. ON the flip is the more international sounding 'Spouge Beat' which is infectiously funky.
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 in stock $13.55
Om Shanti Om
Cat: BS 58. Rel: 01 Apr 21
Luna Turca (1:46)
Om Shanti Om (6:51)
Chenrezig (11:42)
Nana's Solo (4:04)
A Chi Chi Ou (1:39)
Koye (6:38)
Flute Song (5:09)
Dissolution (9:09)
 in stock $24.38
La Mezcla (reissue)
Cat: GR 12122. Rel: 01 Jul 24
La Mezcla (12:13)
La Mezcla (Paul Kalkbrenner remix) (9:58)
La Mezcla (Charles Webster club mix) (7:39)
Review: It's (almost) summertime which means all bets are off, sets get more playful, DJs slacken their own usual rules and reach into a wider world of vocal, uplifting sounds to please sun burnt dancers. Enter this reissue of Michel Cleis's stone-cold Ibiza classic 'La Mezcla.' It's got a chunky groove, fluttering flutes that bring Latin flair and carnival vibes aplenty. This 12" also comes with two remixes - Paul Kalkbrenner flips it into a deeper, more loose and languid groove with tribal funk and the Charles Webster club mix is pure warm and soulful goodness.
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 in stock $15.45
Convoque Seu Buda (B-STOCK)
Convoque Seu Buda (B-STOCK) (limited gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: LPSTERNS 2024 (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
Convoque Seu Buda
Casa De Papelao
Cartao De Visita
Esquiva Da Esgrima
Fermento Pra Massa
Plano De Voo
Pegue Pra Ela
Pe De Breque
Duas De Cinco
Fio De Prumo (Pade Ona)
Review: ***B-STOCK: Sleeve damaged but otherwise in excellent condition***

One of Brazil's most prominent rappers Criolo returns with his first album in almost four years. Showing a natural maturity and development, Convoque Seu Buda (Summon Your Buddha) is a spell-binding experience that digs much deeper than the harder rap he made a name for himself with years ago. Cuts like "Casa De Papelao" are smoky, cosmic soul joints while "Cartao De Visita" is a fun throwbacks to the chronic sounds of the early 90s. Sugar-sweet skanks can be found deep in the sandy groove of "Pe De Breque" while anthemic, lighter-raising vibes can be found on "Piano De Voo" where Criolo's sharp tongue gives Em a run for his money.
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 in stock $14.25
Aimez Ces Airs
Cat: HC 61LP. Rel: 13 Mar 19
El Nino (4:01)
Poussent Les Ailes (3:12)
Aime Cesaire (3:11)
An Tet Aw (3:48)
Des Gouttes (3:39)
Mbappe (4:02)
Tic Tac (3:59)
Auguste Cyparis (3:36)
Tout S'Assemble (4:17)
Assez Coule (3:14)
Attache (3:33)
Tangue A L'envie (5:18)
Fontaine (4:01)
Venus (4:52)
An Ba Siel (3:20)
 in stock $30.34
Jugoton Funk Vol 1: A Decade Of Non Aligned Beats Soul Disco & Jazz 1969-1979
Cat: EVERLANDYU 00. Rel: 26 Oct 20
Arsen Dedic - "Punom Parom" (2:40)
Marijan Kasaj - "Ideja" (4:06)
Tihomir Pop Asanovic - "Mali Crni Brat" (3:12)
Igor Savin - "Alfa" (6:07)
Ipe Ivandic - "Dzambo" (3:41)
Dalibor Brun - "Davni Zivot" (4:21)
Plesni Orkestar RTV - "Ljetne Skice" (3:53)
Ljupka Dimitrovska - "Sta Je Tu Je" (3:40)
More - "Aerodrom" (5:05)
Zdravko Colic - "Mujo Kuje Konja Po Mjesecu" (3:15)
Alfi Kabiljo - "Novinar" (Theme) (2:33)
Mladi Levi - "Zaznamovan" (2:41)
Oko - "Tema IV" (5:54)
Pro Arte - "Ko Vjecnu Tugu Nosi Taj Ima Pravo Da Pjeva" (4:03)
Rok Hotel - "Blue Jeans" (4:53)
Durdica Barlovic - "Himna Suncu" (3:41)
Soul Sound Band - "Ja Te Uzalud Ljubim" (2:45)
Kosovski Bozuri - "Artizane E Vogel" (2:38)
Josipa Lisac - "Lezaj Od Suza" (4:30)
Ibn Tup - "Dogadaj U Balkan Expressu" (3:31)
Grupa Rok - "Dva Jarca" (3:08)
Review: Compiled by Dr. Smedi Secer and Viseslav Labos, this essential collection of beats, breaks and rare grooves from ex-Yugoslavia is a real collector's delight. It is part of a new series of releases dedicated to overlook music form the 60s and 870s and features raw funk, orchestral disco, psych, prog rock, big band jazz funk and more with a fanatic remastering job done from original source material found in the vaults. The highlights are plentiful, with obscurities and anthems co-existing and smooth groovers like 'Dzambo' sounding as good as weirder and more experimental cuts like 'Aerodrom'.
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 in stock $30.89
Ulaan (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: SQM 017. Rel: 22 Sep 23
Zuud (4:24)
Taivshral (3:04)
Duulnaa (2:58)
Temeen Deerees Naran Oirhon (3:40)
Vogl (2:39)
Ulaan (3:25)
Libelle (2:16)
Picture + Three Shadows (5:24)
Encanto (1:45)
Uzegdel (4:26)
Tags: Asian | Asian Jazz
 in stock $25.46
Ennanga Vision
Ennanga Vision (limited gatefold neon blue & pink vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: SNDWLP 105X. Rel: 20 Jun 24
New Sunshine
Otim's War
Like A Football
Essembi (Money)
Killing Ghosts
Happy Birthday Wonder (Acholi)
Abbanna Kange (Children Of My Father)
All This Blue
Amadinda Eyeball
Kampala Auto Chase
Endongo Moogs
Silimu (Aids)
Jaja (Grandmother)
Tags: African
 in stock $22.75
Latin Soul Rock
Latin Soul Rock (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: CR 731. Rel: 23 May 24
Viva Tirado (5:23)
Chanchullo (5:39)
Smoke (3:58)
There You Go (3:11)
Mama Guela (2:56)
El Raton (7:55)
Soul Makossa (5:46)
Congo Bongo (10:16)
Review: Craft Recordings get back on their curatorially expert business with this serious new reissue from Fania All Stars, the long out-of-print Latin-Soul-Rock. This eight-track gem from the 70s salsa ultragroup (literally; FAS consisted of over 25 members at the height of its fame), released via their own label in 1974, documents the moment at which over 40,000 salsa punters visited New York's Yankee Stadium to catch a glimpse of their talents, alongside a myriad of other Latin greats. Fania All Stars threw a curveball, however, by not only playing pure salsa but blending it with styles like funk and soul, thus sticking out from the crowd and adding a spicier punch. We welcome this record, out via Craft Latino, with alacrity, as it celebrates the 50th anniversary of this 'wow' moment, which deserves to be documented even if solely for its powers of FAS' fusional imagination.
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 in stock $32.50
Flammer (12")
Cat: LYSK 001. Rel: 01 Jun 18
Din Ting (8:21)
Leverer Litt Sjel (7:07)
Lunsj Pa Gronland (5:38)
Lordag Kveld (6:53)
Slikker Sol (3:29)
 in stock $23.84
Ethiopiques 21: Piano Solo
Cat: 860122. Rel: 14 Jun 19
The Homeless Wanderer
The Last Tears Of Deceased
A Young Girl's Complaint
The Mad Man's Laughter
Mother's Love
Ballad Of The Spirits
The Song Of The Sea
The Jordan River Song
The Garden Of Gethesemanie
The Song Of Abayi
The Story Of The Wind
Evening Breeze
Tenkou! Why Feel Sorry?
 in stock $17.08
Vendedor De Mangaios
Cat: BRZ 45090. Rel: 20 Jul 21
Josan - "Vendedor De Mangaios" (2:53)
Barto Galeno - "Vou Tirar Voce Daqui" (2:54)
 in stock $9.74
Call Of The Valley
Ahir-Bhairav (6:05)
Nat Bhairav-Ektaal (6:06)
Piloo-Teentaal (7:49)
Bhoop-Jhaptaal (6:00)
Des-Dadra (5:53)
Pahadi-Kehrawa (6:28)
Tags: Indian
 in stock $18.70
Djudjon: L'Oiseau De Garana
Cat: 198391 531842. Rel: 05 Jul 24
Seydou Nantoume
Dama Ndiaye
Tche Djan
Tags: African
 in stock $17.34
Chicha Dub
Cat: PR 00128. Rel: 29 Sep 23
Surfeando La Calle (2:53)
El Forastero (2:58)
La Dominguera (2:16)
Chingonera (3:53)
Simulacro (2:47)
El Famoso Desconocido (3:50)
La Borrachita (2:28)
Despegue Chichero (2:37)
La Bandida (2:57)
La Cumbia Felice (3:04)
Caminata Lunar (3:12)
 in stock $22.49
UFO Bossa
Cat: FLIES 4545. Rel: 02 Mar 23
Ufo Bossa (4:17)
Intergalactic Porno Scene (3:07)
Review: Larry Manteca brings some uptempo bossa brilliance here to the always well worth checking Four Flies label out of Italy. The Milan-based producer brings classy yet party-starting vibes to this one with clarinet-funk driving thing forward with elements of jazz, soul, library and erotic scores all colouring the airwaves. This is the artist's first ever 7" record and what a record it is: 'Ufo Bossa' is rich in lounge-style sounds with boss rhythms and clacking hits under a soulful female vocal from Yasmine Zekr. 'Intergalactic Porno Scene' on the backside might be the best name tune we have ever heard as well as being a nice libidinous bit of cosmic space funk.
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 in stock $20.59
Trujillo Peru 1971-1974
Trujillo Peru 1971-1974 (limited gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: AADE 013. Rel: 02 Jul 21
Shambar (2:56)
La Caihuita (2:54)
La Buenita (Con Los Caneros) (2:05)
La Mazamorrita (3:05)
Manzaneando (3:19)
No Me Marchare (2:48)
Lamento En La Puna (2:56)
Un Sabado Por La Noche (2:40)
Salome (2:48)
Catita (2:32)
Primavera 71 (Con Los Caneros) (2:41)
El Norteno (2:45)
Mama Ocllo (2:39)
Mi Pueblito (2:50)
Review: Following our 70s Peruvian cumbia compilation by Ranil last year, we decided to return to Latin America to highlight the work of one of Peru's undisputed masters of the electric guitar: Manzanita. This 13th release in our Limited Dance Edition Series includes 14 mostly instrumental compositions of electrifying Peruvian cumbia and guaracha. Manzanita's unique guitar lines rest on confident foundations that shifts gears effortlessly.
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Tags: African | Latin | Afrobeat | Cumbia
 in stock $23.03
Deixa Nao Deixa
Cat: BRZ 45041. Rel: 24 Mar 16
Deixa Nao Deixa (2:32)
Avenida Atlantica (2:57)
Review: Two powerful bossa nova workouts from 1972: Brazilian chanteuse Rose Maria delivered two incredible funk jams on Tapecar which escaped her prolific album releases and never enjoyed a repress. Until now... The Afro-Latin soul of "Deixa Nao Deixa" is all about the sudden dynamic from purring verses to emphatic, harmonic chorus while "Avenida Atlantica" takes a more straight-up funk route with its dominant horns and heavy boss break. Instant party material.
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 in stock $9.74
First Light (remastered)
Cat: WQKL 14. Rel: 29 Apr 22
First Light (4:32)
September Rain (English version) (4:29)
 in stock $19.78
Wede Harer Guzo
Cat: ATFA 021LP. Rel: 15 Jun 16
Embuwa Bey Lamitu (6:04)
Sintayehu (6:47)
Bati Bati (7:04)
Migibima Moltual (6:27)
Yene Nesh Wey (4:40)
Wede Harer Guzo (6:36)
Yemanesh Ayinama (7:08)
Almaz Eyasebkush (5:36)
Anchin Kfu Ayinkash (5:25)
Minlbelesh (6:00)
 in stock $32.50
Shakuhachi Yama No Uta/Shakuhachi Mountain Poetry (reissue)
Cat: HMJY 170. Rel: 09 Nov 22
Komoro-Makouta (6:42)
Mogami River Funauta (5:16)
Kisobushi (3:19)
Iya's Flour Milling Song (3:39)
Hohai Bushi (3:40)
Aizu Bandaisan (3:07)
Tsugaru Yamauta (5:43)
Kariboshiri Uta (4:56)
Soma Nagareyama (4:26)
Tabaruzaka (2:47)
Hietsuki Bushi (3:50)
Nambu Ushioi Uta (4:51)
 in stock $37.66
AIE (A Mwana)
Cat: FFL 24002. Rel: 06 Jun 24
AIE (A Mwana) (vocal Afro (7" edit)) (3:58)
Bonus Beat (3:22)
Review: The latest of several new releases to top up the Funky French League repertoire, this latest sultry boogie strut from phallic philophonist Monsieur Willy is a real delight. The Parisian DJ and producer brings a distinct Afro-boogie update to an original song, 'A.I.E. A Mwana', which was originally recorded in 2003 and became an international sleeper hit. Now Monsieur Willy brings us three new interpretations, all carrying with them a message of love and peace.
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 in stock $17.08
Sai Do Coracao
Sai Do Coracao (limited LP in hand-painted die-cut sleeve)
Cat: P 055. Rel: 28 Jun 24
Sai Do Coracao (4:10)
With Wine (3:06)
Me Cuna (1:42)
Confusao No Ghetto (3:38)
7 Apaixonados (3:04)
Muito Sono (3:23)
N-Dengue (3:18)
Na Morau (3:09)
Tags: Portuguese
 in stock $23.58
Tomorrow (remastered)
Cat: LB 5034LP. Rel: 27 Nov 15
Tomorrow (6:04)
Why Go To War (9:03)
Love Me Now (6:50)
Fantastic Man (6:23)
Try & Try (3:32)
Review: A lesson in how to follow up an incredible album: Tomorrow followed Onyeabor's incendiary Atomic Bomb immaculately. The title track instantly set the scene with more emphasis on electronic elements and studio techniques as William sermonises without pomp. "Why Go To War" is as insistent as its message thanks to a dense lolloping groove of highlife guitars and spiralling keys. "Fantastic Man", meanwhile, takes a leaf out of Parliament's playbook, rolls it up and smokes its own and "Try & Try" closes the show with country subtlety thanks to its slide guitars and blushing keys.
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 in stock $28.17
Wozani La
Wozani La (12" + insert)
Cat: LCT 003. Rel: 28 Jun 19
Hide & Seek (4:52)
By Hook Or By Crook (5:03)
Review: Formidably hard to find in its original form, Patience Africa's "Wozani" has finally been given the reissue treatment by La Casa Tropical. Those lucky enough to own a copy of the 1987 release - the South African singer's final EP - will note that this edition omits some tracks, instead offering loud cuts of just two (admittedly superb) jams. A-side "Hide & Seek" is a perfect example of the then developing Kwaito sound, with Patience Africa's strong lead vocal and "bubblegum" style synthesizer melodies nestling atop New York freestyle influenced beats and a chunky bassline. "By Hook Or By Crook", meanwhile, is closer in sound and feel to straight-up "bubblegum" synth-pop, with sugary-sweet vocals, "Glam" style triple-time beats and a more swinging electronic bassline.
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 in stock $16.24
Lo Ultimo En La Avenida (50th Anniversary Edition)
Cat: CR 00424. Rel: 15 Mar 22
Mi Negrita Me Espera (3:20)
Lo Ultimo En La Avenida (2:23)
Cantar Maravilloso (4:09)
El Truquito (3:25)
El Cumbanchero (2:56)
La Cumbita (2:40)
Moti-Agua (3:20)
Entierro A La Moda (3:19)
Siete Pies Bajo La Tierra (3:08)
Lleva Y Trae (3:03)
Tags: Latin | Salsa
 in stock $38.47
Bahdeni Nami (B-STOCK)
Bahdeni Nami (B-STOCK) (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: MTR 056LP (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
Mawal Menzal
Bahdeni Nami
Tawwalt El Gheba
Leil El Bareh
Darb El Hawa
Enssa El Aatab
Bahdeni Nami
Review: ***B-STOCK: Creasing to corner of outer sleeve but otherwise in excellent condition***

Depending on how you look at it, this is either Omar's seventh album (officially)... Or his five-hundred and seventh (including the wedding recordings he's made which have since been bootlegged and sold across Syria and beyond). Constantly fusing cultures, his open-armed approach to both community and songwriting reaches a new peak with tracks such as the stomping tech-twists and loopy designs of "Tawwalt El Gheba" and the frenetic, sweaty melting pot "Leil El Bareh". As disparate as the elements seem on paper, Omar's vocals and his band (many of whom he's written and performed with since the early '90s) create a consistency that ties everything together with powerful musicianship that transcends all national, culture and genre boundaries.
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 in stock $23.03
Algo Nuevo (reissue)
Algo Nuevo (reissue) (LP with obi-strip)
Cat: MRBLP 293. Rel: 07 Jun 24
Pan Caliente (4:00)
Son De Caramelo Para Ti (4:30)
Guajira 2001 (5:20)
Cacao (4:46)
Tatagua (4:07)
Rumba De Cajon Op 1 (5:13)
Mangle (3:23)
Elvira (3:35)
Mayajigua (4:24)
Asi Son Con El Son (2:46)
Review: Juan Pablo Torres's 1978 release Algo Nuevo is a vibrant addition to the Mr Bongo Cuban Classics series, displaying the trombonist's eclectic blend of jazz-funk and Afro-Cuban styles. The album kicks off with the energetic 'Pan Caliente,' a fusion of Latin percussion, horns, and infectious vocals, augmented by cosmic synth touches that give it a modern edge. Tracks like 'Guajira 2001' offer a future-forward take on traditional Cuban dance music, while 'Cacao' delivers a funky, percussive groove reminiscent of electronic disco anthems. 'Elvira' highlights the album's psychedelic essence with its deep Latin rhythms and trippy synths. Throughout Algo Nuevo, Torres explores a variety of Afro-Cuban genres, infusing them with mindbending cosmic influences. The result is a dynamic and diverse album that offers plenty of dancefloor-ready tracks as well as more downtempo numbers. With its blend of traditional rhythms and contemporary sounds, Algo Nuevo stands as another shining example of Cuba's rich musical heritage.

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 in stock $24.38
Swinga Sambaby
Swinga Sambaby (limited 7")
Cat: BRZ45 014. Rel: 14 Oct 14
Trio Mocoto - "Swinga Sambaby"
Tenorio Jr - "Nebulosa"
Jorge Autuori - "Autorizando"
Review: Three stunning flavours on Mr Bongo, none of which have ever been released on 45" before... Trio Mocoto - famously the backing band for Jorge Ben - lay down a frenetic samba where the group vocals take full lead of a sprightly groove with tinkling keys. Jazz Tenorio Jr's "Nebulosa" is exemplary jazz bossa, all heavy keys and creative drama. Finally Trio drummer Jorge Autuori gets representation with the lavish key-heavy samba "Autorizando". Each one a stunner, Mr Bongo have delivered once again
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! low stock $9.74
Ultra Blue
Ultra Blue (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: UPJY 9208. Rel: 13 Jun 22
This Is Love (4:49)
Keep Tryin' (4:55)
Blue (5:18)
Track 4 (4:41)
Making Love (4:25)
Track 6 (4:29)
Colors (3:59)
One Night Magic (4:39)
Track 9 (3:33)
Wings (4:43)
Be My Last (4:27)
Eclipse (interlude) (1:30)
Passion (4:39)
Santuary (Opening - bonus track) (4:21)
Review: Japanese singer-songwriter Hikaru Itada is having her entire discography rerubbed, following the release of the deluxe edition of 'Bad' last month. 'Ultra Blue' is her fourth, from 2006, and continues the J-pop balladry of her previous LP 'Deep Blue', albeit with a comparatively bright-eyed and optimistic bent. Twin Peaks style strings and galloping drums open the title track, as we're propelled into Utada's own realm of stardom. It sold almos four million digital single tracks in its year of release, and was prominent for its' tracks individual releases as ringtones.

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 in stock $44.16
Samba Demais
Samba Demais (limited 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 709117. Rel: 17 Jun 24
Vivo Sonhando (3:02)
Amor De Nada (1:57)
Moca Flor (3:05)
Cancao Pequenina (1:54)
Razao Do Amor (3:24)
Tudo De Voce (2:45)
Seu Encanto (bonus track) (2:25)
Passa Por Mim (bonus track) (3:58)
Preciso Aprender A Ser So (bonus track) (3:32)
Sonho De Maria (3:32)
Ela E Carioca (2:29)
Ilusao Atoa (3:15)
Ainda Mais Lindo (1:51)
E Vem O Sol (2:26)
A Morte De Um Deus De Sal (2:57)
Gente (bonus track) (2:20)
Vamos Pranchar (bonus track) (2:31)
Samba De Verao (bonus track) (2:32)
 in stock $20.59
Surinam! Boogie & Disco Funk From The Surinamese Dance Floors 76-83
Cat: KSDF 02CD. Rel: 27 Sep 12
Alwing Reingoud - "Sweet Dream"
Erwin Bouterse & The Group Roetoe - "Disco Party"
Erwin Bouterse & The Group Roetoe - "Groovy Weekend"
Solat - "Try Try Try"
Solat - "You Are Gonna Miss Me" (feat Billy Jones)
Sumy - "Funkin In Your Mind"
Sumy - "Going Insane"
Sumy - "Soul With Milk"
Thunderstorm - "Here's To You"
Usje Sakutma - "Waiting For Your Love"
Review: Having previously mined most of Africa and the major South American nations for long-forgotten gold, vinyl crate diggers have started to look further afield for long-lost gems. Exhibit 1: this excellent collection of sizzling hot disco, boogie and disco-funk from Surinam, a tiny country in the North of South America. It's a revealing set, showcasing a string of brilliant productions (see the warming delight of Awing Reingould's "Sweet Dreams" and Sumy's "Funkin In Your Mind") and slick covers (Thunderstorm's brilliant take on Skyy's disco-funk classic "Here's To You"). Lord knows how they uncovered these gems, but they're all shit-hot. If you dig disco, you need it in your life.
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Club Coco Compiled By Coco Maria
Club Coco Compiled By Coco Maria (LP + booklet + MP3 download code)
Cat: BJR 062LP. Rel: 07 Jun 21
Nico Mauskovic - "A Big Brain" (3:08)
La Perla - "Guayabo" (2:28)
Meridian Brothers Y Grupo Renacimiento - "Bomba Atomica" (4:32)
Graham Mushnik - "Octopus Dance" (3:31)
La Redada - "Calla Boca" (3:42)
Alex Figueira & A Bechan - "Moerarie Morei Atjara" (version) (4:02)
Coco Maria - "Me Veo Volar" (4:15)
Frente Cumbiero - "Cumbia Del Asilo" (4:44)
Les Pythons De La Fournaise - "Toux Doux" (bass version) (3:55)
Romperayo - "El Ritmo De Chico" (4:45)
Malphino - "Aji De Malphino" (4:21)
Review: The sun has finally arrived here in the UK, the temps are rising and all our focus turns to the sunnier end of your collections. And there will of course always be more room for this scorching rhythms that heighten any summer get together, especially those as tropical and worldly as this collection from Swiss label Bongo Joe. This most heat baked record is a collection of outernational Latin and afro sounds put together by Coco Maria. The collection takes in many of the artist who have made her Worldwide Fm show such a vital one, from Nico Mauskovic to La Perla via Meridian Brothers y Grupo Renacimiento.
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Tags: Afro Latin | Mexican
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