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Cat: ZEDDCD 43. Rel: 01 Jun 18
  1. Carol Dionne - "I'm In Love With You"
  2. Leston Paul - "All Nite Tonight" (mix)
  3. Bebe Manga - "Lokognolo"
  4. Saraba - "Barlia (Kulandjagnho)"
  5. Courtial - "Love Nevermore" (feat Errol Knowles)
  6. Stylus - "We All Need One Another"
  7. Midway - "Set It Out" (Faze Action edit)
  8. Delight - "Is It Too Late" (feat Phenix Horns Esquire)
  9. Disco Circus - "Dig It"
  10. Michele Claire - "In The Bush"
  11. Galaxy - "Let Love Begin"
  12. Mikki - "Dance Lover" (feat Starz - Faze Action edit)
  13. Pilgrim Fathers Orchestra - "Touch Me Don't Stop"
  14. Songhoi Band - "Africa Africa" (Faze Action edit)
  15. Oscar Perry - "Body Movements"
  16. Don Lurio - "Ruba Ruba"
  17. Space - "Mixed Up" (Faze Action edit)
  18. Tony Antoniou - "Send In The Night" (instrumental mix)
  19. Spats - "Hot Summer Madness"
  20. Banzai - "Runaway"
Review: For the latest volume in their crate-digging disco series, Under The Influence, Z Records has turned to long-serving British brothers Simon and Robin Lee AKA Faze Action. In keeping with the series' dusty-fingered ethos, there's plenty of brilliant rarities to set the pulse racing - see the smooth '80s boogie of Leston Paul's "All Nite Tonight", the sublime Afro-disco brilliance of Bebe Manga, the up-tempo hustle of Oscar Perry's "Body Movements" and the South American disco swirl of Don Lurio's "Ruba Ruba" - as well as a smattering of obscure versions of classic dancefloor hits (check Michele Claire's version of "In The Bush"). You'll also find a smattering of killer Faze Action edits, too, with their version of Midway's "Set It Out" and Mikki's freestyle-era boogie ham "Dance Lover" standing out.
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London Is The Place For Me 7 & 8 (unmixed 2xCD + booklet)
Cat: HJRCD 77. Rel: 10 Dec 19
  1. Lord Beginner - "Sons & Daughters Of Africa" (Calypso, Palm-wine, Mento, Joropo, String Band)
  2. The Lion - "Royal Wedding"
  3. The Mighty Terror - "The Hydrogen Bomb"
  4. Dai Dai Simba - "Modern Telephone"
  5. Willie Payne & The Starlite Tempos - "Wa Sise"
  6. The Mighty Terror - "The Emperor Of Africa"
  7. Louise Bennett - "Bongo Man"
  8. Marie Bryant - "My Handy Man"
  9. Nigerian Union Rhythm Group - "Tortoise Mambo"
  10. Calypso Rhythm Kings - "Boul Ve Se"
  11. The Mighty Terror - "Life Is Like A Puzszle"
  12. The Mighty Terror - "Chinese Children"
  13. Bill Rogers - "Hungry Man From Clapham"
  14. Lili Verona - "Underground Train"
  15. The Lion - "Highway Code"
  16. Billy Sholanke - "Kana Kana"
  17. Calypso Rhythm Kings - "L'Annee Passee"
  18. Lord & Lady Beginner - "One Morning"
  19. West African Rhythm Brothers - "Ema Foju Ana Woku"
  20. Trinidad Steel Band - "Caroline"
  21. Carnival Road March (Lord Kitchener In England, 1948-1962)
  22. No More Taxi
  23. Mango Tree
  24. Food From The West Indies
  25. Alphonso In Town
  26. Come Back In The Morning
  27. Too Late Kitch
  28. Drink-A-Rum
  29. Constable Joe
  30. Pirates Of Paria
  31. Carnival In Town
  32. Is Trouble
  33. If You Brown
  34. Life Begins At Forty
  35. Manchester Football Double
  36. The Denis Compton Calypso
  37. Mistress Jacob
  38. London Is The Place For Me
  39. Tie Tongue Mopsie
  40. Dora (Meet Me At The Pawnshop)
  41. If You're Not White You're Black
  42. Africa My Home
  43. Nora
  44. Kitch In The Jungle
Review: Since debuting in 2002, Honest Jon's series on "the sound of young black London" - entitled "London Is The Place For Me" - has done a terrific job in highlighting the changing sound of Afro-Caribbean music in Britain following the post-war rush of emigration from the Commonwealth to the UK. Here the label offers up a double-disc set boasting volumes seven and eight. The first disc focuses on calypso, mento, Joropo and steel band music from the 1950s and early 60s, with a multitude of former SS Empire Windrush passengers combining island rhythms with anglicized lyrics. Disc two looks at the career of calypso legend Lord Kitchener while he was resident in London (1948-62), offering a welcome celebration of the Trinidadian's rise to fame in his adopted home country.
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Beach Diggin Volume 5 (unmixed CD)
Cat: HS 168CD. Rel: 16 Aug 17
  1. Yasuko Agawa - "LA Nights"
  2. Andre Marie Tala - "Sweet Dole"
  3. Andre Marie Tala - "Lite Low"
  4. Rebles - "Sweetest Taboo" (Soca version)
  5. Ricardo Marrero & The Group - "And We'll Make Love"
  6. Koko Ateba - "Si T'es Mal Dans Ta Peau"
  7. Sookie - "Tonight" (feat Jeannine Otis)
  8. Raphael Toine - "Femmes Pays Douces"
  9. Eboni Band - "Desire"
  10. Robert J Riggins - "I Need You Now"
  11. Salero - "Teardrops & Wine"
  12. Momo Joseph - "Teardrops & Wine"
  13. Claude Genteuil - "Dreams Of Love"
  14. Gatot Soedarto - "Sayangilah Daku Kasih"
  15. Synchro Rhythmic Eclectic Language - "Pasto"
Review: Since the Beach Diggin' compilation series launched a few years back, a number of its obscure, Balearic-minded selections have been given full length reissues of their own. We can probably expect a number of the tracks from this brilliant fifth volume to get the same treatment. As usual, the wide-ranging track list is thick with highlights, from the synth-heavy, French language reggae of Raphael Toine's 1986 bubbler "Femmes Pays Douces" (taken from the artist's frustratingly hard to find Ce Ta Ou album) and vibraphone-laden jazz-funk smoothness of Yasuko Agwa's sought-after "L.A Night", to the barely-known brilliance of Andre Maria Tole's Cameroonian gem "Sweet Dole". In other words, it's another essential selection.
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  1. Brazzos Et Ok Jazz - "Cha Cha Cha Del Zombo"
  2. Brazzos Et Ok Jazz - "Tcha Tcha Tcha De Mi Amour"
  3. Essous Et Rock A Mambo - "Baila"
  4. Edo Et Ok Jazz - "Kumavula Tubakueto"
  5. Edo Et Ok Jazz - "Sois Sage Amour"
  6. Nino Et Rock A Mamb - "Allegria"
  7. Ritmo Vedette Jazz - "Ritmo Vedette Jazz"
  8. Franco Et Ok Jazz - "Tokeyi Kobina Calypso"
  9. Essous Et Orchestre Bantonu - "Luiza"
  10. Beguen Band - "Yo Me Moero"
  11. African Jazz - "Vive Patrice Lumumba"
  12. Dewayon Et Conga Jazz - "Na Lingi Na Ngai Kubala Te"
  13. Kongo Jazz - "La Belle Lucie Botayi"
  14. Grupo Ok Jazz - "Grupo Ok Jazz"
  15. Rock A Mambo - "Cherie Nini"
  16. African Jazz - "Flowers Of Luckness"
  17. African Jazz - "Merengue Nico"
  18. Rock A Mambo - "Les Voyeurs"
  19. Wendo Kolosoy Avec Beguen Band - "Marie Louise"
  20. African Jazz - "Ngonga Ebeti Independance"
  21. African Jazz - "MNC Uhuru"
Review: During the 1950s and early '60s, the peoples of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Congo were in the midst of a colossal struggle to gain independence from the European colonial masters. This provided a suitably fertile backdrop for a little known musical revolution, which was taking place in the two countries' clubs and live venues. The result was a distinctive and previously largely unheralded style called "Congolese rumba", which mixed elements of Latin, African and jazz music into a thrilling new sound. It's that sound that's celebrated here on one of Soul Jazz's most eyebrow raising - and, let's face it, interesting - compilations for some time. The music is largely inspired and infectious, while the lengthy accompanying booklet tells the story in vivid detail.
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Cat: FARO 185CD. Rel: 21 May 15
  1. Azymuth - "Brazymuth"
  2. Marcos Valle - "Escape"
  3. Sabrina Malheiros - "Brisa Mar" (Nicola Conte rework)
  4. Joyce - "Samba Da Silvia" (feat Elza Soars)
  5. The Ipanemas - "Imperial"
  6. Clara Moreno - "Meu Samba Torto"
  7. Nina Miranda & Chris Franck - "Agua"
  8. Democustico - "Vagalume"
  9. Maurico Maestro - "Jungle Bells" (feat Nana Vasconcelos)
  10. Nana Vasconcelos - "Clemintina"
  11. Kirk Degiorgio's Offworld - "Ups & Downs"
  12. Azymuth - "In My Treehouse"
  13. Arthur Verocai - "Abertura"
  14. Banda Black Rio - "Aos Pes Do Redentor" (feat Caetano Veloso)
  15. Jose Roberto Bertrami - "Brilliante"
  16. Democustico - "Brazil" (Danny Wheeler edit)
  17. Trouble Man - "Time Out Of Mind"
  18. Friends From Rio - "Mulher Malagueta" (feat Agaldo Kantor - TS Repman remix)
  19. Grupo Batuque - "Easy Roller" (Danny Wheeler re-edit)
  20. Sean Khan - "Don't Let The Sun Go Down" (feat Omar - 4 Hero remix)
  21. Alex Malheiros - "Uno Esta" (feat Band Utopia & Sabrina Malheiros - Spiritual South rework)
  22. Friends From Rio - "Super Legal" (feat Aricia Mess - Spiritual South Black Rio dub)
  23. Azymuth - "Do Volta Ao Passado" (Dokta Venom Brazilian Tek dub)
  24. Sabrina Malheiros - "Opara" (Ashley Beadle Afrikanx on Marz Galactic flute mix)
  25. Banda Black Rio - "Louis Lane" (G+D instrumental remix)
  26. Rubens Bassini - "Guaganco" (Spiritual South club mix)
  27. Marcos Valle - "Prefixo" (Dazz I Kue remix)
  28. Friends From Rio - "Casino Bangu" (feat Banda Utopia - Spiritual South re-samba)
  29. Friends From Rio - "So Resta A Porta Se Abrir" (feat Carlos Dafe - Spiritual South remix)
  30. Grupo Batuque - "E Ruim" (Zero dB remix)
  31. The Ipanemas - "Samba Enredo" (Batucada)
  32. Mamond - "Que Coisa So"
  33. Azymuth - "Carambola" (Mark Pritchard remix)
  34. The Ipanemas - "Afro" (Spiritual South sub mix)
  35. Azymuth - "Roda Piao" (Spiritual South dub)
  36. Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra - "The Last Carnival"
  37. Marcos Valle - "Besteiras De Amor" (Jazzanova remix)
  38. Binario - "Jazzhole"
  39. Marcos Valle - "1985" (SS Translation by Theo Parish)
  40. Marcos Valle - "1975" (Budgie remix)
  41. Sabrina Malheiros - "Equilibria"
  42. The Ipanemas - "Seu Dario" (Paul White remix)
Review: When they reach certain landmarks, Far Out Recordings usually release a Brazilika-branded compilation. Now that the label has reached 20 years, they've decided to push the boat out with a double-disc outing. Fittingly, the first disc features unmixed selections hand-picked by label founder, bossman and Brazilian music obsessive Joe Davis. As you'd expect, he's picked some corkers; breezy, sun-kissed material - both traditional-sounding and modern interpretations - from the likes of Azymuth, Marcos Valle, Banda Black Rio and, more surprisingly, Kirk Degiorgio's Offworld project. Things get sweatier on the second disc, as friend-of-the-family Spiritual South drops a thrill-a-minute sprint through the label's percussive, dancefloor-friendly side. Seriously, it's superb.
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Cat: MRBCD 215. Rel: 21 Apr 20
  1. Crickets Sing For Anamaria
  2. If You Went Away
  3. Batuque
  4. The Face I Love
  5. So Nice
  6. Surfin' In Rio
  7. Tanto Andei
  8. Dorme Profundo
  9. Brasileiro
  10. Little Patricia
  11. Passa Por Mim
  12. Brazilian Duck
Review: First released in 1966, "Braziliance!" was the album that introduced Marcos Valle to an international audience. It was heavily marketed in the United States and Europe during the bossanova craze, with Warner Brothers Records touting the composer/arranger/vocalist as Brazil's next musical megastar. As this Mr Bongo reissue proves, the album remains something of a sun-kissed classic. It features a mix of big band bossanova, infectious batacuda rhythms, summery samba workouts, Afro-Latin jazz cuts and the kind of heavily orchestrated easy listening fare that sample spotters have always enjoyed. It's a snapshot of the swinging sixties, Brazilian style, and there's no greater sound than that.
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  1. A La Pelota
  2. Anana Hip
  3. La Hawaiana
  4. El Desgrasiao
  5. Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep
  6. Macarrones
  7. Oh, La, La
  8. Gitana Real
  9. Maria Lisi
  10. La Piragua
  11. El Ma-ta-ri-le
  12. El Despertador
  13. El Co... Collar
  14. Urtain, El KO Y Ole
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Cat: FVR 109CD. Rel: 04 Dec 15
  1. Marcia Maria - "Amigo Branco"
  2. Miss Lene - "Sinal De Desejo"
  3. Brenda - "Natureza Viva"
  4. Cristina Camargo - "Minas Do Rei Salomao"
  5. Lady Zu - "Valeu A Pena"
  6. Almir Ricardi - "To Parado Na Tua"
  7. Rosana - "Alegria No Ar."
  8. Kaito - "Cara Feia"
  9. Adriana - "Contigo"
Review: Favorite Recordings' superb Disco Boogie Sounds series continues. Following Waxist's recent exploration of French productions from the period, they've decided to drop a second collection of high-grade Brazilian material. Renowned crate-digger Charles Maurice has done a terrific job of gathering together dusty, obscure cuts that perfectly encapsulate Brazilian musicians' sun-kissed, soulful approach to disco and boogie. Highlights are naturally plentiful, and include the starry, jazz-funk tinged warmth of Christina Camargo's "Minas Do Rei Salomao", the Chic style brilliance of Almir Ricardi's "To Parado Na Tua", and the cosmic, horn-heavy leftfield disco thrills of Kaito's "Cara Feia".
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Cat: 13242. Rel: 12 Mar 20
  1. Akbaba Ikilisi - "Darildim Darildim"
  2. Kina Gecesi Ensemble - "Misket"
  3. Mehtap Tuna - "Gonul Dagi"
  4. Sari Zeki - "Topal"
  5. Handan Yazgan - "Karanfilli Yar"
  6. Mehmet Karakoc - "Yine Gonlum Sende"
  7. Sultan Sumbul - "Mercanlar"
  8. Gulcan Opel - "Yaz Dostum"
  9. Mehtap Tuna - "Nar Tanesi"
  10. Sari Zeki - "Dom Dom Kursunu"
  11. Handan Yazgan - "Mavilim Hangi Ellidir"
  12. Kina Gecesi Ensemble - "Ari Yildiz"
  13. Asik Emrah - "20 Asrin Bozuk Duzeni"
Review: This fine compilation dives into the vast archives of Uzelli Kaset, a Turkish record label founded in Frankfurt in 1971 that later become one of Turkey's leading music companies. It focuses specifically on tracks made between 1976 and '84 using the electric saz, an updated electrified version of the country's most-used traditional string instrument. Musically, it's a hugely vibrant hotchpotch of exotic, late 20th century updates of Turkish folk songs, psych-rock, and Persian popular music from the period. Intoxicating, exotic, otherworldly and packed to the rafters with genuinely quality cuts, it's an eye-opening and hugely entertaining compilation that you'll want to return to time and again.
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Cat: MRBCD 165. Rel: 03 Jun 19
  1. JB De Carvalho E Seu Terreiro - "Fui A Umbanda"
  2. Trio Ternura - "A Gira"
  3. Alcione - "Figa De Guine"
  4. Impacto 5 - "Longe Daqui Aqui Mesmo"
  5. Abae-te - "Pisa No Taboado"
  6. Tobias - "Coisa Sentimental"
  7. Os Flippers - "Estrelar"
  8. SpaceArk - "Don't Stop" (unreleased long version)
  9. Pure Release - "I'll Know It's Love For Sure"
  10. Luther Davis Group - "You Can Be A Star"
  11. Marumo - "Khomo Tsaka Deile Kae?"
  12. Splash - "Peacock"
  13. Gyedu Blay Ambolley - "Highlife"
  14. Harari - "Senyamo"
  15. Kaleidoscope - "Let Me Try"
  16. Elias Rahbani - "I Want To Be"
  17. Tokyo Academy Philharmonic Chorus Group - "Taharazaka"
  18. Cesar Roldao Vieira - "Ze Do Trem"
  19. Elias Rahbani - "Dance Of Maria"
  20. Galt MacDermot - "Coffee Cold"
Review: The crate-diggers behind the Mr Bongo label can usually be relied upon to showcase some seriously good tunes old and new. That's certainly the case on this third volume in their occasional "Record Club" series of compilations. Spanning sunshine soul, obscure samba, spacey jazz-funk experimentation, wide-eyed underground disco, fiery funk, weirdo rock, cheery South African bubblegum, synth-laden early '80s highlife, Ramsay Lewis style workouts and the psychedelic Middle Eastern disco-funk of Elias Rahbani, the compilation's 20 tracks are not only near faultless, but genuinely surprising and eye-opening. To quote a cliche, this collection genuinely is all killer and no filler.
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  1. The Equals - "New Lover"
  2. Jazino - "Ushelakanjani"
  3. Jivaro - "What Next" (dub mix)
  4. SYB - "Jika Magogo"
  5. Scotch Band - "Watsotasama"
  6. Kakappa - "Sisonke"
  7. Spirro - "Ma Hero" (dub mix)
  8. The Hard Workers - "Ayoba-yo"
  9. Ayobayo Band - "Sorry Bra"
  10. Rush - "Sobohla Manyosi"
  11. Chaka - "Via Tembisa"
  12. La Viva - "Go Siami"
Review: Through the work of Awesome Tapes From Africa and others, we now know more than ever about South Africa's electronic music scene in the 1980s. Here, Rush Hour attempts to fill in the gaps in our education via a fine exploration of South African dance music produced at the tail end of the decade. It's an interesting and hugely enjoyable set full of tracks that fuse elements of local styles such as bubblegum (that's SA synth-pop, effectively) with sounds and grooves more often found in contemporaneous house music from New York, Chicago and Italy. It's a blueprint that resulted in music that was variously deep, dreamy, bubbly, warm, synth-heavy and loved-up, but never less than clearly African in origin. Pantsula, then, is a superb history lesson packed full of positive, sun-ripe gems.
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Tabansi Sampler (unmixed CD)
Cat: BBE 592CCD. Rel: 28 Aug 19
  1. Ebo Taylor - "Make You No Mind"
  2. Zeal Onyia - "Zeal Anata"
  3. Nkono Teles - "Love Vibration"
  4. Ojo Balingo - "Oba Mimo Olorun Ayo"
  5. The Mandators - "Looking Out For You"
  6. Lumingu Puati (Zorro) - "Tshina Dekula"
  7. Dytomite Starlite Band Of Ghana - "Amanfoo"
  8. Eric Kol - "You're My Solution"
  9. Zack And Geebah - "For The Love Of Money"
  10. Tony Sarfo & His Funki Afrosibi - "Super Star"
  11. Ben Jagga - "Hold On Pretty Woman"
  12. Ondigui & Bota Tabansi International - "Wonderful For Ashawo"
  13. Victor Chukwu - "Wonderful For Ashawo"
Review: Over the next couple of years, BBE is going to reissue more than 60 titles from the epic back catalogue of leading Nigerian independent label Tabansi Records. To wet appetites, the label has decided to offer up this deliberately eclectic sampler. It focuses on music recorded and released in the 1970s and 80s, giddily dancing between highlife, Afrobeat, funk, soul, disco, rumba and soukous. There's tons to get excited about, including Ebo Taylor's previously unreleased Afrobeat/highlife fusion jam "Make You No Mind", the synthesizer-driven deep boogie flex of Nkono Teles' "Love Vibration", the highlife/juju flex of Victor Chukwu's "Wonderful For Ashawo" and the horn-tooting cheeriness of Zack And Geebah's "For The Love Of Money".
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 in stock $9.90
Cat: STRUT 189CD. Rel: 14 Feb 20
  1. Super Combo - "Moin Domi Derho"
  2. Les Vikings - "Ambiance (Guhe Huiamo)"
  3. Typical Combo - "Piensalo Bien"
  4. Guadafrica Combo - "Moin Ce Roi Roi"
  5. Galaxy - "Disco Funk"
  6. Koumbit - "Lage Yo"
  7. Smoke - "Lina Femm' Foll"
  8. Les Rapaces - "Music Passe Partout"
  9. HWT Band - "Good Trip"
  10. Midnight Groovers - "Stranger" (Disques Debs version)
  11. Ti Celeste - "Moin Envie Danser On Belle Biguine"
  12. Bienveillance Abymienne - "Ti Jenes An Nou"
  13. Guy Conquette & Son Groupe - "Ping Pong"
  14. Edouard Benoit - "Mauve Chauffe"
  15. Rico Et Pi Yo - "Pas Coler La"
  16. Tabou N 2 - "Experience"
Review: In the summer of 2018, Strut offered up a compilation that mined the extensive back catalogue of Disques Debs International, a Guadeloupe-based label that showcased the finest music to come out of the French-speaking Caribbean between 1950 and 2000. While that set focused on material released between 1960 and '72, this belated sequel showcases cuts featured on Henri Debs' legendary imprint between 1973 and '81. The musical palette is therefore even brighter, breezier and more sun-kissed, offering up cuts that touch on mambo, rumba, Zouk, tropical disco, reggae and the kind of cross-cultural fusions that belie easy categorization. As you'd expect from Strut, the selections are spot on and the re-mastered sound superb. In other words, it's another must-have release from Quinton Scott's imprint.
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Cat: SJRCD 446. Rel: 18 Oct 19
  1. Geraldo Pino - "Shake Hands"
  2. Sonny Okosunds Ozziddi - "Dance Of The Elephants"
  3. The Wings - "We'll Get Home"
  4. Alhaji (Chief) Prof Kollington Ayinla - "E Ye Ika Se"
  5. Colomach - "Kassa Kpa Sama Kpa"
  6. Geraldo Pino - "Heavy Heavy Heavy"
  7. MFB - "Beware"
  8. Tony Grey & The Ozimba Messengers - "You Are The One"
  9. Sonny Okosuns - "Oba Erediauwa I"
  10. The Wings - "Single Boy"
  11. Geraldo Pino - "Power To The People"
  12. Original Wings - "Igba Alusi"
  13. Don Bruce & The Angels - "Sugar Baby"
  14. Geraldo Pino - "Africans Must Unite"
Review: Back in 2017, Soul Jazz offered up a superb box set of seven 7" singles featuring a wealth of 1970s Nigerian afro-rock, afro-funk and afro-disco. Since then the box has been changing hands for significant sums online, so they've bowed to pressure and decided to reissue it as a gatefold double album. It features the same combination of tracks from the likes of Geraldo Pino, Tony Grey, The Wings and MFB, though this time they've been included in a different order. For those interested in raw, raucous and life-affirming Nigerian dance music from the period, it should be an essential purchase (providing, of course, they don't already own the previous box set).
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Cat: SJRCD 440. Rel: 07 Feb 20
  1. Haruna Ishola & His Apala Group - "Ewure Ile Komoyi Ode"
  2. Adebukonla Ajao & Her Group - "Aboyin Ile"
  3. Rapheal Ajide & His Apala Group - "Adura Fun Osiwowo"
  4. Haruna Ishola & His Apala Group - "Orin To Mo Gbon Wa"
  5. RA Tikalosoro & His Group - "Agilinti Lomu"
  6. Adebukonla Ajao & Her Group - "ABD Alawiye"
  7. Haruna Ishola & His Apala Group - "Asa Ko Gbodo Wole Gbeiyele"
  8. Adeleke Aremu & His Group - "Egbe Arowolo"
  9. Haruna Ishola & His Apala Group - "Rufai Baolgun"
  10. RA Tikalosoro & His Group - "Kiniun Kuro Leran Amu Sere"
  11. Haruna Ishola & His Apala Group - "S Aka"
  12. Adebukonla Ajao & Her Group - "Lekele Bale"
  13. Kasumu Adio & His Apala Group - "Odale Ore"
  14. Ayisatu Alabi & Her Group - "Oko Lolomo"
  15. Jimoh Agbejo Bo Ogun & His Group - "Oriki Ibeji"
  16. Ayisatu Alabi & Her Group - "Omo Olobi"
  17. Rapheal Ajide & His Apala Group - "Orin Aje"
  18. Adebukonla Ajao & Her Group - "Sunday Babayemi"
Review: Having previously offered up compilations championing all manner of Nigerian styles of music (juju, highlife, Afrobeat and so on), Soul Jazz has now turned its attention to Apala: a style indigenous to the Yoruba people characterized by hypnotic rhythms, powerful drumming, nasal singing and extensive use of Agdigbo (a type of thumb piano). The 18 tracks showcased here (for the first time outside Nigeria, impressively) were all recorded and released by leading Apala groups between 1967 and 70. While there's some then contemporary production trickery added to a handful of tracks (mostly effects such as delay and reverb), for the most part what you get is the sort of infectious drumming and chanted group vocals that have been part of Yoruba culture for centuries.
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Cat: FVR 150CD. Rel: 09 Dec 19
  1. Dwight Druick - "Georgy Porgy" (Disco version)
  2. Marco Attali - "J'ai Pris Une Claque" (unreleased)
  3. Serge Delisle - "Germaine" (remix)
  4. Wai Kop - "Lola"
  5. Chris O'Hara - "Sur Les Coussins De La Discotheque"
  6. Acayouman - "Funk Around"
  7. Djeneba - "Better Day" (Hard Soul mix)
  8. David Simon - "Transistor" (instrumental)
  9. Marco Attali - "La Releve Du Matin" (instrumental)
  10. Shen & Les Shendys - "Je Ne Suis Que Musique"
  11. Eric Chotteau - "Affirmatif-Negatif"
  12. Cyrill - "Night Ghetto"
  13. Aries - "Braziliana"
Review: As he has done three times before, Gallic crate digger Charles Maurice has dipped into his vast record collection and offered up a killer selection of French disco-boogie sounds. The 13 assembled tracks are mostly obscure and uniformly superb, making picking individual highlights an infuriatingly tricky task. Our favourites change daily, but we're currently enjoying the tropical disco brilliance of Dwight Druick's cover of "Georgy Peorgy (Disco Version)", the synth-sporting electrofunk cheeriness of Serge Delisle's "Germaine (Remix)", the thrusting P-funk hustle of Acayouman's "Funk Around" and the near Balearic warmth of "Braziliana" by Aries. As the old expression (sort of) goes, Maurice has once again delivered all killer and no filler.
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 in stock $15.30
Cat: SNDWCD 132. Rel: 29 Nov 19
  1. Cito Jarvis - "Fighting Soldier"
  2. Roger Bain - "Stand Up & Rock Your Body" (instrumental)
  3. D Ivan - "Fire" (extended dub edit)
  4. Bill Campbell - "Body Beat"
  5. Brother Resistance - "Move It" (version)
  6. Adonijah - "It's Alright"
  7. Peter Britto - "I Want Your Love"
  8. Juno D - "Hotter & Hotter" (dub edit)
  9. Colin Jackman - "D'Jab Jab Dance" (Bad Lad mix)
  10. Levi John - "SOCA"
  11. Spiking - "Liberation Train"
  12. Mohjah - "Zion Gates" (dub)
  13. Andre Tanker - "Wild Indian Band"
  14. Touch - "Touch Music" (edit)
  15. D' Rebel Band - "Solid"
  16. The Millers - "Last Days"
  17. Chocolate Affaire - "Jump To Calypso"
Review: The mighty Soundway Records label head Miles Cleret and DJ/collector Jeremy Spellacey turn their expert digging and curatorial skills to the Soca Dub & Electronic Calypso sounds of 1979 to 1998 on this bumper new triple pack. The 17 tracks touch on obscurities, instrumentals and dubs, vocal edits and all manner of roots, boogie, reggae, house, soul and disco gems. It makes for a never less than heart swelling collection that bring immediate sunshine to even the most rainy, cold days in the north of England. Highlights are plentiful, but our picks of the bunch are Bill Campbell's "Body Beat" which does exactly what it says on the tin, Adonijah's disco stomper ("It's Alright") and Levi John's "Soca", a lo-fi oddity with brilliantly loose drum work.
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 in stock $13.20
Cat: SNDWCD 087. Rel: 09 Dec 16
  1. Hotline - "Fellas Doing It In Lagos"
  2. Peter Abdul - "Don't You Know"
  3. Steve Monite - "Only You"
  4. Oby Onyioha - "Enjoy Your Life"
  5. Kio Amachree - "Ivory"
  6. Livy Ekemezie - "Holiday Action"
  7. Willy Roy - "Don't Give Up"
  8. Danny Offia & The Friks - "Funk With Me"
  9. Rick Asikpo & Afro Fusion - "Too Hot"
  10. Terry Mackson - "Distant Lover"
  11. Ofege - "Burning Jungle"
  12. Odion Iruoje - "Indentify With Your Root"
  13. Mike Umoh - "Shake Your Body"
  14. Burnis Moleme - "Where Is The Answer"
  15. Sony Enang - "Don't Stop That Music"
  16. Veno - "Groove I Like"
  17. Godfrey Odili - "Let's Do More Music"
  18. Toby Foyeh - "Ore Mi"
  19. Gboyega Adelaja - "Colourful Environment"
  20. Lexy Mella - "On The Air" (Rap mix)
  21. Nkono Teles - "Be My Lady" (mix)
Review: With so many archival labels putting out compilations of 1970s Nigerian funk and disco, Soundway has decided to change tack. Doing It In Lagos is a primer on the country's lesser-celebrated 1980s boogie scene. According to the superb liner notes, most of the music on show here - and, yes, it's universally brilliant - was created by a younger generation of musicians who wanted to move away from Afrobeat, and further towards an authentically American style electrofunk sound. As a result, many of the tracks featured on Doing It In Lagos - not least Hotline's brilliant opener, Livy Ekemezie's disco-funk slammer "Holiday Action" and Sonny Enang's superb "Don't Stop That Music" - are every bit as special as the American-produced records they were trying to emulate.
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We Out Here (unmixed CD)
Cat: BWOOD 0175CD. Rel: 09 Feb 18
  1. Maisha - "Inside The Acorn"
  2. Ezra Collective - "Pure Shade"
  3. Moses Boyd - "The Balance"
  4. Theon Cross - "Brockley"
  5. Nubya Garcia - "Once"
  6. Shabaka Hutchings - "Black Skin Black Masks"
  7. Triforce - "Walls"
  8. Joe Armon-Jones - "Go See"
  9. Kokoroko - "Abusey Junction"
Review: We Out Here, Brownswood Recordings' latest compilation, was born out of a desire by label boss Gilles Peterson to capture the essence of London's contemporary jazz scene. To ensure a sense of there "here and now", Peterson invited some of the city's brightest young bands and musicians into the studio in August 2017, recording the results over three action-packed days. The resulting never-heard-before tracks are, for the most part, joyous and thrilling, and range from trad jazz, jazz-funk and Latin jazz to acoustic-electronic fusions and groovy, guitar-laden downtempo explorations. It feels like a glimpse of a scene on the rise, and we wouldn't be surprised if many of those involved become modern British jazz greats in the years to come.
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 in stock $11.35
  1. Elegua (feat Jose Cochise Claussell)
  2. Bantu Bantu (Rough take One)
  3. Egbe (First Idea Rhythm take)
  4. Forest Sound One
  5. Temple Of The Moon
  6. Afro Discotech (Just An Idea)
  7. Tribal Call
  8. Afrofunkjazz (demo mix)
  9. Forest Sounds Two
  10. Diyi Mayo (live Jam Rough Idea)
  11. Makussa Part Three - African Basement (demo mix)
  12. Audio Medicine - In Here Patience Is A Virtue
  13. Shangoo O O (feat Eddie Bobe - demo mix)
Review: Joe Claussell's Sacred Rhythm label is a vessel for him to explore the deep rooted culture behind his most prominent output in the house world. Travelling far and wide into African musical tradition, Claussell and select like-minded souls often present their most profound work through this outlet, and so it goes on this enchanting collection of rhythm studies, folk spirituals and works in progress. It's a compelling insight into the working practices of a musical master, a meaningful journey into the origins of so much modern music, and an inventive new expression all in one, scattered out like a sketchbook we're privileged to take a peep at.
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 in stock $20.31
  1. Piry Reis - "O Sol Na Janela"
  2. Nando Carneiro - "GRES Luxo Artesanal/O Campones"
  3. Cinema - "Sem Teto"
  4. Joao De Brucoe E RH Jackson - "Terra Batida"
  5. Os Mulheres Negras - "So Quero Um Xodo"
  6. Fernando Falcao - "Amanhecer Tabajara (A Alceu Valenca)"
  7. Anno Luz - "Por Que"
  8. Andrea Daltro - "Kiua"
  9. Os Mulheres Negras - "Maoscolorida"
  10. Bene Fonteles - "O M M"
  11. Maria Rita - "Lamento Africano/Rictus"
  12. Carlinhos Santos - "Giramundo"
  13. Bene Fonteles - "Azul"
  14. Priscilla Ermel - "Gestos De Equilibrio"
  15. Carioca - "Branca"
  16. Marco Bosco - "Sol Da Manha"
  17. Maria Rita - "Cantico Brasileiro No 3 (Kamaiura)"
  18. Marco Bosco - "Madeira II (Mae Terra)"
  19. Priscilla Ermel - "Corpo Do Vento"
  20. Luhli E Lucina - "E Foi"
Review: When this brilliant compilation debuted on vinyl earlier in the year, it was rightly acclaimed as one of the best anthologies of the year. It was compiled by long-time Music From Memory affiliate John Gomez, who takes listeners on an attractive stroll through Brazilian music's margins. The material showcased was all released between 1978 and 1992 and is both impressively varied and effortlessly picturesque. It mostly focuses on tracks that fuse traditional Brazilian instrumentation, percussion and musical ideas with elements of electronica, ambient, jazz-fusion and Reich style minimalism. The accompanying liner notes do a great job in putting the collection in context, explaining how the music was often inspired by political changes within Brazil, while this CD edition boasts three extra tracks not present on the vinyl version.
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Viva La Revolucion! (unmixed CD)
Cat: 336646 2. Rel: 24 May 19
  1. Grupo 5U4 - "Hasta Siempre" (feat Danae)
  2. Carlos Puebla - "Gracias Fidel (Despues De Un Ano)"
  3. Grupo Tabacalero - "Comandante Che Guevara"
  4. Atahualpa Yupanqui - "Nada Mas"
  5. Grupo Alma Mater - "Che Guevara"
  6. Beny More - "Caricias Cubanas"
  7. Ramon Veloz - "Nueva Vida"
  8. Pio Leyva Rumba - "De Mi Patria"
  9. Coro Polifonico - "Cancion Funebre Al Che Guevara"
  10. Celina Gonzalez & Reutilio Dominguez - "Que Viva Fidel"
  11. Violeta Parra - "Que Dira El Santo Padre"
  12. Quinteto Revelde - "Respeto Al Che Guevara"
  13. Amaury Perez - "Andes Lo Que Andes"
  14. Orquestra Aragon El - "Bodeguero"
  15. Groupe 17 - "Bandiera Rossa"
  16. Cacique Paraguayo - "Che Commandante"
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Digital Zandoli 2 (unmixed CD)
Cat: HS 169CD. Rel: 06 Oct 17
  1. Coco/Fabert - "Ban Di Fwan"
  2. Wach'da - "Confrontation" (instrumental)
  3. Michel Alibo - "Fou, Jaloux"
  4. Osmose - "Melodi"
  5. Juliane - "Blanc E Noir" (instrumental)
  6. Champagn' - "L'Anmou Aw"
  7. Jo Star - "Demare Moin"
  8. Alex Rosa - "Sistem"
  9. Patrick Nuissier - "Pou Qui Ca"
  10. Vik'In - "Tension La Ka Monte"
  11. Joyeux De Cocotier - "Pina Colada Coco Loco"
  12. Djeminay - "Sun Plash"
Played by: Kenneth bager
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Cat: HS 173CD. Rel: 21 Nov 17
  1. Cotonete - "O Circo"
  2. Blundetto & Ken Boothe - "Have A Little Faith"
  3. Roger Raspail & Vincent Segal - "An Ba Galba"
  4. Guts - "Move In Silence" (feat Patrice, Fefe, Djeuhdjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson)
  5. Edmony Krater & I Live - "Tijan Ka" (2017 version)
  6. The Mule - "You Party Too Much"
  7. The Rongetz Foundation - "Hip Hop Muse" (Lefto remix)
  8. Anthony Joseph & Hanyo - "Be The River"
  9. Florian Pellissier Quintet - "Fuck With The Police" (feat Roger Raspail & Nawer)
  10. Edmony Krater - "Tijan Ka" (Hugo LX remix)
Review: Over the course of the last decade, Parisian label Heavenly Sweetness has done a terrific job in releasing both inspiring new music from around the globe and reissuing overlooked gems. For this celebratory compilation, they've decided to focus on the former strand, gathering together an exclusive collection of previously unheard tracks, collaborations and remixes from the label's extended family. There's naturally much to enjoy throughout, from the head-nodding bi-lingual hip-hop of Guts's "In Slence" and breezy sunshine Afrobeat of Edmony Krater and I-Live's "Tijan Ka (2017 Version)", to the languid jazz of the Florian Pellissier Quintet's "Fuck With The Poilce" and Blundetto's "Have a Little Faith", a terrific reggae-soul collaboration with singer Ken Boothe.
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 in stock $14.25
Cat: AACD 083. Rel: 04 Jul 17
  1. Dream Stars - "Pop Makossa Invasion"
  2. Mystic Djim & The Spirits - "Yaounde Girls"
  3. Bill Loko - "Nen Lambo"
  4. Pasteur Lappe - "Sanaga Calypso"
  5. Eko - "M'onguele M'am"
  6. Olinga Gaston - "Ngon Engap"
  7. Emmanuel Kahe & Jeanette Kemogne - "Ye Medjuie"
  8. Nkodo Si Tony - "Mininga Meyong Mese"
  9. Pasteur Lappe - "Sekele Movement"
  10. Bernard Ntone - "Mussoloki"
  11. Pat´ Ndoye - "More Love"
  12. Clement Djimogne - "Africa"
Review: Just when you think that the well of obscure music from around the world has run dry, Analog Africa returns to put the record straight. Pop-Makossa shines a light on a glorious but largely overlooked period in the story of Cameroonian makossa, when local musicians began to replace funk and highlife influences with the rubbery bass of classic disco and the sparkling synth flourishes and drum machines of electrofunk. The resultant compilation, which apparently took eight years to produce, is packed full of brilliant cuts, from the heavily-electronic jauntiness of Pasteur Lappe's "Sanaga Calypso" and horn-totin' Highlife-disco of Emmaniel Kahe and Jeanette Kemogne's "Ye Medjuie", to the dense, organ-laden wig out that is Clement Djimogne's "Africa".
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Jambu E Os Miticos Sons Da Amazonia (unmixed CD + 44 page booklet in slip case)
Cat: AACD 088. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. Rosvaldo Ja Chegou? (Introducao)
  2. Pinduca - "Vamos Farrear"
  3. Os Muiraquitans - "A Misturada"
  4. Os Quentes De Terra Alta - "Praia Do Algodoal"
  5. Pinduca - "Pai Xango"
  6. Janjao - "Meu Barquinho"
  7. Messias Holanda - "O Galo Canta, O Macaco Assovia"
  8. Vieira E Seu Conjunto - "Lambada Da Baleia"
  9. Verequete E O Conjunto Uirapuru - "Mambo Assanhado"
  10. O Conjunto De Orlando Pereira - "Carimbo Para Yemanja"
  11. Pinduca - "Coco Da Bahia"
  12. Messias Holanda - "Carimbo Da Pimienta"
  13. Verequete E O Conjunto Uirapuru - "Da Garrafa Uma Pinga"
  14. O Conjunto De Orlando Pereira - "Maruda"
  15. Magalhaes E Sua Guitarra - "Xango"
  16. Vieira E Seu Conjunto - "Melo Do Bode"
  17. Grupo Da Pesada - "Voa Andorinha"
  18. Grupo Da Pesada - "Lundun Da Yaya"
  19. Mestre Cupijo E Seu Ritmo - "Despedida"
Review: Analog Africa's latest must-have release focuses on the little-known musical culture of the Para state on Northern Brazil, and specifically the port city of Belem. Since the 1960s the city's musicians have been serving up unique and exciting new styles that draw as much on West African, Cuban and Caribbean music as they do the rhythms and instrumentation of the Amazonian tribes based nearby. It's these kinds of unique and exuberant fusions - think heavy bass, bouncy ska-style rhythms, punchy Afro-Cuban horns, densely layered drums, celebratory vocals and tropical guitars - that make "Jambu E Os Miticos Sons Da Amazonia" such an essential listen. Context is provided via the included 44-page booklet, whose extensive liner notes track the development of Para's unique musical culture.
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Bombay Disco 2 (unmixed CD)
Cat: COS 011CD. Rel: 13 Nov 14
  1. Sadhana Sargam - "Saat Samundar Paar"
  2. Asha Bhosle - "Pass Aao Na"
  3. Kishore Kumar & Chorus - "Aaya Sanam Aaya Deewana Tera"
  4. Bappi Lahiri & Chorus - "Taqdeer Ka Badshah"
  5. Behroze Chatterjee & Chorus - "Sweety Seventeen"
  6. RD Burman & Chorus - "Disco Music (Are Dil Se Dil Mile)"
  7. Sharda - "Hotel Mein Bottle"
  8. Hridaynath Mangeshkar - "Dance Music"
  9. Sharon Prabhakar, Parvati Khan & Ursula - "Tum Meri Nazar Se Dekho"
  10. Asha Bhosle - "Jab Chaye"
  11. Kumar Sanu, Jolly Mukherjee & Chorus - "Main Jaadugar"
  12. Bappi Lahiri - "Dance Music"
 in stock $13.46
Cat: BJR 045CD. Rel: 28 May 20
  1. Zaidi El Batni - "Malik Ya Malik"
  2. Nordine Staifi - "Zine Ezzinet"
  3. Chabati Le Jeune - "Mani Mani Maane"
  4. Rabah El Maghnaoui - "Kountie Ghalia"
  5. Rabah El Maghnaoui - "Amayna Alik Anti"
  6. Nordine Staifi - "Goultili Bye Bye"
  7. Bnat El Maana - "Hata La Lile Ya Moul Jalab Tayfiya"
  8. Rachid Staifi - "Ya Lekbida"
  9. Salah El Annabi - "Hata Fi Annaba"
  10. Mokhtar Mezhoud - "Kharjet Mel Haman"
  11. Mokhtar Mezhoud - "Rahoum Yegoulou Sabirine"
Review: Since the 1950s, Lyon has played host to a vibrant cross-cultural musical scene, where musicians with North African heritage gather together in cafes to make music that blurs cultural and stylistic boundaries. As "Maghreb K7 Club" shows, some of these social meetings resulted in similarly inspired and unlikely collaborations. The compilation includes tracks made between 1985 and 1997, by and large those that utilised synthesizers and drum machines as well as traditional North African instrumentation, musical motifs and vocals. It's a hugely vibrant collection, with nods towards synth-pop, 1980s electrofunk and, most thrillingly of all, Jean-Michel Jarre's "Oxygen" (see Salah El Annabi's "Hata Fi Annaba"). In a word: intoxicating.
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12 Bombazos Bailables (unmixed CD)
Cat: VAMPI 208CD. Rel: 16 Dec 19
  1. Cumbia En Do Menor - "Lito Barrientos Y Su Orquesta" (From "Very Very Well")
  2. Arrebata - "Lisandro Meza Y Su Combo" (From "Salsita Mami")
  3. Coco May May - "Combo Los Yogas" (From "Canabrava")
  4. La Pluma - "Peregoyo Y Su Combo Vacaná" (From "Mi Buenaventura")
  5. Sabroso Bacalao - "Adolfo Echeverría Y Su Orquesta" (From "Sabroso Bacalao")
  6. Lindo Magdalena - "Pedro Laza Y Sus Pelayeros" (From "Rito Esclavo)
  7. El Vidriero - "Fruko Y Sus Tesos" (From "Tesura")
  8. Atiza Y Ataja - "Los Supremos" (From "Atiza Y Ataja")
  9. Cumbia Loca - "Conjunto Miramar" (From "Cumbias Con El Miramar")
  10. Manue - "Michi Sarmiento Y Su Combo Bravo" (From "Salsa Con Monte")
  11. Safari Safari - "Tita Duval Y El Nuevo Ritmo De Bobby Rey" (From "Cumbias Internacionales")
  12. Mambo Flamenco - "Sexteto Miramar" (From "Salsa! Mi Hermana")
 in stock $9.76
Cat: BJR040 CD. Rel: 03 Feb 20
  1. Africa Negra - "Mino Bo Be Quacueda"
  2. Africa Negra - "Aninha"
  3. Africa Negra - "Zimbabwe"
  4. Pedro Lima - "Nga Ba Compensadora"
  5. Sangazuza - "Corticao"
  6. Sangazuza - "Sun Male"
  7. Os Untues - "Piquina Piquina"
  8. Os Untues - "Chi Bo Sa Migu Di Vede"
  9. Sum Alvarinho - "M'konveta Dedo"
  10. Sum Alvarinho - "Tola Muandgi"
  11. Conjunto Equador - "Meu Dy Ploco"
  12. Conjunto Equador - "Mado"
  13. Tiny Das Neves - "Cladenco Pade Cluco"
  14. Pedro Lima E Conjunto Os Leonenses - "Esatela Licu"
  15. Conjunto Mindelo - "Taji Ocedo"
  16. Agrupamento Da Ilha - "Bo Gosa Di So Txi"
Played by: Shantisan
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Cumbia Beat Vol 3 (unmixed CD)
Cat: VAMPICD 187. Rel: 11 Apr 19
  1. Silvestre Montez Y Sus Guantanameros - "El Saltamontes"
  2. Los Condores Del Cusco - "Lamento Del Condor"
  3. Los Gitanos - "La Manzanita"
  4. Los Orientales De Paramonga - "Descarga Oriental"
  5. Los Casmenos - "La Espumita Del Rio"
  6. Los 5 Palomillas - "El Forastero"
  7. Los Beta 5 - "Sueno Hippie"
  8. Los Girasoles - "Girasoleando"
  9. Los Demonios Del Mantaro - "Cumbia Del Amor"
  10. Los Demonios De Corocochay - "Cumbia Del Puerto"
  11. Paco Zambrano Y Sus Ratones - "Bailando Con Patricia"
  12. Los Ecos - "Chola Ingrata"
  13. Los Tantos - "Manzana Verde"
  14. Los Scorpios - "Si No Quieres Bailar Vuelve A Casa"
  15. Los Blue Kings De Nana - "El Baile De Los Reyes"
  16. Grupo Siglo XX - "La Naranjadita"
  17. Los Sander's De Nana - "Larga Espera"
  18. Los Quantos - "Cumbia Quantica"
  19. Los Diablos Rojos - "Silbando Por La Montana"
  20. Marco Merry Y Sus Golfos - " El Chullo"
  21. Sonido Verde De Moyobamba - "Lamento Moyobambino"
 in stock $13.98
Cat: VAMPICD 178. Rel: 14 Jun 18
  1. Olympic - "Blaznivej Kiki"
  2. Hana Ulrychova - "A Co Ma Bejt"
  3. Mahagon - "Prameny Poznani"
  4. Framus Five - "Hold On, I'm Coming" (feat Michal Prokop)
  5. Apollobeat - "Nocni Modlitba" (feat Yvonne Prenosilova)
  6. Beatings - "We'd Be Happy"
  7. Valerie Cizmarova - "Byls Ma Boj"
  8. Gustav Brom Orchestra - "Pisu Kridou Zpravu" (feat Milan Cernohouz)
  9. The Blue Effect - "Snakes" (feat Vladimir Misik)
  10. SHQ - "V Obore"
  11. Metronom - "Divny Pan"
  12. Synkopy 61 - "Bytost Podivna"
  13. Jazz Q - "The Wizard" (feat Joan Duggan)
  14. Vulkan - "It's Always Ever The Same" (feat Martha & Tena)
  15. George & Beatovens - "Zahrada Za Domem" (feat Petr Novak)
  16. Flamengo - "Zavrazdil Jsem Lasku" (feat Karel Kahovec)
  17. Eva Pilarova - "Padni Na Kolena (Piece Of My Heart)"
  18. Flamingo - "Tvuj Pritel Vitr" (feat Marie Rottrova)
  19. The Soulmen - "I Wish I Were" (feat Dezo Ursiny)
  20. Barnodaj - "Dzungle"
  21. Hana Zagorova - "Rokle"
  22. Karel Cernoch - "Trznice Sveta"
 in stock $13.20
Cat: EM 1189CD. Rel: 21 Feb 20
  1. Rin - "Hip Hop"
  2. Phnom Penh Playaz - "Ride With Us"
  3. Aping - "Ereva Chanoy"
  4. Aping - "Sangsa Lek 1" (feat Dina)
  5. Khmer Rap Boyz - "Berk Chak"
  6. Kelly - "KELLY"
  7. Pou Khlaing - "Yeak" (feat Adda)
  8. Yungsterz - "Luk Ko Luk Krobey"
  9. Khmer Kid - "Laut Doch Besdoung" (feat Lisha)
  10. Lisha - "Srok Sre"
  11. Nen Tum - "Dey Srok Khmer"
  12. Yungsterz - "A Yap"
 in stock $17.15
Cat: CDRW 224. Rel: 26 Jul 19
  1. Papa Wemba - "Yolele"
  2. Geoffrey Oryema - "Kel Kweyo"
  3. Sevara Nazarkhan - "Adolat Tanovari"
  4. Guo Yue - "White Swans"
  5. Bokante & Metropole Orkest & Jules Buckley - "All The Way Home"
  6. Les Amazones D'Afrique - "Mansa Soyari"
  7. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - "Taa Deem"
  8. Yungchen Lhamo - "Tara"
  9. The Gloaming - "The Sailor's Bonnet"
  10. Afro Celt Sound System - "Inion/Daughter"
  11. Ayub Ogada - "Kronkronhinko"
  12. Aurelio - "Dondo"
  13. Various - "Whole Thing"
  14. Remmy Ongala & Orchestre Super Matimila - "Muziki Asili Yake Wapi"
  15. Toto La Momposina Y Sus Tambores - "Chi Chi Mani"
  16. Amjad Ali Khan - "Calcutta City"
  17. Thomas Mapfumo & The Blacks Unlimited - "Mukadzi Wangu"
  18. Sheila Chandra - "Nana"
  19. Telek - "Ririwon"
 in stock $8.43
Pour Me A Grog: The Funana Revolt In 1990s Cabo Verde (unmixed CD in hard-back book sleeve)
Cat: OST 008CD. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. Ferro Gaita - "Rei Di Tabanka"
  2. Etalvinho Preta - "Mulato Ferrara"
  3. Tchota Suari E Chando Graciosa - "Nha Boi"
  4. Avellino E Orlando Pantera - "Nha Lutcha"
  5. Peps Love - "Pom Um Grogu"
  6. Bitori E Fefe Di Calbicera - "Mo Na Mama"
  7. Orlando Pantera - "Rabidanti"
  8. Fefe Di Calbicera - "Tra Tchapeu"
 in stock $13.98
Cat: BBCD 114. Rel: 27 Mar 20
  1. Harold Berty - "Django"
  2. Ti L'Afrique - "Pop Soul Sega"
  3. Claudio - "Qui Fine Arrive"
  4. Paul Labonne - "Ti Malgache Ti Madras"
  5. Georges Gabriel - "Pop Sega"
  6. The Features Of Life - "Soul Sabattah"
  7. Roland Fatime - "Silvie"
  8. Jean-Claude - "Machin Sex"
  9. Joss Henri - "Apollo Pop 76"
  10. Coulouce - "Beau Pere"
  11. John Kenneth Nelson - "Change To Maniere"
  12. Lelou Menwar - "Capito"
  13. Daniel Delord - "Maria"
 in stock $14.25
  1. Rumba Tres - "Rumbita, Tru, La, La"
  2. Dolores Vargas La Terremoto - "A La Pelota"
  3. Rosa Morena - "Quiero Cafe"
  4. Lola Flores - "La Bomba Gitana"
  5. Chango - "Kikilibu"
  6. El Noi - "Zorongo Rock"
  7. Los Candelos - "Te Estoy Amando Locamente"
  8. Lola Flores Y Antonio Gonzalez - "Muchacho Barrigon"
  9. Teresiya - "El Perro De San Roque"
  10. El Príncipe Gitano - "Ay Amor! (Jazz Gitano)"
  11. Los Candelos - "Bailen Mi Rumbita"
  12. Chango - "El Guapo"
  13. La Marelu - "Mora Cantaora"
  14. Dolores Abril - "Trinia"
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Cat: 829512. Rel: 14 Jun 19
  1. Muluqen Melesse - "Hedetch Alu"
  2. Muluqen Melesse - "Wetetie Mare"
  3. Muluqen Melesse - "Ete Endenesh Gedawo"
  4. Mahmoud Ahmed - "Gizie Degu Neger"
  5. Mahmoud Ahmed - "Yeqer Memekatesh"
  6. Mahmoud Ahmed - "Aynotche Terabu"
  7. Ewnet Yet Lagegnesh (instrumental)
  8. Seyfu Yohannes - "Tezeta"
  9. Seyfu Yohannes - "Mela Mela"
  10. Bemgnot Alnorem (instrumental)
  11. Teshome Meteku - "Gara Ser New Betesh"
  12. Teshome Meteku - "Yezemed Yebaed"
  13. Teshome Meteku - "Mot Adeladlogn"
  14. Teshome Meteku - "Hasabe"
  15. Heywete (instrumental)
  16. Getatchew Kassa - "Tezeta" (Slow)
  17. Getatchew Kassa - "Tezeta" (fast)
 in stock $9.76
Cat: 829522. Rel: 02 Aug 19
  1. Misrak Mammo & Tchista Band - "Gizie Biyasayegnem/Nanu Nanu Neh"
  2. Mellesse Bonger & Tchista Band - "Lebe Antchin Alena/Air Gourague"
  3. Tigist Assefa - "Toutouye"
  4. Adaneh Teka - "Bob Marley"
  5. Adaneh Teka - "Medley"
  6. Adaneh Teka - "Inde Iyenuzalem"
  7. Asfaw Kebbebe - "Antchi Hoye Lene"
  8. Asfaw Kebbebe - "Temelese Baburu"
  9. Zewditou Yohannes - "Bolel"
  10. Yezinna Negash - "Seqota"
  11. Admassou Abate/Tigist Assefa - "Ambassel"
  12. Djemil "Jimmy" Mahmed - "Yeheywete Heywet"
  13. Messele Asmamaw/Tigaw Bellete - "Thiopia Hagere"
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Cat: 829632. Rel: 02 Aug 19
  1. Mahmoud Ahmed - "Kulun Mankwalesh"
  2. Mahmoud Ahmed - "Lomiwen Teqebeletch"
  3. Alemayehu Eshete - "Tey Gedyeleshem"
  4. Alemayehu Eshete/Hirut Beqele - "Temeles"
  5. Hirut Beqele - "Almokerkum Neber"
  6. Hirut Beqele - "Essu New Messelegn"
  7. Hirut Beqele - "Yeqondjowotch Mender"
  8. Hirut Beqele - "Man Yawgal Yebeten"
  9. Tlahoun Geseesee - "Sema"
  10. Tlahoun Geseesee - "Yewnet Messosso Metch Yeneqaneqal"
  11. Tadele Beqele - "Enafqeshalehu"
  12. Tadele Beqele - "Antchi Qondjo"
  13. Teferi Felleqe - "Kelkeyelgn"
  14. Teferi Felleqe - "Aynamaye"
  15. Mulugen Mellesse - "Tenesh Kelbe Lay"
  16. Mulugen Mellesse - "Embwa Belew"
  17. Alemayehu Eshete - "Ete Hoy"
  18. Alemayehu Eshete - "Hameta"
  19. Mahmoud Ahmed - "Selam Almazeye"
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Cat: SF 064CD. Rel: 04 Nov 19
  1. The Panthers - "Malkaus"
  2. The Mods - "Spring Dance"
  3. The Bugs - "Theme From 'Do Rhaha'"
  4. The Blue Birds - "Hussani Lal Qalander"
  5. Sohail Rana - "The Khyber Twist"
  6. Nisar Bazmi - "Aesi Chal Main"
  7. The Abstracts - "Mahiya"
  8. The Fore Thoughts - "The Boat Man's Cry"
  9. The Panthers - "Simmi Dance"
  10. The Aay Jays - "Lal Qalander Lal"
  11. The Mods - "Bondure"
  12. The Panthers - "Bhairvi"
  13. The Abstracts - "Sindhi Bhairvin"
  14. The Fore Thoughts - "Shahbaz Walander"
  15. The Aay Jays - "Mirza Ki Dhun"
  16. The Mods - "Garba Dance"
  17. Nisar Bazmi - "Pyar Ki Ik Naee"
  18. The Aay Jays - "The Aay Jays Theme"
  19. The Abstracts - "Lotus Flower"
  20. The Panthers - "Khatak Dance"
  21. The Fore Thoughts - "Jungee"
  22. The Blue Birds - "Sun We Bilou Akh Waliya"
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Cat: 190758 02552. Rel: 10 May 18
  1. Huri Sapan - "Bir Sans Daha Ver"
  2. Handan Kara - "Askim Ve Gururum"
  3. Gonul Yazar - "Sen Bir Yana"
  4. Esmeray - "Olmeden De Yasamak"
  5. Nese Alkan - "Tut Kalbimi Tut"
  6. Gulden Karabocek - "Yaniyorum"
  7. Gul Sorgun - "Ara Leyli"
  8. Ferda Gul - "Yar Oy"
  9. Dilber Dogan - "Yikilla Koyler"
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Zaire 74 (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: WRASS 349. Rel: 30 May 17
  1. Tabu Ley Rochereau & Afrisa - "Introduction"
  2. Tabu Ley Rochereau & Afrisa - "Celicia"
  3. Tabu Ley Rochereau & Afrisa - "Salongo" (part 1)
  4. Tabu Ley Rochereau & Afrisa - "Salongo" (part 2)
  5. Tabu Ley Rochereau & Afrisa - "Annie"
  6. Abumba Masikini - "Magali Ya Kinshasa"
  7. Abumba Masikini - "Limbisa Nga"
  8. Abeti - "Mobutu Praise Song 1"
  9. Abeti - "Tuikale"
  10. Abeti - "Liwela"
  11. Abeti - "Traditional Folk Song"
  12. Abeti - "Wandugo Wampenzi"
  13. Abeti - "Bibile"
  14. Abeti - "Mobutu Praise Song 2"
  15. Franco & TPOK Jazz - "Introduction"
  16. Franco & TPOK Jazz - "Nzoto"
  17. Franco & TPOK Jazz - "Mosala"
  18. Franco & TPOK Jazz - "Kasai"
  19. Franco & TPOK Jazz - "Koni Ya Bonganga"
  20. Franco & TPOK Jazz - "Balingaka Ngaite"
  21. Franco & TPOK Jazz - "Mabuidi"
  22. Franco & TPOK Jazz - "Instrumental Dance Chant"
  23. Franco & TPOK Jazz - "Kizembike"
  24. Franco & TPOK Jazz - "Lala Nzala"
  25. Franco & TPOK Jazz - "Instrumental"
  26. Miriam Makeba - "Umqhokozo"
  27. Miriam Makeba - "Mobutu Praise Song"
  28. Miriam Makeba - "West Wind"
  29. Miriam Makeba - "Amampondo"
  30. Orchestre Stukas - "Biboma"
  31. Orchestre Stukas - "Cherie"
  32. Orchestre Stukas - "Mobutu Praise Song"
  33. Orchestre Stukas - "Elatina"
  34. Pembe Dance Troupe - "Pembe Dance Song"
 in stock $14.25
  1. Fausty Amoa Mabila - "Nosonayine"
  2. Awudu Messenger - "Seero"
  3. Linda Ayupuka - "Ndaana E'era Ymah"
  4. Atiah Mba - "Hunaki"
  5. Ragizeer - "Matala Ligiri"
  6. I Remember Yesterday - "Bonboriga N Lobema"
  7. Big Gad - "Socre"
  8. Sugri Hajia Zenabu - "Sugri"
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Araca Azul (reissue) (limited CD)
Cat: 8856 0. Rel: 28 Aug 19
  1. Viola Meu Bem
  2. De Conversa/Cravo E Canela
  3. Tu Me Acostumbraste
  4. Gil Misterioso
  5. De Palavra Em Palabra
  6. De Cara/ Quero Essa Mulher Assim Mesmo
  7. Sugar Cane Fields Forever
  8. Julia / Moreno
  9. Epico
  10. Araca Blue
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