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Beach Diggin Volume 5
Beach Diggin Volume 5 (unmixed CD)
Cat: HS 168CD. Rel: 16 Aug 17
  1. Yasuko Agawa - "LA Nights"
  2. Andre Marie Tala - "Sweet Dole"
  3. Andre Marie Tala - "Lite Low"
  4. Rebles - "Sweetest Taboo" (Soca version)
  5. Ricardo Marrero & The Group - "And We'll Make Love"
  6. Koko Ateba - "Si T'es Mal Dans Ta Peau"
  7. Sookie - "Tonight" (feat Jeannine Otis)
  8. Raphael Toine - "Femmes Pays Douces"
  9. Eboni Band - "Desire"
  10. Robert J Riggins - "I Need You Now"
  11. Salero - "Teardrops & Wine"
  12. Momo Joseph - "Teardrops & Wine"
  13. Claude Genteuil - "Dreams Of Love"
  14. Gatot Soedarto - "Sayangilah Daku Kasih"
  15. Synchro Rhythmic Eclectic Language - "Pasto"
Review: Since the Beach Diggin' compilation series launched a few years back, a number of its obscure, Balearic-minded selections have been given full length reissues of their own. We can probably expect a number of the tracks from this brilliant fifth volume to get the same treatment. As usual, the wide-ranging track list is thick with highlights, from the synth-heavy, French language reggae of Raphael Toine's 1986 bubbler "Femmes Pays Douces" (taken from the artist's frustratingly hard to find Ce Ta Ou album) and vibraphone-laden jazz-funk smoothness of Yasuko Agwa's sought-after "L.A Night", to the barely-known brilliance of Andre Maria Tole's Cameroonian gem "Sweet Dole". In other words, it's another essential selection.
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 in stock $15.72
Best Of Mano Negra
Cat: BEC 5543057. Rel: 20 Dec 17
  1. Mano Negra
  2. King Kong Five
  3. Soledad
  4. Mala Vida
  5. Sidi H'bibi
  6. Rock Island Line
  7. Noche De Accion
  8. Guayaquil City
  9. Peligro
  10. Sueno De Solentiname
  11. Indios De Barcelona
  12. Mad Man's Dead
  13. Senor Matanza
  14. Out Of Time Man
  15. Pas Assez De Toi
  16. King Of Bongo
  17. Ronde De Nuit
  18. Patchanka
  19. Salga La Luna
  20. Santa Maradona
  21. El Sur
  22. Long Long Lite (Inedit)
  23. On Telefon (Inedit)
  24. Darling Darling
 in stock $11.37
Sao Paulo Brasil (reissue)
Cat: MRBCD 183. Rel: 30 Nov 18
  1. Metropole
  2. Estacao Do Norte
  3. Fabrica
  4. Poluicao
  5. Imigrantes
  6. Metro
  7. Litoral
  8. Futebol De Bar
Review: Over the years, Cesar Mariano and Cia's 1977 set "Sao Paolo Brasil" has achieved cult status, with dusty-fingered diggers regularly proclaiming it one of the finest jazz-funk/fusion albums of the period (a fact confirmed by the high prices that original vinyl copies often change hands for online). Remarkably, this timely Mr Bongo reissue marks the first time the set has been released outside of its native South America. Rich in glistening jazz guitars, fizzing, Azymuth-style organ riffs, spacey synths, warm bass and skittish drums, the album's eight tracks bristle with breeziness, subtle samba motifs, sumptuous dancefloor grooves, sunny downtempo workouts and effervescent arrangements. In a word: essential.
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 in stock $11.64
Mariza Canta Amalia
Cat: 019029 5175634. Rel: 11 Dec 20
  1. Com Que Voz
  2. Barco Negro
  3. Lagrima
  4. Formiga Bossa Nova
  5. Estranha Forma De Vida
  6. Cravos De Papel
  7. Povo Que Lavas No Rio
  8. Foi Deus
  9. Gaivota
  10. Fado Portugues
 in stock $13.96
Modiehi (CD)
Cat: MRBCD 219. Rel: 20 Aug 20
  1. Modiehi
  2. Khomo Tsaka Deile Kae?
  3. Molato Ke Eng
  4. Re A Hlopheha
  5. Toitoi
  6. O Mohau
  7. Bosiu Bona
  8. Lenyalo
  9. Ke Eo Terene
  10. Ha Se Nna Fela
  11. Siyahlupheka
  12. Ungioambela Amanga
 in stock $12.52
Un Dandy En Exil: Algerie France 1969-1983
Cat: BB 113CD. Rel: 26 Jun 19
  1. Mon Amour Il Est Gentil (1972)
  2. Ecoute Moi Camarade (1974)
  3. Je N'aime Pas Le Jour, Je N'aime Pas La Nuit (1977)
  4. Daag Dagui (1973)
  5. Je Pense A Celle (1977)
  6. Si Massoud (Je T'aime Et Je T'aimerai) (1981)
  7. L'amour Maak (1981)
  8. Tu N'es Plus Comme Avant (1982)
  9. 20 Ans En France (1980)
  10. Je Suis Seul (1975)
  11. La Madrague (1969)
  12. Clichy (1974)
  13. Cherie Madame (1981)
  14. Dis-Moi C'est Pas Vrai (1975)
  15. Adieu La France (1976)
 in stock $15.42
Ninguem Vai Me Segurar
Cat: FARO 212CD. Rel: 07 Nov 19
  1. Agora Ou Nunca Mais
  2. Roda Mundo
  3. Acalanto
  4. Cordao
  5. De Um Jeito So
  6. Eu Sou Mais Eu
  7. Canto De Meditacao
  8. Feel Like Making Love
  9. Bairro Negro
  10. Sou
Review: Far Out has decided to pay tribute to one of Brazilian music's most overlooked - and, let's face it, obscure - talents, Ana Mazzotti. She recorded just two albums in the 1970s before passing away from cancer in her early 30s a few years later. Both of those album have become sought-after, particularly 1974 debut "Ninguem Vai Me Segurar". This first ever reissue proves why. Warm, breezy and effortlessly soulful, it sees Mazzotti and her backing band sashay between languid samba-jazz, intergalactic bossa, soft-focus Brazilian soul and the kind of attractive jazz-funk/fusion that would later become the hallmark of Azymuth (not much of a surprise since two of that band's founder members were part of Mazzotti's backing band).
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 in stock $13.10
Supreme Talent Show
  1. Yayoroba
  2. Bofan
  3. Ambiance Bamako
  4. Yobale
  5. I Komi Komi
  6. Diarabi
  7. A Kadi
  8. Mali Kadi
  9. Faso Ko
  10. Ana Ban
 in stock $15.13
In The Key Of Joy (Deluxe Edition)
Cat: 721351 1. Rel: 28 Feb 20
  1. Sabor Do Rio (feat Common)
  2. Bora La (feat Roge & Gracinha Leporace)
  3. La Noche Entera (feat Cali Y El Dande)
  4. Samba In Heaven (feat Sugar Joans)
  5. Muganga (feat Gracinha Leporace)
  6. In The Key Of Joy (feat Buddy)
  7. Love Came Between Us (feat Joe Pizzulo)
  8. Catch The Wave (feat Shelea)
  9. Romance In Copacabana
  10. This Is It (E Isso) (feat Hermeto Pascoal & Gracinha Leporace)
  11. Times Goes By (feat Shelea)
  12. Tangara (feat Gracinha Leporace & Guinga)
  13. Mas Que Nada
  14. Agua De Beber (feat Will I Am)
  15. Primitivo
  16. Lamento (No Morro) (feat Maogani Quartet)
  17. Pais Tropical
  18. Reza
  19. Consolacao
  20. Going Out Of My Head
  21. The Frog
  22. Morro Velho
  23. The Look Of Love
  24. Constant Rain
  25. So Many Stars
  26. Tonga (A Tonga Da Mironga Do Kabulete)
  27. Never Gonna Let You Go
  28. Fanfarra (Cabua Le Le)
 in stock $15.42
Tche Belew
Cat: ATFA 012CD. Rel: 09 Oct 14
  1. Tche Belew
  2. Yemiasleks Fikir
  3. Yikirta Lemminalehu
  4. Musicawi Silt
  5. Lomi Tera-tera
  6. Woghenei
  7. Ibakish Tarekigne
  8. Birukane
  9. Eti Gual Blenai
  10. Yenuro Tesfa Alegne
 in stock $13.68
Good Aderegechegn: Blindsided By Love
  1. Hasabe (My Worries)
  2. Ewedish Neber (I Used To Love You)
  3. Tezetash Rekik (Memories Of You)
  4. Endet Liyesh (How Can I See You)
  5. Ekul Teramedu (Walk As One)
  6. Good Aderegechegn (Blindsided By Love)
  7. Wubeet (Beautiful)
  8. Yewefe Ber Abeba (Like A Beautiful Bird)
  9. Sak Sak Beyelegni (Smile For Me)
  10. Gubeleye (Gorgeous Girl)
  11. Libe Menta Hone (My Divided Heart)
  12. Hedech Gara Zura (She Left Across The Mountain)
  13. Tereterkush Betam (I Suspect You Are Unfaithful)
  14. Harrar Dire-diwa (Harrar Dire-diwa)
  15. Yesew Neger (Amazed By Humanity)
  16. Konjo Lidge Nat (She's A Beautiful Girl)
  17. Zebeder (Mesmerizing)
 in stock $13.68
Che Belew (March Forward)
Cat: NA 5192CD. Rel: 16 Oct 20
  1. Yetembelel-Loga (Tall & Graceful)
  2. Che Belew (March Forward)
  3. Ho Bilo Hede (He Went Marching)
  4. Teregew Nebere (You Used To Understand)
  5. Neye Temelesh Belwat (Tell Her To Come Back)
  6. Wegene (My Countryman)
  7. Rehab (Hunger)
  8. Ambassel (Ambassel)
  9. Endetnesh Belulegn (Ask How She’s Doing)
  10. Tizitash Zewetir (Your Memories Always)
  11. Wubalem (Stunning)
  12. Ayish Ayishina (I See & I See You)
  13. Turi Turi Nafa (Lies & More Lies)
  14. Sew Malet Esunew (A Virtuous Person)
 in stock $13.68
Siria: Mestre Cupijo E Seu Ritmo
  1. Mingau De Acai
  2. Mambo Do Martelo
  3. Caboclinha Do Igapo
  4. Tubarao Branco
  5. Morena Do Rio Mutuaca
  6. Papa Chibe
  7. Farol Do Marajo
  8. Cade O Anel?
  9. Ventinho Do Norte
  10. Siria Quente
  11. Eu Quero O Meu Anel
  12. Perereca
  13. Pra Danca Meu Siria
  14. Passarinho Siriri
Review: The work of Northern Brazilian musician-turned-bandleader Mestre Cupijo has long fascinated record collectors. Much of the allure can be attributed to Cupijo's trademark sound, which fused African-influenced Brazilian dance music and traditional Amazonian rhythms with sounds from Colombia (notably cumbia), Cuba and the Dominican Republic. The results, as showcased on six albums during the 1970s, were exciting and enthralling; a cross-pollination of sounds heavy on jaunty horns, shuffling rhythms and celebratory vocals. Here, Analog Africa presents the first in-depth retrospective of Mestre's work, hand-picking the finest tracks from his six obscure 1970s albums and offering them up in remastered form. For anyone interested in either African or Brazilian music, it should be an essential purchase.
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 in stock $14.26
White Night
Cat: 773622 0. Rel: 25 Apr 19
  1. The Eastern Gate
  2. The Bridge
  3. The River
  4. Fireflies
  5. The Moon
  6. The Poet
  7. All The Way
  8. Black Hill
  9. The Forest
  10. The Western Gate
 in stock $16.60
Cages (CD)
Cat: WAHCD 037. Rel: 23 Jan 20
  1. Broken Sky
  2. Colours
  3. Wild Chained Man
  4. Feels So Good
  5. Knock Me Out For Ten
  6. Never Come Down
  7. Time Don't Cost Enough
  8. Sunlight
  9. You Make Me Love
  10. The Great Sorrow
  11. Cages
 in stock $10.77
  1. Ikon Allah
  2. Yo Gboko
  3. Igwhe
  4. All Work No Play
  5. Opportunity Knocks
  6. Stretch Your Nose
 in stock $16.88
Earthseed (CD)
Cat: FPE 027CD. Rel: 01 Jul 20
  1. Evernascence/Evanescence
  2. Whispering Flame
  3. Biotic Seeds
  4. Yes & Know
  5. Ownness
  6. Moving Mirror
  7. Whole Black Collision
  8. Phallus & Chalice
  9. Fluids Of Time
  10. Elemental Crux
  11. Purify Me With The Power To Self Transform
Review: Like many of her previous Black Earth Ensemble projects, Nicole Mitchell's latest album was directly inspired by the work of African American science fiction author Octavia E Butler, and in particular the latter's "Earthseed" concept: an egalitarian philosophy and spiritual practice that promotes independent thinking, community action and acceptance of change in a dystopian world. Mitchell's musical interpretation, which was written with vocalist and musician Lisa E Harris and recorded at the Art Ensemble of Chicago's Fullerton Hall back in 2017, is impressively experimental in tone, mixing elements of free-jazz and spiritual jazz with nods towards opera, spaced-out electronica, neo-classical and the storytelling structure of musical theatre. A brave, important and undeniably impressive work.
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 in stock $13.73
No Way To Go
Cat: CCD 1232. Rel: 09 Sep 19
  1. Sida !hu (Our Land Damaraland)
  2. Danisa Sam (Honey Harvest)
  3. Tae E Ta Go Di? (What Have I Done?)
  4. IAesa Khaure (Lit The Fire)
  5. Iubare (Mother's Daughter, Forgive)
  6. Matis Kaikhoesa (Why Does The Woman)
  7. Nukhoe Lgoase (Damara Girl)
  8. D:R:M:D
  9. Ben's Fluit Liedjie (Ben’s Whistling Song)
  10. Sada Hoada Ni ?naxu !hub Ge (All Of Us)
  11. Dama !hao (Damara People)
  12. INamtes Kha A? (Do You Love Me?)
  13. Ausi Nama (Sister Nama)
  14. Ukhaisen Dama Goa (Rise Damara Child)
  15. Gamrona Iom (Wipe Off Tears)
  16. Bazumi Fluit Stuk (Bazumi Whistle Piece)
  17. Tita Ge Nukhoe Igoata (I Am A Damara Child) (bonus track)
  18. Axagu Ge Lgoade Nauga (Boys Call & Propose The Girls) (bonus track)
  19. Ta As Iguise (Don't Just Drink) (bonus track)
  20. Nes Ge (This Is) (bonus track)
 in stock $9.61
Del Canto Gitano: Music Of Ancient Andalusia
  1. Departure
  2. The Ancient Walls Of Jayran
  3. Rondena Interlude
  4. Tres Morillas
  5. Rajasthan & Andalusia
  6. The Watchtower
  7. Del Canto Gitano
  8. Una Matika De Ruda
  9. Girl From Shalabiyah
  10. Os Que A Santa Maria Saben Fazer Reverenca
  11. Santa Maria Strela Do Dia
  12. Iberian Solea
  13. Claros Y Frescos Rios
 in stock $11.06
Romance Revolution
Cat: OTCRCD 005. Rel: 24 Jul 20
  1. Machozi Ya Huba
  2. Sikitiko
  3. Pakistan
  4. Nyuki
  5. Kijiti
  6. Alaminadura
  7. Track 7
  8. Track 8
Review: In her native island, Siti Muharam is known as the "golden voice of Zanzibar", a singer whose dedication to her native Swahili tongue and traditional musical styles is renowned. This debut album for On The Corner Records is an impressive affair, and offers a neat snapshot of the different musical elements that make Zanzibarian music so intriguing. As you'd expect for an island in the Indian ocean off the coast of Tanzinia, the instrumentation and percussion sounds draw influence from both Arabic and African styles, while Muharam's vocals will remind many observers of traditional Indian music. It's a heady and intoxicating blend that's well worth a listen.
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 in stock $15.42
In The Wake Of Memories
  1. Once Upon A Time In Damascus
  2. In The Wake Of Memories
  3. Wait For Me
  4. Window In The Rain
  5. Pilgrimage With Snakes
  6. We Cannot Leave
  7. Walking Among Ruins
  8. Peshawar Repose
  9. Long Night Long Ago
  10. Next Time In Peace
  11. Vafadar
 in stock $16.01
A Hundred Birds Musical Selection
Cat: AHBCD 001. Rel: 13 Jul 18
  1. Yabanjin
  2. Aedin
  3. Rose & Plena
  4. Love Senegal (Studio Session)
  5. Nyari Gorong
  6. Assico (Studio Session)
  7. Yabanjin (instrumental - bonus track)
  8. Rose & Plena (instrumental - bonus track)
  9. Nyari Gorong (instrumental - bonus track)
 in stock $10.46
Monstruos Y Duendes Vol 2: Longhin
Cat: ZEP 049. Rel: 30 Sep 20
  1. Longhin
  2. Renato
  3. Mistrau
  4. Lahamaide
  5. Mielandre
  6. Inyinya
  7. Cassavus
 in stock $17.45
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Back Catalogue: International
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