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Eight Weeks: House

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Dark Matter
Dark Matter (2xCD)
Cat: 194398 17292. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. Blackbirds (feat Leo Stannard)
  2. Camelphat & Jake Bugg - "Be Someone"
  3. Camelphat & Artbat - "For A Feeling" (feat Rhodes)
  4. Inbetween The Lines
  5. Camelphat & Yannis Foals - "Hypercolour"
  6. Spektrum (feat Ali Love)
  7. Dance With My Ghost (feat Elderbrook)
  8. Easier (feat Lowes)
  9. Camelphat & Au/Ra - "Panic Room"
  10. Camelphat & Skream - "Keep Movin" (feat Max Milner)
  11. Wildfire (feat Lowes)
  12. Camelphat & Elderbrook - "Cola"
  13. Camelphat & Cristoph - "Phantoms"
  14. Camelphat & Jem Cooke - "Rabbit Hole"
  15. Not Over Yet (feat Noel Gallagher)
  16. Camelphat & Eli & Fur - "Waiting"
  17. Carry Me Away (feat Jem Cooke)
  18. Camelphat & DEL30 - "Reaction" (feat Maverick Sabre)
  19. Camelphat & Will Easton - "Witching Hour"
  20. Expect Nothing
  21. Camelphat & Cristoph - "Breathe" (feat Jem Cooke)
Review: Given that they started their ascent to EDM superstardom over a decade ago and have already released a string of genuine crossover anthems, this debut album from Camelphat is undeniably overdue. So was it worth waiting for? If you like their brand of festival-friendly dance music hedonism, then you will genuinely love it. The assembled 21 tracks scattered across two action-packed discs draw influence from many interconnected styles - mostly electro-house, tech-house and techno, but also indie-dance, synth-pop, nu-disco and more bass-heavy flavours - and repackage them as distinctively Camelphat productions, complete with contributions from numerous collaborators and guest vocalists (Noel Gallagher, Skream, Jake Bugg, Yannis Foals, Jem Cooke and Christoph all feature).
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Edge Of The Horizon
Cat: 405053 8612509. Rel: 02 Oct 20
  1. Get Out On The Dancefloor (feat Nick Littlemore)
  2. Holding Strong (feat James Alexander Bright)
  3. Tripwire (feat Nick Littlemore)
  4. Don't Give Up
  5. We're Free (feat Roseau)
  6. Edge Of The Horizon (feat She Keeps Bees)
  7. Lover 4 Now (feat Todd Edwards)
  8. I Can Only Miss You (feat Paris Brightledge)
  9. What Cha Gonna Do With Your Love
  10. Talk Talk (feat James Alexander Bright)
  11. Dance Our Hurt Away (feat Paris Brightledge)
Review: Given that Edge of the Horizon is Groove Armada's first album in five years, it's a little surprising that they've not made more noise about it. The lack of press hype is puzzling, too, because to our ears it's the veteran duo's most musically on-point and accessible set in some time. Featuring a wealth of guest vocalists and collaborators throughout, it sees them giddily skip between loved-up '80s boogie-soul ('Get Out on the Dancefloor'), AM radio soft rock/80s soul fusion ('Holding Strong', 'Don't Give Up', 'I Can Only Miss You'), Scissor Sisters-ish cheeriness ('Tripwire'), colourful electrofunk (Todd Edwards hook-up 'Lover 4 Now'), nu-disco ('Talk Talk') and piano-sporting late '80s house bliss (superb closing cut 'Dance Our Hurt Away').
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Fabric Presents Octo Octa & Eris Drew
Cat: FABRIC 207. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. Project Sound - "Sweet In The Morning" (Project Sound mix)
  2. 515 Connection - "Positive & Negative"
  3. RM Project - "Rock 2 Tha Beat" (The Greenery mix)
  4. Y U QT - "Fort Wibbler"
  5. CZR - "Structure"
  6. D'Menace - "I'm Great-full"
  7. Octo Octa - "River"
  8. Vinyl Blair - "Scratch N Sniff" (The One Billion dub mix)
  9. Continous Cool - "Automatic"
  10. Global Method - "Good Life" (Orbital mix)
  11. DJ Hyperactive - "Reptilian Tank"
  12. Alec Falconer - "New Junk City"
  13. GOD - "Watch Ya Bass Bins"
  14. Stevie B-Zet - "Everlasting Pictures - Right Through Infinity" (Booker T Everlasting Klub mix)
  15. X-Press 2 - "Say What!" (London Underground mix)
  16. The Two Amigos - "Everybody Get Up" (vocal mix)
  17. The Beatfreaks - "Boo Dem"
  18. Dr Motte & Westbam - "Sunshine"
  19. Marascia - "Genetically Changed"
  20. Eris Drew - "Reactiv-8"
  21. Thursday Club - "Dis Is Dis"
Review: Life partners and musical soulmates Octa Octa and Eris Drew have done much to raise the profile of transgender artists within dance music, and as a result their first contribution to Fabric's ongoing mix series seems genuinely significant. They've naturally pulled out all the stops for the occasion, gathering together choice cuts from the last 30 years, some of which have been sought-after secret weapons in their sets over the last decade. The all-action mix is highly entertaining, with highlights including the strobe-lit proto tech-trance of Westbam & Dr Motte's 'Sunshine', the mind-mangling techno intensity of DJ Hyperactive's 'Reptilian Skank', the warped bassline pressure of Y U QT's 'Fort Wibbler', and Orbital's storming, hard-to-find 1992 remix of Global Method's Inner City-sampling rave anthem 'Good Life'.

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Sketches (CD repress)
Cat: SSCD 05. Rel: 16 Nov 20
  1. Hope 4 Tomorrow (feat Niamh McCartney, Jennifer Dale & Rio Hunki-Hemopo)
  2. Kites On Pluto (unreleased bonus track)
  3. Traffic (feat IG Culture & Benjamin Lamar Gay)
  4. Horizon
  5. Thumpasaurus
  6. Black Mist
  7. Wookie Nookie (unreleased bonus track)
  8. 360@129on696 (feat Dumminie Deporres - full version)
  9. Untitled (feat Larry Mizell)
  10. Flip The Funk Out (feat The Rotating Assembly)
  11. Feel Free To Be Who You Need To Be (unreleased bonus track)
Review: classic 2010 Theo Parrish album Sketches back in stock on CD.

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DMC Essential Hits 187 (Strictly DJ Only)
Cat: DMCHITS 187. Rel: 19 Oct 20
  1. Bastille - "Survivin'"
  2. Clean Bandit - "Tick Tock" (feat Mabel - Sam Feldt radio)
  3. Cliff Richard - "Falling For You"
  4. Donna Summer - "Looking Up" (Figo Sound radio)
  5. Eliot Kennedy - "My Destiny" (Steve Franklin DMC remix)
  6. Ella Henderson - "Dream On Me" (radio)
  7. Gary Barlow & Michael Buble & Sebastian Yatra - "Elita"
  8. Icona Pop & Sofi Tukker - "Spa"
  9. Izzy Bizu - "MG" (feat Dom McAllister)
  10. Katy Perry - "Smile" (Marshall Jefferson remix)
  11. Keith Urban & Pink - "One Too Many"
  12. Kylie Minogue - "Magic" (radio)
  13. Little Mix - "Not A Pop Song"
  14. Maisie Peters - "Maybe Don’t" (feat JP Saxe)
  15. Mariah Carey - "Save The Day" (with Ms Lauryn Hill - 2020)
  16. McFly - "Happiness"
  17. Miley Cyrus - "Heart Of Glass" (live From The IHeart music Festival)
  18. Paloma Faith - "Better Than This"
  19. Sam Smith - "Diamonds" (Joel Corry remix)
  20. Shawn Mendes - "Wonder"
  21. Sophie Ellis Bextor - "Crying At The Discotheque"
  22. Steps - "What The Future Holds" (Cahill remix radio)
  23. Zara Larsson - "Wow" (feat Sabrina Carpenter - remix)
  24. Zayn - "Better"
Review: Since the 1980s, DMC has been servicing working DJs with records and CDs crammed with exclusive remixes, club favourites and future hits. It's the latter strand that's the focus of the latest edition - the 187th, fact fans - of the Essential Hits series. Amongst the 24 showcased tracks you'll find a wealth of material from such big names as Paloma Faith, Clean Bandit, Kylie Minogue, Donna Summer, Little Mix, Gary Barlow and - ahem - Cliff Richard. There are a few pleasant surprises contained within, too, including the surging disco-house hedonism of Ella Henderson's 'Dream on Me', a disco-tinged house remix of Katy Perry by Chicago legend Marshall Jerfferson and a 2020 version of 'Save The Day' by Mariah Carey and Lauryn Hill.
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Global Underground #43: Rotterdam
Global Underground #43: Rotterdam (unmixed 2xCD in hard-back book case)
Cat: 019029 6819155. Rel: 06 Nov 20
  1. Kettel/Innere Tueren/Joris Voorn - "Hongkong/Eden/Alpha 7"
  2. Zenzizenz/Cyspe/Microglobe/Joris Voorn/Nathan Fake - "Umi/Void/Trust/Midi Sans Frontieres/Pentiamonds"
  3. NEAT/Pepe/Shade Of Drums/S Channel - "Them Gs/Recollection/Path/Distamt Shores"
  4. President Bongo & Ottar Saemundsen/Swoose/Andu Simion/Fredo Guerre & Francisco Ruiz-tagle - "1° Quadrante/Lotus/Olymp/Little Helper 361-6"
  5. Biosphere - "Black Mesa" (feat Joan Lorring & Leslie Howard - Joris Voorn remix)
  6. Disarmed - "Disarmed" (Lovestruckk remix)
  7. D-Leria - "Landed In Another Place"
  8. Marino Canal - "White Atlas"
  9. HyperSOUL-X/Floppy Sounds/Joris Voorn - "The Eastern Nations/Entertainment/GU43 Ambient Fill"
  10. Raxon/Aisha Devi/Joris Voorn - "Introspect/OMA/Bow Of Perception"
  11. Plastikman/Kaap - "Disconnect/Overtoom"
  12. Joris Voorn/Die Wilde Jagd - "Ultron/Morgenrot"
  13. Julien Chaptal - "Amazone"
  14. Linn Elisabet/Genius Of Time/GHEIST - "Uncommitting/Peace Bird/Der Blaue Reiter"
  15. Marino Canal - "Curious Eyes"
  16. Joris Voorn/Reeko - "Sonder/Blue Tool#1/Street Tool#4"
  17. Feral/Atom & Tobias - "Polar Sun/Aux I"
  18. Pulso/States Of Flux/Pepe/Joakuim/Ohm & Kvadrant/Tibi Dabo - "Dentro Del Pimpollo Est La Nuez/Road/Recollection/View/Skagerak/Hire The Birds"
  19. Joris Voorn - "Float"
  20. Kaufmann/Joris Voorn - "Black Horsey/Auto Drone 1"
  21. Grindvik/Martin Landsky - "The Act/Triage"
  22. Secret Cinema & Joris Voorn - "Syrinx"
  23. Willaris K - "Cobaki Sky" (Prequel)
  24. Blue Veil/Reeko/States Of Flux - "Jaguar Eyes/Control Tool#2/Pro12Arp"
  25. Joris Voorn - "The Matrix"
  26. Sky Civilian - "Open Door" (Joris Voorn edit)
  27. Artefakt - "The Blue Hour" (Valentino Mora Cosmic Trans Rephase)
  28. Joris Voorn - "God"
  29. Mario Hammer & The Lonely Robot/Fennesz /Nthng/Luigi Tozzi/Landside - "Razljubit/In My Room/Shine/A New Hope/Signs Of Change"
  30. Joris Voorn/Crump/Deadbeat & Paul St Hilaire - "Kassandria/Bones/Check What Time It Is"
  31. Reggy Van Oers & Joachim Spieth/Joris Voorn/Bode Frequency - "Mammatus/Acid Flow/Time Machine"
  32. Raimond Ford - "Astral Angel"
  33. Human Space Machine/RAAM - "Rebirth/64"
  34. Linn Elisabet/Markus Suckut - "Charioteers/F-0710 To Frankfurt"
  35. Joris Voorn/PAN-AL/Christian Bloch - "Nea Skioni/It’s Nice To Miss You Too/Construct"
  36. Bxentric - "Envelope"
  37. Joris Voorn - "Echo"
  38. Joris Voorn - "Fever Dreams" (feat Sky Civilian)
  39. Conforce/Fadi Mohem/Primal Code - "Atrum/Life Cycle/Caimano Tribe"
  40. Rone - "Esperanza" (Joris Voorn remix)
  41. Joris Voor/Colyn - "The Navigator/Khazad Dum"
  42. Joris Voorn & Speedy J - "35mm"
  43. Natural/Electronic System/Marincu/Metric System/Perko/Ohm & Kvadrant/UBX127 - "Libeccio/S;ip Lside/Studio 440-3/Rounded/Oresund/Kopat"
  44. AD & The Persuader - "Construct 1621"
  45. Qindek - "Come Closer" (Edit Select Remake)
  46. Yamaneko/Joris Voorn/Bakground & Sangam - "Fall Control/The Tower Of Naphtali/Carousel"
  47. Kolsch - "Shoulder Of Giants" (Joris Voorn remix)
  48. Luigi Gori & Frankye Lova/Blue Veil/Bode Frequency/Brian Cid - "Narrow/Return To Forever/Time Machine/Be One"
  49. Ness - "Bionic Harp"
  50. LSG - "The Train Of Thought Remix" (Joris Voorn Remake)
  51. Joris Voorn/CJ Bolland/Einmusik - "Psyche/There Can Only Be One/Dread"
  52. Lie2You/Dicabor - "Obsession/I"
  53. Monarke & Soul Button/Noun/Jonathan Kaspar - "Passage/Meeting Of The Minds/Kali"
  54. John Beltran/Monotronique - "It’s Because Of Her/First Touch"
  55. Paraphex - "What We Leave Behind"
Review: It's heartening to see that the long-running (and once ridiculously popular) Global Underground mix series is still serving up new volumes. Their latest comes courtesy of Dutch star Joris Voorn and is being marketed as a wholehearted, full-throated tribute to the city where he came of age, Rotterdam. Musically, it's something of a thrill-a-minute ride, with the Dutchman somehow managing to squeeze almost 120 tracks into his two-disc set, in part by layering up elements of numerous cuts to create new compositions (or, as he calls them, 'Chapters'). The result is a non-stop journey through three decades of dance music culture that variously touches on a wide range of house and techno sub-genres whilst remaining rhythmically interesting and action-packed.
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Eight Weeks: House