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House vinyl represses and restocks
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Zamani (12")
Cat: VIBR 024. Rel: 03 Nov 23
Zamani (Body mix) (6:21)
Zamani (Magic K dub remix) (5:01)
Zamani (Deep mix) (5:26)
Zamani (dub mix) (6:20)
Review: 49th Floor is a pseudonym for Stefano Curti from The True Underground Sound of Rome, originally applied to a sole 1992 release Night Passage. Vibraphone always do a fine job of folding time in on itself from these glory days of Italo house up to the present day, and so it feels natural for a new 49th Floor 12" to arrive despite more than 30 years since the last one. 'Zamani' comes on four different versions which give plenty of options to deep diving DJs, from the full-spectrum, pad-soaked propulsion of the 'Body Mix' to the raw acid throwdown of the 'Magic K Dub Remix', a straight up dreamy 'Deep Mix' and swirling, splashy 'Dub Mix'. The quality never dips, whichever twist in the tale you opt for.
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 in stock $15.14
Fusion To Illusion (B-STOCK)
Cat: SC 1243 (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
Review: ***B-STOCK: Creasing to corner of outer sleeve but otherwise in excellent condition***

The summer is almost here which means this is exactly the sort of record we want to be reaching for. It's a lush and tropical work of idealised disco grooves, deepest house, Balearic, smooth jazz and Mediterranean cool that cries out to be played loud while you sip on cocktails and dream of being somewhere utterly blissful and classy. Dreamy textures define each cut with nice fresh rhythms, glistening chords and lush melodies all sprinkled with delightful percussive detail. Big up to A Vision Of Panorama for serving up a beautiful album that is sure to soundtrack the warmest months of the year for many.
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 in stock $23.35
Pressure Dub
 in stock $15.14
I Got My Man
Cat: ATJ 013. Rel: 14 Sep 23
I Got My Man (M I T A remix) (6:16)
House Your Body (4:50)
I Got My Man (5:38)
Ooohh I Love It (4:59)
 in stock $14.85
Soul Of Life (reissue)
Cat: ONLY 24. Rel: 18 Mar 24
Soul Of Life I (6:34)
Soul Of Life II (5:54)
Soul Of Life III (5:02)
Review: ACME is Jerome Isma-Ae and WJ Henze and they first wrote their 'Soul Of Life' EP in 1998, back when tech house was still new and exciting. It was one of the genre's biggest tunes at the time and has remained ever popular in the years since for the way it draws on sped garage and techno for its vibes. This faithful reissue offers up the tune in three related but distinctive parts so that you have whatever you need at whatever point in the night you may be. We like 'Part II' with its more balmy and heady cosmic chords.
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Played by: Paul Starey
 in stock $14.85
The Curve EP
Cat: WGVINYL 84RP. Rel: 23 Jun 21
The Curve (6:45)
Cyrus (6:21)
Alone (7:43)
 in stock $16.98
Vibing Light EP
Cat: GRV 003. Rel: 11 Apr 24
Vibing (feat Sublee) (7:31)
Bright Light (7:16)
Aurum (7:33)
Distaceful Conception (feat Drea) (7:22)
Tags: Minimal
 in stock $16.46
Tamara (12")
Cat: SIRIN 081V. Rel: 05 Apr 24
Sitar Dance (Sadhguru Blessing) (feat Alexandros) (6:35)
Tamara (feat Dmitry Prynkov) (8:26)
Go (7:18)
Go (Stimmhalt & Nika Chikovani remix) (6:26)
 in stock $16.46
Non So Chi Ha Creato Il Mondo Ma So Che Era Innamorato
Cat: 805771 5911260. Rel: 10 Apr 24
Non So Chi Ha Creato Chi Il Mondo (3:29)
Ma So Che Era Innamorato (2:21)
Nei Tuoi Occhi Cosa C'e (2:34)
Vai! (2:40)
Vabbe Ciao (1:31)
Frida (interlude) (0:57)
Il Miio Colore Preferito (2:07)
Ma Tu Come Stai? (3:07)
Metti A Posto (1:57)
Tags: Italian
 in stock $35.02
Cayenne Diane EP
Cat: SCVR 001. Rel: 13 May 24
Go! (6:23)
Go! (D'julz remix) (6:12)
Cayenne Diane (6:17)
With Certainty (6:54)
 in stock $14.06
Week-End (B-STOCK)
Week-End (B-STOCK) (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: DEGREY 002 (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
Review: ***B-STOCK: No hand stamp***

De Grey launched last year with a 12" from Webstarr, and now it follows up with the raw, rough and ready sound of Jack Angle. "Week-End" is a lithe, percussive beast of a track that matches bloated kicks with glassy hits for a tracky but distinctive end result. "6PNHHPE" is a looped up, off-kilter affair that sports an industrial techno thread but heads into stranger territory with ease. "Stablilizer" is a more balanced, melodic affair but again those distinctive metallic tones pervade the mix and inject some real character into Angle's music. "Selta" takes this approach and whips it up into the most lively, peak-time minded belter on the whole record, sneakily tucked away on the B2.
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 in stock $5.62
Fantasia Planet
Cat: LAXC 14. Rel: 19 Mar 24
Mbira (6:48)
Not Wet Wipes (5:36)
Macarena (6:01)
Fantasia Planet (6:46)
Sex On Astrakhan Fur Coat (7:13)
Moodoom (5:35)
 in stock $15.91
Aria (B-STOCK)
Cat: AL 083 (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
Argy & Omnya - "Aria" (extended mix) (5:31)
Argy & Goom Gum - "Pantheon" (extended) (6:21)
out of stock $12.73
Millennium Surfer
Cat: PP 106. Rel: 17 Apr 24
Millennium Surfer (6:00)
Balearic Shift (5:39)
Staub Groove (6:44)
Areal Earth (dub) (6:09)
Review: Public Possession welcomes back Aroma Pitch for another four tracker that bares all their usual hallmarks - namely lots of warm analogue sounds that unite everything from driving to Balearic beats via big room nu-disco and playful in-between sounds. 'Millennium Surfer' opens with a wash of gently twirling synth arps and 80s drums, there is a fantastically bubbling bassline and dubby feel to 'Balearic Shift', while 'Staub Groove' is a more thumping house cut with weird synth textures. Without doubt it is closer 'Areal Earth (dub)' that wins the EP with its ethereal pads, dreamy vibes and smooth dub house low end.
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Played by: Evan Michael
Tags: Tech House | Minimal
 in stock $15.39
Tripping Dubs Vol 3
Cat: MCRV 015. Rel: 18 Apr 24
Arph - "Forma Trium" (6:46)
Holm Terrance - "DP1" (6:13)
Overt - "Square" (6:27)
Martin Aquino - "Apex" (6:54)
 in stock $17.79
Flight Of The Comet (remixes)
Cat: FRPP 024. Rel: 11 Apr 24
Ban The Disco (Crackazat remix) (6:08)
Ban The Disco (Patchworks remix) (6:26)
Ban The Disco (Paul Cut remix) (5:21)
Pendant Ce Temps La A Vera Cruz (Raw Analog Funk remix) (4:33)
Flight Of The Comet (Turbojazz remix) (4:20)
Review: Frappe launched its inaugural studio EP with the original version of the tracks that now get remixed and in doing so marked a new milestone for the Parisian label. They found renowned house producer Art Of Tones and the jazz-funk band Chatobaron combine expertise and top-quality studio musicians into some lush house sounds. Now they get reworked by the likes of Crackazat, Pal Cut and Trubojazz into deep jams, funky and percussive jams, disco-tinged and organic jams and lush downbeat jams.
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 in stock $18.57
High Times Wobbles EP
Cat: CHIWAX 006LTD. Rel: 23 Apr 15
Feel Soul Real (feat Roberto Q Ingram) (6:34)
Wobbler (7:17)
Booshtie (6:50)
 in stock $12.47
Flowers EP
Flowers EP (12" repress)
Cat: SS 048. Rel: 13 May 24
Andrew Ashong & Theo Parrish - "Flowers" (8:55)
Andrew Ashong - "Take It Slow" (7:11)
Andrew Ashong - "The Way She Moves" (short version) (5:21)
Review: At first glance, the pairing of Forest Hill resident Andrew Ashong and Sound Signature boss Theo Parrish would seem strange. But the duo have worked together previously with the Ghanaian born vocalist (and supposed owner of a vinyl collection that would make most record shops look like a car boot sale) lending his soulful tones to Parrish's excellent nine minute plus translation of the Hot Chip and Spiritualised affiliated About Group. Whereas that collaboration was more about Ashong's voice being just one element of a production that was undoubtedly Parrish, the three tracks present on the Flowers EP look to showcase what a talent the Londoner is. Those trademark dust filled stacatto rhythms are present in the opening title track, but they never swamp Ashong's killer vocal delivery, while "Take It Slow" is bonafide D funk of the highest order. After the brutal, divisive nature of Theo's kung fu experimentalism on the Any Other Styles EP, these three tracks show him in a wholly new light and hopefully Parrish and Ashong will be making much more music together.
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 in stock $15.14
ASO (remixed) (B-STOCK)
Cat: LLR 004R (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
Go On (Lew E remix) (7:25)
My Baby's Got It Out For Me (Maara remix) (6:14)
Falling Under (Cousin Dive dub) (4:53)
Rain Down (Purelink Say Less mix) (6:21)
Go On (extended remix) (5:39)
 in stock $14.85
Groove (remastered)
Cat: SMR 015. Rel: 26 May 23
Big Groove (6:10)
Tribal Groove (6:51)
Big Tribal Groove (Trent remix) (6:33)
Review: Sound Metaphors continue to indulge their love of early to mid 90s club gear from back when trance was trance and the possibilities were still wide open. They already released The Factory by Italian producer Sergio Fazio last year, and now he's dug into the archives and pulled out an unreleased EP from the same mid 90s era which never quite materialised under his AssueFazio alias. If you appreciate throbbing, proggy tech-trance heavy on the drums and bubbling just below boiling point, you're going to love this EP. Trent knows what's up, delivering a remix that maintains that teasing, pensive mood to perfection.
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 in stock $19.65
Dreams EP
Dreams EP (12")
Cat: PIROS 007. Rel: 28 Mar 24
2405 (6:10)
Clarification (6:35)
Liquids In Tinfoil (6:40)
Dreams (5:58)
Tags: Tech House
 in stock $14.06
The Best EP
Cat: ALT 006. Rel: 19 Apr 24
Night Dreaming (6:05)
Satisfy (5:57)
The Best (6:32)
Crash Landing On Nimas (feat Diego Santana) (6:33)
Played by: DJ Mau Mau
 in stock $18.84
Honey (reissue)
Honey (reissue) (hand-stamped 1-sided yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: GUHONEY YELLOW. Rel: 15 Feb 24
Honey (Glenn Underground remix) (8:50)
Review: The queen of neo-soul Erykah Badu and the king of Chicago house music Glenn Underground together on one 12" was always going to be special. And so it proved back in 2010 when the latter edited the former's 'Honey.' It sold out in super quick time but now gets a cheeky one-sided hand-stamped reissue on yellow wax having previously fetched up to a hundred quid on second-hand markets. It is eight minutes of shimmering deep house with sustained pads and Badu's evocative vocals lighting up the beats in a sensual fashion.
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 in stock $16.73
Keep Marching
Keep Marching (hand-stamped 7")
Cat: BLDH 4000. Rel: 04 Apr 24
Keep Marching (4:17)
Shuffleupagus (3:39)
Review: Mystery surrounds the story behind this edit-style two-tracker - and, indeed, the identity of Baggy Leggins and Duke Hobo themselves - but there's much to admire about it. Check first A-side 'Keep Marching', where a lightly beefed up and housed-up semi-acoustic groove offers a platform for sweet, bilingual female lead vocals, jaunty guitars and simmering strings. It's a genuine dancefloor revision, but one that will suit Balearic DJs and confirmed party starters as much as dusty-fingered crate diggers and selector sorts. 'Shuffleupagus', meanwhile, sees the mystery artist cut up and tool up a vaguely familiar Latin workout with predictably energetic and party-starting results.
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 in stock $13.80
Global Essence Sampler Part 2
Cat: DISRWAX 008. Rel: 08 May 24
Barce - "Jazztroit " (feat Roger Versey) (5:22)
Dan Piu - "Ocean" (6:06)
Zarenzeit - "Heard Echoes" (4:10)
Barce - "Jazztroit" (feat Roger Versey - Melchior Sultana remix) (5:52)
Dan Piu - "Whispers Of Goodbye" (6:15)
Zarenzeit - "We Are All The Same " (4:17)
Review: Deep Inspiration Show Records is back with a second part of its Global Essence Sampler and it is another 12" that offers great nourishment for mind, body and soul. Barce from Spain featuring Roger Versey opens up with some slow but heavy house grovers awash with rugged synth loops. Dan Piu's 'Ocean' is an aquatic and dubby roller for bliss doit vibes, and Zarenzeit taps into dreamy old school Italo house on 'Heard Echoes.' The same three artists appear in the same order on the flip with three other originals which tap into deeper Detroit schools of house, Balearic and electro stylings.
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Tags: Minimal
 in stock $16.73
Nomad (2xLP + MP3 download)
Cat: RHM 044. Rel: 16 May 24
Every Morning I Meditate (4:31)
Transcend (Anima Mea) (7:08)
African Skies (7:10)
First Kalimba (5:53)
Back To My Inner Self (5:38)
The Flame (6:25)
Moving Mountains (3:38)
Nomad (album version) (8:47)
Ghibliman (4:58)
Massai (album version) (4:23)
Review: Rush Hour has been a buy-on-sight label for decades, no matter what genre it is dealing in. Lars Bartkuhn keeps that fine reputation alive with his new album Nomad which explores the intersection of jazz, synth, house, ambient and more. 'Every Morning I Meditate' is a soothing opener then 'Transcend' is packed with nodding chords, jazz melodies and vocal coos that are perfectly loungey. 'African Skies' is a quiet piano sound, 'First Kalimba' explores the sound of the unique African instrument over shimmering pads and 'Moving Mountains' is a piece to suspend you in the farthest edges of our cosmos. A superbly intimate and artistic album overall.
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 in stock $26.02
Dubtroit (12")
Cat: VIBR 026. Rel: 05 Feb 24
B - 9 (6:16)
B - 9 (The Kevin Kaosss Detroit mix) (5:26)
Viento Lunar (5:43)
Endles Clouds (6:29)
Review: Vibraphone Records kicks off its New Year with a mighty first release that pays great tribute to the city of Detroit. Basic Realities is the artist behind the originals and the first is 'B-9', a percussive, loopy tech roller with vocal sounds and dreamy pads drifting in and out of focus. Motor City icon Kevin Sanderson then steps up to remix and does so with more warm and surging basslines and thudding drum funk. 'Viento Lunar' then cuts loose on some inventive melodies and cosmic rays of energy that unfold over tinny beats and 'Endles Clouds' rounds out with some more dusty drums and nice spangled synths that surge through the cosmos.
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Played by: Danijel Kevic
 in stock $15.14
G2 (12")
Cat: CAB 65. Rel: 12 Mar 24
G2 (7:09)
Lofi (6:17)
Dub Chords (6:48)
Review: Cabinet is a label that has already got a fine reputation and that has been well-deserved for its work over the years. Now it offers up a new EP from a new project by long-time friends and early Cabinet members Daniel Paul and DJ Trike. They are calling themselves Bass Cab and their vibe is, going off this first EP, classic early 90s analogue techno with live dub versions. 'G2' is a silky and frictionless dub that is as smooth as glass and perfect to get lost in. 'Lofi' has dusty deep house aesthetics with a lovely muted lead synth that voyages at its own pace through the cosmos. 'Dub Chords' brings a mix of twitchy synths, reverb, bouncing drums and rubbery bass.
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 in stock $16.46
Roar Remix
Cat: WGVINYL 52RP. Rel: 14 Nov 18
Patrice Baumel - "Roar" (Adana Twins remix) (8:16)
Adana Twins - "Aufstand Der Massen" (7:18)
Review: Originally released back in 2009, Amsterdam scene stalwart Patrice Baumel's anthem "Roar" now gets a - pardon the pun - roaring main room rework (featuring one massive drop!) by Hamburg's favourite sons Adana Twins - hot off their latest Watergate Mix. This is the first EP stemming from the mix itself, and could easily be the standout track off the compilation. On the flip is the adrenalised and mesmerising dancefloor drama of "Aufstand Der Massen" which has already been in constant rotation with heavy hitters like Solomun and Tale Of Us.
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 in stock $16.98
Who Dares To Believe In Me? (reissue) (B-STOCK)
Cat: GR 12119 (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
Who Dares To Believe In Me? (8:12)
Who Dares To Believe In Me? (Just Living High mix) (5:45)
Who Dares To Believe In Me? (Mind Readers mix) (7:11)
Review: ***B-STOCK: Slight surface marks ***

Way back in 1993, when his career was still in its infancy, Chicago great Roy Davis Jr donned an alternative alias, The Believers, and delivered a 12" on Strictly Rhythm: 'Who Dares To Believe In Me?' It was something of a club smash, with Ministry of Sound issuing it in the UK a year later with a swathe of new mixes. This Groovin' Records reissue boasts a trio of mixes from the original U.S 12". On the A-side you'll find the original mix, a warm, spine-tingling slab of piano-rich New York style house topped off by snaking, delay-laden saxophone lines and an inspirational spoken word vocal courtesy of Davis. Over on the reverse, Davis' own 'Just Living High Mix' - a breezier, jazzier and more colourful affair - is followed by Mind Readers' tougher, chunkier and heavier revision, which is in effect a proper dancefloor dub.
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out of stock $12.73
Who Dares To Believe In Me? (reissue)
Cat: GR 12119. Rel: 28 Mar 24
Who Dares To Believe In Me? (8:12)
Who Dares To Believe In Me? (Just Living High mix) (5:45)
Who Dares To Believe In Me? (Mind Readers mix) (7:11)
Review: Way back in 1993, when his career was still in its infancy, Chicago great Roy Davis Jr donned an alternative alias, The Believers, and delivered a 12" on Strictly Rhythm: 'Who Dares To Believe In Me?' It was something of a club smash, with Ministry of Sound issuing it in the UK a year later with a swathe of new mixes. This Groovin' Records reissue boasts a trio of mixes from the original U.S 12". On the A-side you'll find the original mix, a warm, spine-tingling slab of piano-rich New York style house topped off by snaking, delay-laden saxophone lines and an inspirational spoken word vocal courtesy of Davis. Over on the reverse, Davis' own 'Just Living High Mix' - a breezier, jazzier and more colourful affair - is followed by Mind Readers' tougher, chunkier and heavier revision, which is in effect a proper dancefloor dub.
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 in stock $15.39
Going Home EP (reissue) (B-STOCK)
Cat: BTL 006T (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
Placid Angles
Detroit Moments
Going Home
Review: ***B-STOCK: Slight surface marks ***

Since launching in early 2020, archival techno specialists Back to Life has reissued some genuine gems from the likes of Ron Trent and Chez Damier, Bam Bam, G-Man and Leo Anibaldi. Their latest missive comes courtesy of the effervescent John Beltran and his lesser-known Nostalgic project. What we get is fully remastered versions of a trio of tracks from 2006's Going Home EP. On the A-side you'll find the original EP's standout cut, 'Placid Angles', a deliciously dreamy chunk of house-tempo Motor City techno rich in undulating analogue bass, sunny chords and intergalactic melodies. It's backed on side B by short IDM number 'Detroit Movements' and 'Going Home', a superbly emotive, atmospheric and immersive sci-fi techno number that's as blissful and positive as they come.
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out of stock $12.73
Keeping My Mind (B-STOCK)
Cat: GR 1211 (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
Review: ***B-STOCK: Slight surface marks ***

Absolute classic from the Blaze camp, this has never been repressed officially since its initial release in 93. Those clipped reedy synths, the nagging looping vocal on the chorus and sweet honeyed soul of Roger Harris, soul seeps off every hook, nook and shuffle. "Blaze Theme Track" set the benchmark: jazzy, dubby and oh-so-funk with its soft live bass keys jamming away with a life of their own. 24 years old and still untouchable.
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 in stock $11.67
Have Mercy EP (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: 191984 8. Rel: 27 Apr 24
The Blessed Madonna - "Mercy" (extended mix) (4:50)
The Blessed Madonna, Masters At Work - "Mercy" (Masters At Work remix) (7:45)
The Blessed Madonna, Todd Edwards - "Fuck What U Heard" (4:16)
The Blessed Madonna, JOY (Anonymous), Danielle Ponder - "Carry Me Higher" (Elite mix - 10 Inch version) (7:11)
 in stock $23.89
Cat: BERGA 06. Rel: 15 Apr 24
Neuromancer (6:33)
Pressure (6:54)
Rocket Science (7:28)
Stellar Flux (6:01)
Review: Jay Bliss brings his classy tech house touch to this sixth EP on the Berg Audio label. It begins with the title track which is a futuristic mix of silky and serene synth lines and smooth but propulsive drums. 'Pressure' rocks back and forth on a metallic loop and layers up the balmy pads, while 'Rocket Science' has a more textured feel and zippy little synth details that bring plenty of intrigue. 'Stellar Flux' closes out with another comically inclined fusion of dynamic drums and heady synth patterns, this time with a playful neo-disco undertone.
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Tags: Tech House
 in stock $17.52
No Point EP
Cat: PLZ 043. Rel: 31 Jan 24
Ghost (6:04)
Beamed (5:12)
Pristine (6:18)
Temptation (7:01)
Review: Pleasure Zone continues to be an inspiring force in the European minimal tech house scene, and they've really pulled the stops out with this essential new release from Boutiq.808 and Tom Marvin. We're not hip to who these cats are, but their music says it all as they skip through snappy rhythms and bold synth forms with the kind of flair you might find on a Spacetravel record. If you appreciate your quirky minimal played out with a live immediacy and some of that Perlon-esque sauce, this record will be well up your street.
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 in stock $14.85
Enjoy Youth
Enjoy Youth (gatefold translucent purple vinyl LP + insert (indie exclusive))
Cat: YSKWN 28LPL. Rel: 16 May 24
You Want My (3:26)
Snap (with Berri) (3:59)
Revived (3:15)
Every Emotion (with Ultra Nate) (3:31)
Boys Etc (3:32)
Heartslap (with Mykal Kilgore) (3:09)
Sweet Release (3:08)
Don't Know What I'm Gonna Do (3:57)
Down To One (3:03)
Sweetest Waste (3:06)
Keep (3:22)
Enjoy Youth (with Beth Hirsch) (4:09)
Review: Bright Light Bright Light is the perfect antidote to overly serious dance music with a sound that is uplifting and floor-focussed and full of catchy energy and synth radiance. Enjoy Youth is the fifth studio album from the project and it features Ultra Nate, Mykal Kilgore, Berri & Beth Hirsch plus production from Richard X, Babydaddy and many more. Each track is overloaded with goodness and comes with irresistible hooks and rhythms that show great songwriting ability and dexterity while also never forgetting the needs of a good party.
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 in stock $17.52
Medicines EP
Cat: CARPETCIRCUITS 02. Rel: 11 Mar 21
Stress Relief (9:06)
Give It A Try (6:53)
10ml Bottle Please (7:13)
Xanax (7:20)
 in stock $14.60
Sub EP
Sub EP (12")
Cat: CHIWAX 008LTD. Rel: 18 Mar 16
Club Culture (6:02)
Club Culture (Drew Sky remix) (7:48)
Acid Jungle (6:09)
This Is Lighting (6:50)
 in stock $12.47
El Silencio
El Silencio (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: AFTNEV 004. Rel: 14 Feb 24
El Silencio (club version) (8:14)
El Silencio (4:57)
 in stock $18.84
The Realm (B-STOCK)
Cat: GR 12118 (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
The Realm (Love In D Minor mix) (1:04)
The Realm (acappella) (0:57)
The Realm (Rave mix) (7:01)
The Realm (Wild club remix) (7:25)
Review: ***B-STOCK: Slight surface marks ***

Groovin Italy landed a monumental reissue for the label with C'hantal's 'The Realm'. Originally released way back in 1990 on the dance and early Brooklyn based Powertraxx records. Staying true to the original release, it offers the 'Love In D Minor' mix but does one better in tucking in the Acapella version to the A-side so the B-side 2 versions have a little more room to breathe. The added bonus has to be putting on the more rare "Wild Club mix' to the party along with the original 'Rave Mix'. All and all, a very packed reissue of some of the best versions of the track, all on one record. This might just hold the number one spot for best techno reissue so far of 2024.
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 in stock $13.80
Euphoria EP
Cat: PRKV 05. Rel: 20 Mar 24
Mikey's Attic (6:42)
Euphoria (7:10)
Strike (6:44)
Lush Void (6:28)
Review: he North Macedonia label Pirka releases its fifth album and features four excellent tracks by the longtime producer Vincent Casanova. Things begin with the addictive melodic burner 'Mikey's Attic", which has a great balance of being futuristic with being retro enough to get everyone to the dancefloor. 'Euphoria' is bit more reserved but deeper. The track sneaks up on you as rhythmic elements continue to change and evolve under this excellent bassline. The track is carefree and fun that makes for an enjoyable time. On Side two, 'Strike' is more up-tempo jam that we cannot get enough of while 'Lush Void' might be our favorite of the bunch. This spacey romp into the cosmos is not only beautiful but it feels in constant motion like you are on a magic carpet ride. This EP has something for everyone!
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
 in stock $15.66
Checkmate (12")
Cat: WGVINYL 041RP. Rel: 12 Oct 17
Checkmate (6:27)
Checkmate (Cinthie remix) (7:23)
Checkmate (Steve Rachmad remix) (8:03)
Review: Kerri Chandler has history with Watergate, having previously contributed to their acclaimed mix series back in 2014. "Checkmate" is his first 12" for the imprint since, and sees him deliver a cheery chunk of synthesizer-heavy positivity that may remind some listeners of the more sparkling end of Italian dream house. Certainly, the baggy piano riffs and jaunty synth bassline reminded us of all-time classic "Sueno Latino", and "Checkmate" is no doubt capable of soliciting the same kind of boisterous response when dropped at the right time. Cinthie delivers the first remix, opting for a polished but groovy deep house interpretation, before Steve Rachmad places Chandler's bold piano riffs atop a crunchy techno rhythm track with predictably impressive results.
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Chihuahua On Acid
Chihuahua On Acid (limited hand-stamped 1-sided yellow vinyl 7")
Cat: INTRAUTERIN 010. Rel: 30 Jan 24
Chihuahua On Acid (5:33)
Tags: Acid House
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Chivalry Vol 2
Chivalry Vol 2 (limited 12")
Cat: CHIVALRY 002. Rel: 07 Jun 23
Track 1 (6:36)
Track 2 (5:41)
Track 3 (6:34)
Track 4 (6:47)
Review: The distinctly otherworldly sound of Chivalry was established with a first EP. And that's about all we know about this new label that said when EP 12 arrived back in December that "the participants of Chivalry will always remain anonymous. Very limited, always secret." Fine by us when the music is this good: 'Track 1' is electro-tinged techno with a cosmic edge and bouncing drums. 'Track 2' layers in some retro synth sounds that remind of video games like Wipeout and 'Track 3' brings more of a tech house groove with finger clicks and rubbery bass under mysterious pads. 'Track 4' closes out on gritty tech slaps and mechanical rhythms for sweaty floors.
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803 Crystal Grooves 003
Cat: 803CG 003. Rel: 13 Jun 19
Australian Summer (9:00)
Infinity (5:20)
This Bomb Is Mine (6:01)
Rave Like No One Is Watching (5:28)
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Outside The Dome EP
Cat: SIX66 105. Rel: 09 May 24
The Dome (7:32)
The Dome (Len Lewis remix) (6:17)
Outer Limits (7:27)
Outer Limits (Magnus Asberg remix) (7:37)
Review: Slinky nighttime acid tech from Cirkel Square, laying down his debut 'Outside The Dome' EP for Subwax. Despite the title's focus on the hemispherical exterior, this is actually a two-track study on both the inside and outside of said dome. We begin life inside the hydroponic homestead, with surreptitious trance-acid and dimly lit pads suggestive of a secret plot to escape. The B-side's 'Outer Limits' responds with a more excitable jaunt, though by no means has our escape plan been scuppered by the authorities, with the mood continually driving, techy and methodical. Two remixes from Len Lewis and Magnus Asberg only add to the edge-of-your-seat excitement.
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Tags: Minimal
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Shades Of Yellow Vol 1
Cat: HDFKJP 001. Rel: 09 Apr 24
New Day (3:36)
In The Sun (3:42)
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Hypnotic Attraction EP
Cat: PT 005. Rel: 22 Apr 24
Connective Zone - "System Link" (7:37)
RESS - "Dreaming The End" (5:17)
Existencia Pasajera & Dismal - "Sideral Misunderstanding" (7:04)
Yu - "Magikant Interdimention" (7:32)
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People Need People
People Need People (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: SCLP 491. Rel: 04 Mar 21
People Need People (4:18)
Hold On To Your Dreams (4:51)
Nigeria (5:06)
Imani River (4:58)
The Higher Love (4:10)
Tribes (6:43)
Inner Light (6:20)
African Spirits (6:39)
New World Shuffle (6:37)
Good Juju (3:50)
Mother Of The Earth (4:51)
Review: Long-established Italian producer Nicola Conte started working with jazz trombobist Gianluca Petrella back in 2017. In the years since, they've released a string of singles that fuse contemporary house sounds with the rhythms and musical styles of Africa. Here they present their collaborative debut album, People Need People, an effortlessly soulful affair that draws deeply on the pair's joint love of deep jazz-funk (see 'Hold On To Your Dreams') and the funk-fuelled goodness of Afrobeat ('Nigeria'). Throw in versions of those previously released singles (think 'African Spirits' and 'New World Shuffle' for starters), and you've got a highly entertaining full of high-quality musicianship and plenty of life-affirming melodic motifs.
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