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Back Catalogue: House

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Right Or Wrong (CD single)
Cat: HT 1042. Rel: 18 May 12
  1. Right Or Wrong (original club mix)
  2. Right Or Wrong (Atari Room mix)
 in stock $1.05
Sexy Thing (CD single)
Cat: C1024 CDS2011. Rel: 26 May 11
  1. Sexy Thing (original mix)
  2. Sexy Thing (Easy mix)
  3. Sexy Thing (dub mix)
  4. Sexy Thing (original edit)
  5. Sexy Thing (acappella)
 in stock $1.05
Sexo (7 track CD single)
Cat: MVCD 057. Rel: 25 Jan 11
  1. Sexo (Gianluca Damiano mix)
  2. Sexo (Mat's Mattara dark remix)
  3. Sexo (Lele Procida remix)
  4. Sexo (Francesco Kaffa remix)
  5. Sexo (Danilo Secli remix)
  6. Sexo (original club mix)
  7. Sexo (original radio)
 in stock $1.05
Costarica (CD single)
Cat: TMM 020CDS. Rel: 21 Jun 10
  1. Costarica (original mix)
  2. Costarica (Latin mix)
  3. Costarica (Francesco Kaffa remix)
  4. Costarica (deep mix)
 in stock $1.05
Life Is Always New (CD single)
Cat: 1067007 WP. Rel: 13 Nov 12
  1. Life Is Always New (single mix)
  2. Life Is Always New (extended mix)
 in stock $1.05
Let It Be (CD single)
Cat: GO 303303-2. Rel: 21 Mar 12
  1. Let It Be (Joseph Sinatra original mix)
  2. Let It Be (original radio edit)
  3. Let It Be (Spakki remix)
 in stock $1.05
I Believe (6 track CD single)
Cat: MVCD 072. Rel: 21 Jun 11
  1. I Believe (MG & MS club)
  2. I Believe (Chriss Ortega rmx)
  3. I Believe (La Selva rmx)
  4. I Believe (Cesar Vilo Melo dirty rmx)
  5. I Believe (Camelia & Delgado rmx)
  6. I Believe (MG & MS instrumental)
 in stock $1.05
Every Monday (CD single)
Cat: DV 660.09CDS. Rel: 30 Oct 09
  1. Every Monday (Holly vs Mappa radio edit)
  2. Every Monday (Holly vs Mappa club mix)
  3. Every Monday (Rudeejay vs Mood Velvet remix)
  4. iRobot (Holly vs Mappa mix)
 in stock $1.05
Sigame (CD single)
Cat: PM 121101. Rel: 17 Jun 11
  1. Sigame (original extended mix)
  2. Sigame (DJ Jurij remix)
  3. Sigame (radio edit)
 in stock $1.05
Bye Bye Bye (7 track CD single)
Cat: TRI 056CDS. Rel: 09 Jul 10
  1. Bye Bye Bye (Stolfi & Kina remix)
  2. Bye Bye Bye (Stolfi & Kina radio edit)
  3. Bye Bye Bye (MA DA elektro Power mix)
  4. Bye Bye Bye (Castaman Groove mix)
  5. Bye Bye Bye (original mix)
  6. Bye Bye Bye (Pop Star mix)
  7. Bye Bye Bye (Pop Star short mix)
 in stock $1.05
Cat: RL 010CDS. Rel: 18 Jun 11
  1. Vengo Anch'io No Tu No (extended mix)
  2. Vengo Anch'io No Tu No (radio edit)
  3. I Come (Dub Mix)
 in stock $1.05
Don't Wait To Long (6 track CD single)
Cat: S 1084CDS2011. Rel: 17 Oct 11
  1. Don't Wait To Long (Deejay Koma remix)
  2. Don't Wait To Long (DJ Slave remix)
  3. Don't Wait To Long (original extended)
  4. Don't Wait To Long (original radio)
  5. Don't Wait To Long (FJ Mash remix)
  6. Don't Wait To Long (Venuti & Goaty remix)
 in stock $1.05
What You Wana (CD single)
Cat: DEL 002CD. Rel: 30 Nov 07
  1. What You Wana (electro mix)
  2. What You Wana (original mix)
  3. What You Wana (club mix)
 in stock $1.05
Cat: S1106 CDS2012. Rel: 19 Jun 12
  1. Il Gioco Dell'estate (original mix)
  2. Il Gioco Dell'estate (instrumental)
  3. Il Gioco Dell'estate (acappella)
 in stock $1.05
One More Time (CD single)
Cat: NWI 736CDs2011. Rel: 20 May 11
  1. One More Time (Manyus & Dario Guida club mix)
  2. One More Time (Paolo Di Miro Bang mix)
  3. One More Time (Leonardo Carioti & Jordan Valentine remix)
  4. One More Time (classic funk club remix)
  5. One More Time (Manyus & Dario Guida radio edit)
 in stock $1.05
Midnight (10 track CD single)
Cat: S 1055CDS. Rel: 09 Jul 10
  1. Midnight (P Di Miro original dream mix)
  2. Midnight (P Di Miro original Dream radio edit)
  3. Midnight (P Di Miro elektrorck mix)
  4. Midnight (P Di Miro elektrorock radio edit)
  5. Midnight (Dimi Dimi dub mix)
  6. Midnight (Dimi Dimi dub radio edit)
  7. Midnight (Manyus club mix)
  8. Midnight (Manyus club radio edit)
  9. Midnight (Manyus kool mix)
  10. Midnight (Socio M r'n'b mix)
 in stock $1.05
Dangerous Cat EP (CD single promo)
Cat: 13KMTNDD 001. Rel: 21 Nov 06
  1. Dangerous Cat (album version)
  2. Dangerous Cat (Victor & Rolf's Peggy dub mix)
  3. Dangerous Cat (Schall & Rauch mix)
  4. Wild Thing
  5. The Rhythm
 in stock $1.05
Play My Drum (Part 2) (CD single promo)
Cat: 13K-MTN-DD 003. Rel: 11 Jun 07
  1. Play My Drum (Patrick Kong Playkraft dub)
  2. Play My Drum (Philipp Van Het Veld dub dub)
  3. ElectroFunk
 in stock $1.05
Dirty Girl (CD single)
Cat: SUN 1201CDS2012. Rel: 20 Jan 12
  1. Dirty Girl (original mix)
  2. Dirty Girl (club Martini remix)
  3. Dirty Girl (Sergen Tekin remix)
  4. Dirty Girl (Rushappella edit)
 in stock $1.05
Passion (CD single)
Cat: MVCD 046. Rel: 26 Mar 10
  1. Passion (Mat's Mattra vs Cucky remix)
  2. Passion (Andrea Bertolini remix)
  3. Passion (Kenny's vocal mix)
  4. Passion (Kenny's vocal radio)
 in stock $1.05
Get Your Hands Up (CD single)
Cat: MOL 090CDS. Rel: 28 Dec 10
  1. Get Your Hands Up (club mix)
  2. Get Your Hands Up (Big Room)
  3. Get Your Hands Up (original)
Played by: Jakal
 in stock $1.05
Tumba (CD single)
Cat: FRG 104-2. Rel: 29 May 09
  1. Tumba (original mix)
  2. Tumba (MP Sound Project remix)
  3. Tumba (original radio edit)
  4. Tumba (MP Sound Project radio edit)
 in stock $1.05
Beat As One (CD single)
Cat: GT 007. Rel: 17 Feb 09
  1. Beat As One (original mix)
 in stock $1.05
Cat: EXP 1553D. Rel: 10 Feb 12
  1. Is To Have Your Kiss (radio version)
  2. Is To Have Your Kiss (original mix)
  3. Is To Have Your Kiss (Olli Vincent remix)
  4. Is To Have Your Kiss (Nate Cora remix)
 in stock $1.05
Heya Boom (CD single)
Cat: G1015 CDS. Rel: 24 Jul 09
  1. Heya Boom (original mix)
  2. Heya Boom (Tribal version)
  3. Heya Boom (Spanish mix)
 in stock $1.05
Bienvenidos A Ibiza (CD single)
Cat: MS 052-2. Rel: 24 May 11
  1. Bienvenidos A Ibiza (radio)
  2. Bienvenidos A Ibiza (extended)
 in stock $1.05
Asskickin (CD single)
Cat: ELYTE 005. Rel: 07 Nov 07
  1. Asskickin (Fingerlickin vox mix)
  2. Asskickin (Asskickin dub mix)
  3. Asskickin (Rob E remix)
 in stock $1.05
Beat On The Beach (CD single)
Cat: SHN 137CDS2012. Rel: 09 Mar 12
  1. Beat On The Beach (radio edit)
  2. Beat On The Beach (extended mix)
  3. Beat On The Beach (instrumental mix)
  4. Beat On The Beach (Fabio De Magistris remix)
  5. Beat On The Beach (Nico Heinz & Max Kuhn remix)
 in stock $1.05
This Is Your Life (CD single)
Cat: EXP 1544D. Rel: 18 Oct 11
  1. This Is Your Life (original mix)
  2. This Is Your Life (Paul Carpenter vs Molina mix)
  3. This Is Your Life (original radio)
  4. This Is Your Life (Paul Carpenter vs Molina radio)
 in stock $1.05
Heartbeat (8 track CD single)
Cat: NWI 572CDS. Rel: 09 Jul 10
  1. Heartbeat (Alex Nocera & Maurizio Montanari original mix)
  2. Heartbeat (Lori B & Alex Nocera Slut remix)
  3. Heartbeat (Graziano Fanelli remix)
  4. Heartbeat (Rudeejay & Gambafreaks remix)
  5. Heartbeat (MPG remix)
  6. Heartbeat (Simone Cattaneo & Alex Gardini remix)
  7. Heartbeat (Gambafreaks vs Just Addiction Dark vocal remix)
  8. Heartbeat (Gianni Donzelli remix)
 in stock $1.05
How Would U Feel (CD single)
Cat: DMI 01. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. How Would U Feel (Stereo Anthem mix)
  2. How Would U Feel (Stereo dub mix)
  3. How Would U Feel (Stereo dub instrumental)
  4. How Would U Feel (extended mix)
  5. How Would U Feel (radio mix)
 in stock $6.38
How Would U Feel (CD single)
Cat: DM 101-2. Rel: 19 Sep 04
  1. How Would U Feel (radio mix)
  2. How Would U Feel (Stereo Anthem mix)
 in stock $1.05
Blow Up (CD single)
Cat: FRG 111B-2. Rel: 21 Dec 09
  1. Blow Up (MP Rullo mix)
  2. Blow Up (MP Aria mix)
 in stock $1.05
Blue Noise (CD single)
Cat: FRG 103-2. Rel: 09 Jun 09
  1. Blue Noise (2009 MP Solar Tribe mix)
  2. Blue Noise (2009 MP Solar dub Tribe mix)
  3. The Deeper - "The Present Deep"
  4. The Deeper - "The Violins Dream"
 in stock $1.05
Superstar (CD single)
Cat: FRG 108B-2. Rel: 31 Oct 09
  1. Superstar (Congaman remix)
  2. Superstar (Tribalelectro mix)
 in stock $1.05
Fable (6 track CD single)
Cat: FRG 116-2. Rel: 14 May 10
  1. Fable (MP extended)
  2. Fable (Maurizio Nari extended remix)
  3. Fable (Bologna Connection remix)
  4. Fable (Mp radio)
  5. Fable (Maurizio Nario radio mix)
  6. Fable (Dream mix)
 in stock $1.05
In Your Eyes (CD single)
Cat: FRG 111A-2. Rel: 11 Jan 10
  1. In Your Eyes
  2. In Your Eyes
  3. In Your Eyes
  4. In Your Eyes
 in stock $1.05
Original Sin (CD single)
Cat: MOL 062. Rel: 03 Jul 09
  1. Original Sin (original mix)
  2. Original Sin (radio)
  3. Original Sin (Maurizio Gubellini remix)
  4. Tool
  5. Intro
 in stock $1.05
Trismix #03: House (6 track CD single)
Cat: INR 0210. Rel: 19 Feb 10
  1. Mr Nez - "The Rhythm Of Soul" (feat Sewit - ACR mix)
  2. Mr Nez - "The Rhythm Of Soul" (feat Sewit - dub mix)
  3. VRS - "Never Say Never" (feat Vincent - VRS mix)
  4. VRS - "Never Say Never" (feat Vincent - Andreas Juss vs Simon Pagllari remix)
  5. Mr Nez - "Waiting For You" (feat Sewit - ACR vocal mix)
  6. Mr Nez - "Waiting For You" (feat Sewit - Davies dub mix)
Played by: Alex P
 in stock $1.05
Lovin' Times (CD single)
Cat: NWI 762CDS2011. Rel: 27 Jun 11
  1. Lovin' Times (Nando Fruscio club mix)
  2. Lovin' Times (Think Factory remix)
  3. Lovin' Times (instrumental)
  4. Lovin' Times (Nando Fruscio radio edit)
 in stock $1.05
Linda Morenita (CD single)
Cat: PM 121001. Rel: 19 Feb 10
  1. Linda Morenita (original)
  2. Linda Morenita (Jolly Axe remix)
  3. Linda Morenita (radio edit)
 in stock $1.05
  1. Nice Cream - "Song 2" (Frenk DJ & Joe Maker remix)
  2. Nice Cream - "Song 2" (DJ Ivan Kay remix)
  3. Lazy People - "Illusion" (Alex Guesta remix)
  4. Mantrix - "Pleasure" (original mix)
  5. Mantrix - "Pleasure" (Egoland remix)
  6. RPG Project - "Beat Your Brains Out" (club mix)
  7. Bryosh - "Sashimi" (feat Sara - Vax mix)
  8. Brioski - "Crescendo" (original mix)
  9. Gabriele D'Andrea - "Atomic" (original mix)
  10. Lazy People - "The Colour Inside" (club mix)
  11. Lazy People - "The Colour Inside" (Manolo Y Griso remix)
Played by: Frenk DJ
 in stock $1.05
Music (8 track CD single)
Cat: MS 0022. Rel: 02 Jul 10
  1. Music (radio edit)
  2. Music (extended)
  3. Music (DJ Daj remix)
  4. Music (Paolo Aliberti remix edit)
  5. Music (Paolo Aliberti remix)
  6. Music (electro mix)
  7. Music (Mr Acid & DJ Baser Gentle remix)
  8. Music (Staves remix)
 in stock $1.05
Be My Friend (CD single)
Cat: MOL098CDS 2011. Rel: 18 Feb 11
  1. Be My Friend (MP Seambeat mix)
  2. Be My Friend (MP Tribb mix)
  3. Be My Friend (Mattias + G80's remix)
  4. Be My Friend (Stefano Liz Lisai remix)
 in stock $1.05
Electo Love (CD single)
Cat: EXP 1609D. Rel: 02 Feb 13
  1. Electo Love (original mix)
  2. Electo Love (original remix)
  3. Electo Love (instrumental original remix)
  4. Electo Love (original radio mix)
$7.19 SAVE 60%
 in stock $2.87
Paranoico (CD single)
Cat: NDR 138CDS2011. Rel: 20 May 11
  1. Paranoico (DJ Fonzie Ciaco original mix)
  2. Paranoico (Alex Nocera & Maurizio Montanari Dance remix)
  3. Paranoico (Alex Addea remix)
  4. Paranoico (Daniele Petronelli remix)
  5. Paranoico (Dj Fonzie Ciaco radio edit)
 in stock $1.05
Perdoname (11 track CD single)
Cat: G 1046. Rel: 03 Oct 12
  1. Perdoname (Marco Larini & Alex Prati original mix)
  2. Perdoname (Marco Larini & Alex Prati original radio edit)
  3. Perdoname (LeClubb original extended remix)
  4. Perdoname (LeClubb Party Mode mix)
  5. Perdoname (LeClubb radio edit remix)
  6. Perdoname (DJ Tool One club remix)
  7. Perdoname (Marco Larini & Alex Prati Out Of Control remix)
  8. Perdoname (Marco Larini & Alex Prati hard mix)
  9. Perdoname (LVK dirty Dutch remix)
  10. Perdoname (slow remix Eugene Navatta)
  11. Perdoname (K Way dub remix)
$8.25 SAVE 60%
 in stock $3.30
Come Back (CD single)
Cat: FCDS 01-10. Rel: 14 May 10
  1. Come Back (original radio)
  2. Come Back (new radio)
  3. Come Back (new club mix)
  4. Come Back (D-Soriani Es Pujol remix)
  5. Come Back (Sonido Puro mix)
 in stock $1.05
Get To Be Free (6 track CD single)
Cat: MVCD 056. Rel: 30 Nov 10
  1. Get To Be Free (Stefy De Cicco remix)
  2. Get To Be Free (Stefano Mattara 90' Style remix)
  3. Get To Be Free (original mix)
  4. Get To Be Free (Stefy De Cicco remix radio)
  5. Get To Be Free (Stefano Mattara 90' Style remix radio)
  6. Get To Be Free (original radio)
 in stock $1.05
Cat: TRESOR 262C. Rel: 20 Jun 13
  1. Electric Garden (Jazz In The Garden mix)
  2. Electric Dub
  3. Footprints
  4. Electric Garden (original mix)
  5. Treehouse
  6. Mars Garden
  7. Digital Forest
  8. Afterlude
Review: Borderland sees the illustrious Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald join forces for an album of meditative techno for Tresor. The partnership marks the first time Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald have directly collaborated in 20 years, though both have regularly assisted each other's work behind the scenes. Von Oswald played an important role in engineering much of Model 500's R&S catalogue, while Atkins supplied his mixing craft and two edits on Thomas Fehlmann & Moritz von Oswald's early '90s project 3MB. This eponymously titled album is skewed toward club-orientated electronic music blessed with a freedom for organic musical experimentation and expect to sink into a soundscape where melodic and textural motifs float in and out of focus.
Read more
 in stock $12.77
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Back Catalogue: House
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