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Two Weeks: Hip Hop/R&B

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Hip Hop / R&B

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17 Bullets
17 Bullets (CD single)
Cat: NXT 486CD. Rel: 25 Sep 20
  1. 17 Bullets
  2. Cold November
  3. Pow Wow
  4. 1996
  5. The Hunter (feat Skyzoo)
  6. Murder For Glory
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My First Brick
Cat: NXT 485CD. Rel: 25 Sep 20
  1. Me & Doug
  2. My Struggle (feat Bentlee)
  3. Tom Ford Socks (feat Conway The Machine & Westside Gunn)
  4. Dirty Needles (feat Conway The Machine)
  5. All I Know (feat Lo Pro & Rick Hyde)
  6. 762
  7. Just Like Rome
  8. MFB
  9. 3 Missiles (feat 38 Spesh & Conway The Machine)
  10. Bible On The Coffee Table
  11. Prayer Hands
 in stock $11.95
1 On A One
Cat: NXT 484CD. Rel: 18 Sep 20
  1. All In My Head
  2. Face To Face (feat Jay Batters)
  3. Money, Power, Respect (feat Hottest)
  4. Right Out The Bag (feat Rick Hyde)
  5. Dope On My Plate (feat Lovey Lucciano)
  6. Beat Go Off (feat Klass Murda, Ladieslovekoolhezz & Beezy Montana)
  7. These Niggas (feat Klass Murda)
  8. Wit It
  9. 1 On A 1
  10. I Forgot
  11. La Familia
  12. Shooters (feat G Herbo)
 in stock $11.95
Alfredo (CD)
Cat: ESGN 0006. Rel: 28 Sep 20
  1. 1985
  2. God Is Perfect
  3. Scottie Beam (feat Rick Ross)
  4. Look At Me
  5. Frank Lucas (feat Benny The Butcher)
  6. Something To Rap About (feat Tyler The Creator)
  7. Baby Shit
  8. Babies & Fools (feat Conway The Machine)
  9. Skinny Suge
  10. All Glass
! low stock $9.29
Alicia (CD)
Cat: 194397 34112. Rel: 18 Sep 20
  1. Truth Without Love
  2. Time Machine
  3. Authors Of Forever
  4. Wasted Energy (feat Diamond Platinumz)
  5. Underdog
  6. 3 Hour Drive (feat Sampha)
  7. Me X 7 (feat Tierra Whack)
  8. Show Me Love (feat Miguel)
  9. So Done (feat Khalid)
  10. Gramercy Park
  11. Love Looks Better
  12. You Save Me (feat Snoh Aalegra)
  13. Jill Scott (feat Jill Scott)
  14. Perfect Way To Die
  15. Good Job
 in stock $13.01
What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down?
  1. When The Grid Go Down (feat George Clinton)
  2. Grid (feat Cypress Hill & George Clinton)
  3. State Of The Union (STFU) (feat DJ Premier)
  4. Merica Mirror (interlude)
  5. Public Enemy Number Won (feat Mike D, AD Rock & Run DMC)
  6. Toxic
  7. Yesterday Man (feat Daddy-O)
  8. Crossroads Burning (interlude)
  9. Fight The Power Remix 2020 (feat Nas, Rhapsody, Black Thought, Jahi, YG & Questlove)
  10. Beat Them All
  11. Smash The Crowd (feat Ice-T & PMD)
  12. If You Can't Join Em Beat Em
  13. Go At It (feat Jahi)
  14. Don't Look At The Sky (interlude)
  15. Rest In Beats (feat The Impossebulls)
  16. Rip Blackat
  17. I Am Black (Closing)
Review: Given all that's happened in 2020, Public Enemy has picked the right time to regain their mojo. On What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down, their new album, Chuck D and company has done just that, delivering a set that's as angry, wise, righteous, weighty and impactful as any they've released since the turn of the '90s. It contains a few fresh re-makes of classic cuts - including an insanely good 2020 version of 'Fight The Power' featuring Nas and Questlove - but for the most part these are 100% brand new tracks, made in cahoots with an all-star cast of collaborators (George Clinton, DJ Premier, Cyprus Hill, the Beastie Boys and Run DMC all feature), and sporting lyrical content that's every bit as on-point and furious you'd expect.
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 in stock $11.42
Run The Jewels 4
Cat: 405053 8617290. Rel: 18 Sep 20
  1. Yankee & The Brave
  2. Ooh LALA (feat Greg Nice & DJ Premier)
  3. Out Of Sight (feat 2 Chainz)
  4. Holy Calamafuck
  5. Goonies vs ET
  6. Walking In The Snow
  7. Ju$t (feat Pharrell Williams & Zack De La Rocha)
  8. Never Look Back
  9. The Ground Below
  10. Pulling The Pin (feat Mavis Staples & Josh Homme)
  11. A Few Words For The Firing Squad (Radiation)
Review: Hip-hop super group Run The Jewels aka Brooklyn-based rapper-producer El-P and Atlanta-based rapper Killer Mike return with their fourth in their self-titled album series. Once again the American heavyweights call on a big roster of collaborators with DJ Premier, 2-Chainz, Pharrell Williams and Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme all appearing. The tracks remain hard-edged and direct, with cacophonous synths and oversized hits making each track an attention grab. The rhymes are of course on point throughout, with standouts including the machine gun bars of 'Walking The Shadow.'
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Starz (CD)
Cat: YR 0103CDJ. Rel: 28 Sep 20
  1. My Agenda
  2. Yayo
  3. Boylife In EU
  4. Violence
  5. Outta My Head
  6. Dance In The Dark
  7. Acid At 7/11
  8. Starz (feat Ariel Pink)
  9. Hellraiser
  10. Butterfly Paralyzed
  11. Dogboy
  12. Iceheart
  13. Pikachu
  14. Low
  15. Sunset Sunrise
  16. Put Me In A Spell
 in stock $10.36
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Two Weeks: Hip Hop/R&B