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Back in stock: Hip Hop/R&B

Hip Hop/R&B vinyl represses and restocks
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Get Rich Or Die Tryin'
Get Rich Or Die Tryin' (2xLP + insert)
Cat: INTE 493544. Rel: 06 Feb 03
What Up Gangsta
Patiently Waiting (feat Eminem)
Many Men (Wish Death)
In Da Club
High All The Time
If I Can't
Blood Hound (feat Young Buck Of G Unit)
Back Down
Like My Style (feat Tony Yayo Of G Unit)
Poor Lil Rich
21 Questions (feat Nate Dogg)
Don't Push Me (feat Lloyd Banks Of G Unit & Eminem)
Gotta Make It To Heaven
 in stock $44.49
Strictly Leakage (reissue)
Cat: RSE 389CD. Rel: 16 May 24
Little Math You
Full Moon
The Things That Hate Us
Get It To Get Her
Domestic Dog
Crewed Up (feat Stage One, St Paul Slim, Muja Messiah, YZ, Brother Ali, Toki Wright & Blueprint)
What They Sittin' For?
That's Not Beef, That's Pork
The Old Style (feat cuts By DJ Plain Ole Bill)
You Played Yourself
Road To The Riches (feat cuts By DJ Plain Ole Bill)
 in stock $12.45
Honey (reissue)
Honey (reissue) (hand-stamped 1-sided yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: GUHONEY YELLOW. Rel: 15 Feb 24
Honey (Glenn Underground remix) (8:50)
Review: The queen of neo-soul Erykah Badu and the king of Chicago house music Glenn Underground together on one 12" was always going to be special. And so it proved back in 2010 when the latter edited the former's 'Honey.' It sold out in super quick time but now gets a cheeky one-sided hand-stamped reissue on yellow wax having previously fetched up to a hundred quid on second-hand markets. It is eight minutes of shimmering deep house with sustained pads and Badu's evocative vocals lighting up the beats in a sensual fashion.
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 in stock $16.69
Black & Brown!
Black & Brown! (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: FB 5152LP. Rel: 08 Dec 11
Sound Check
Wake Up
Jordan VIII
Dark Sunshine
Black & Brown
 in stock $27.28
Luminous Rubble
Cat: DFPRKPM 5LP. Rel: 24 Apr 24
Badabing (3:18)
Scumlord (2:43)
Oh You Fancy (3:24)
Move Witch (3:21)
Dork Crystal (3:00)
Homeward Browned Out (3:20)
Serious About My Fitness (2:54)
Zoomies (0:31)
Fake Badge (2:42)
Chill Pill (3:36)
 in stock $32.32
Hindsight (2xLP)
Cat: LMTC 15. Rel: 15 Jun 21
Gotta Love It (3:45)
The Uninvited (2:59)
Road Rage (3:07)
Bumpy Johnson (3:20)
PPT (3:16)
Taking Notes (3:49)
Keep It Up (3:46)
Translate It (2:43)
King Oxymoron (3:21)
Mentore (3:39)
The Application (3:57)
Eye Poppa (4:18)
Devil's Advocate (4:07)
 in stock $36.82
Cigarette Boats
Cat: SRFSCHL 002LP. Rel: 01 Oct 18
Leaving The Dock (3:01)
WOH (feat Styles P) (3:00)
Biscayne Bay (2:08)
Mirrors (feat Smoke DZA) (3:04)
Sixty-Seven Turbo Jet (3:16)
Leaving The Dock (Instumental) (3:01)
WOH (feat Styles P - Instumental) (2:59)
Biscayne Bay (Instumental) (2:08)
Mirrors (feat Smoke DZA - Instumental) (3:03)
Sixty-Seven Turbo Jet (Instumental) (3:11)
 in stock $21.18
We Ain't Goin' Out Like That
We Ain't Goin' Out Like That (7" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: OC 004. Rel: 29 Oct 19
We Ain't Goin' Out Like That (vocal) (4:18)
We Ain't Goin' Out Like That (instrumental) (4:18)
Review: The third single from Cyprus Hill's second album "Black Sunday" was recorded while the entire band was high on mushrooms. It was also the song that got cut short on Saturday Night Live after DJ Muggs lit up a joint on-air and started toking on it just before they performed it. Needless to say, it is a tune mostly about smoking and acquiring weed that sums up the hard hitting West Coast rap and Hill's alternative take on hip hop. This single is strictly limited to just 250 copies and comes with an instrumental version on the flip for more beat orientated crowds.
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 in stock $22.52
First Weapon Drawn
First Weapon Drawn (blue vinyl LP + book)
Cat: SLGV 1385621. Rel: 10 Jan 24
Czarface Theme (2:51)
First Weapon Drawn (1:34)
Czartusi (2:09)
For The Title (2:09)
Kick It Up A Notch (2:57)
A Falling Czar (3:13)
Funky Premonition (1:25)
Squared Portal (4:22)
This Fight Ain't Scripted (1:56)
Godspeed Solider (2:23)
Something Once Human (1:48)
What The Problem Is (2:08)
Death Of A Comrad (1:59)
Night Of/Mourning After (2:45)
Review: Though Wu-Tang Clan's Inspectah Deck & Esoteric carved a niche for Czarface with venomous vocals and a keen eye for concept, production is this duo's real superpower. Fresh off the back of a recent collaboration with Marvel Comics, First Weapon Drawn is an audio-adventure all unto its own, complete with narration and a fortnight's-worth of hip-hop bangers. The album now comes to sky blue vinyl, and includes an extra-large, full-color, action-packed 24-page comic book, and housed in a beautiful gatefold jacket. In the spirit of the highly sought after Power Records series from the 70s, you can read along with the comic and hear the story come to life on vinyl.
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 in stock $43.97
Dark Sun Riders (warehouse find)
Cat: 422854 5091. Rel: 14 Nov 23
Dark Sun Riders (Ultra Jazz mix) (4:14)
The Eclipse Begins (3:16)
Dark Sun Riders (album version) (4:23)
Dark Sun Riders (M A T E DSR Space Man mix) (4:09)
 in stock $6.34
Nu King (B-STOCK)
Cat: ATLM 86122202 (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
Nu King (CD1)
Jason Derulo & Micheal Buble - "Spicy Margarita"
Jason Derulo & Youngboy Never Broke Again - "Mad Love"
You + I
Lie To Me
Favorite Song
Jason Derulo, Gucci Mane & Quavo - "Last Night"
Take You Dancing
Don't Go Nowhere
Jason Derulo & Lay Bankz - "Limbo"
Tesher vs Jason Derulo - "Jalebi Baby"
Slow Low (CD2)
Swalla (feat Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign)
Tip Toe (feat French Montana)
Lifestyle (feat Adam Levine)
When Love Sucks (feat Dido)
Save The Last Dance
Jason Derulo, Robinson & Mika Ben - "Ayo Girl" (Haitian Konpa remix)
Jason Derulo & David Guetta - "Down"
So Many Hearts
Hands On Me (feat Meghan Trainor)
Love Not War (feat Nuka)
out of stock $13.77
Nu King (B-STOCK)
Cat: ATLM 86122202 (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
Nu King (CD1)
Jason Derulo & Micheal Buble - "Spicy Margarita"
Jason Derulo & Youngboy Never Broke Again - "Mad Love"
You + I
Lie To Me
Favorite Song
Jason Derulo, Gucci Mane & Quavo - "Last Night"
Take You Dancing
Don't Go Nowhere
Jason Derulo & Lay Bankz - "Limbo"
Tesher vs Jason Derulo - "Jalebi Baby"
Slow Low (CD2)
Swalla (feat Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign)
Tip Toe (feat French Montana)
Lifestyle (feat Adam Levine)
When Love Sucks (feat Dido)
Save The Last Dance
Jason Derulo, Robinson & Mika Ben - "Ayo Girl" (Haitian Konpa remix)
Jason Derulo & David Guetta - "Down"
So Many Hearts
Hands On Me (feat Meghan Trainor)
Love Not War (feat Nuka)
 in stock $14.82
Make Me Wanna
Cat: SC 7014. Rel: 06 Feb 17
Make Me Wanna (3:22)
Wait Up (3:28)
Review: The latest dinked 7" single on Tim Zawada and Ben Van Dyke's essential Star Creature label comes from Diamond Oritz, AKA boogie and '80s soul revivalist Jeremy Diamond-Oritz. While there are many overlooked gems in the producer's back catalogue, there's little as rush inducing as "Make Me Wanna". A slick, soulful song with authentically rubbery and kaleidoscopic '80s soul/boogie production, it sounds like a long lost classic. The breezy, slap bass-wielding instrumental B-side, "Wait Up", is arguably even better. Like the A-side, it boasts some serious good synth action and a groove that you just have to dance to.
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 in stock $12.98
Chicago Own EP
Chicago Own EP (red vinyl 12")
Cat: BBR 004. Rel: 14 May 24
HipHouse (4:29)
Let's Go (4:04)
Work Yo Body (7:43)
THE REBIRTH OF HIP HOUSE (Houzmon remix) (5:04)
 in stock $19.60
Saisei (CD with obi-strip)
Cat: KRUSH 1001. Rel: 13 May 24
Yugure (feat DO)
Gouryu (feat Dopeness)
Hamaya (feat Jinmenusagi)
Yugure (feat DO - instrumental)
Gouryu (feat Dopeness - instrumental)
Hamaya (feat Jinmenusagi - instrumental)
Review: Ever-prolific Japanese beat king par excellence DJ Krush is back on it with this triumphant solo album, Saisei. From his roots in the trip hop boom of the mid-90s, Krush has maintained a presence in the culture by working with a huge variety of artists, producing for heavyweights and embracing alternative ideas and approaches. On this double-disc long player he's leaning in on his prowess as a producer, creating a blockbuster sized sound which adds cinematic heft to the boom bap beats and balances funk and soul instrumentation with powerful orchestration and electronic innovation. It's a rich, high-end result brimming with ideas, innovation and originality, but then what else would you expect from DJ Krush?
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 in stock $28.59
Sacrosanto (Deluxe Edition)
Cat: 196588 90261. Rel: 17 Apr 24
Shaq & Lebron (feat Ensi & Nerone) (2:39)
90 (feat Kaos & Emis Killa) (2:41)
Sembrava Impossibile (feat Sottotono, Sissi & Gemitaiz) (2:39)
Full Effect (feat Egreen & Danno) (5:49)
Vera Struggle (feat Mostro, Ghemon & Mattak) (3:38)
Senza Di Te (Mistaman & Frank Siciliano) (2:56)
Il Resto E Storia (Inoki & Nitro) (1:52)
No Survivor/La Lezione (feat Madbuddy) (1:28)
El Clasico (feat Ele A & Gue) (2:44)
La Fame (feat Silent Bob & Clementino) (2:44)
 in stock $33.11
Revenge Of The Dreamers III
Cat: 80055 7. Rel: 06 Dec 19
J Cole, Lute, Da Baby - "Under The Sun" (3:21)
Jid, Bas, J Cole, Earthgang, Young Nudy - "Down Bad" (2:49)
Cozz, Reason, Childish Major - "Lambotruck" (3:50)
Earthgang - "Swivel" (3:14)
J Cole, Zoink Gang, Key, Maxo Kream - "Oh Wow... Swerve" (4:36)
Bas, Cozz, Yung Baby Tate, Guapdad 4000, Buddy - "Don't Hit Me Right Now" (2:56)
Jid, Earthgang, Buddy, Guapdad 4000 - "Wells Fargo" (interlude) (2:04)
Lute, Omen, Mez, Davionne - "Sleep Deprived" (3:58)
Ari Lennox, Bas, Baby Rose - "Self Love" (3:42)
Jid, T.I - "Ladies, Ladies, Ladies" (2:43)
Bas, Jid, Guapdad 4000, Reese Laflare, Jace, Mez, Smokepurpp, Buddy, Ski Mask The Slump God - "Costa Rica" (3:37)
J Cole, Jid, Cozz, Earthgang, Smino, Buddy - "1993" (3:32)
Jid, J Cole, Vince Staples - "Rembrandt...Run It Back" (2:31)
J Cole, Young Nudy - "Sunset" (2:54)
Ari Lennox, Omen, Ty Dolla $ign, Dreezy - "Got Me" (4:47)
J Cole - "Middle Child" (3:31)
Omen, Mereba, Deante Hitchcock, St Beauty - "PTSD" (3:54)
Earthgang, J Cole, Smino, Saba - "Sacrifices" (6:24)
 in stock $43.97
The Way Things Were
The Way Things Were (7" + insert)
Cat: P7 6607. Rel: 14 May 24
The Way Things Were (Joe Hertz remix) (3:23)
The Way Things Were (3:43)
Review: Ed Black, aka "edbl," is an increasingly prominent hip-hop and R&B artist and composer who has emerged from South London's indie music scene alongside luminaries like Jorja Smith and Jamie Isaac. His sound, a blend of lo-fi soul and hip-hop akin to Jordan Rakei and Tom Misch, garnered attention when Spotify UK featured him on their New Music Friday cover. Additionally, Music Business Worldwide Magazine nominated him as one of The Hottest Independent Artists In The World and now he backs up that potential with 'The Way Things Were,' featuring the mellifluous vocals of Isaac Waddington.
Read more
 in stock $27.54
Enter The 37th Chamber
Enter The 37th Chamber (white vinyl LP)
Cat: FB 5127LP WHITE. Rel: 16 Apr 09
Duel Of The Iron Mics
Mystery Of Chessboxin'
Can't It All Be So Simple
UZI (Pinky Ring)
Glaciers Of Ice
Cherchez La Ghost
Heaven & Hell
Bring Da Ruckus
Protect Ya Neck
Incercerated Scarfaces
Shimmy Shimmy Ya
 in stock $31.00
Fetty Wap (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Fetty Wap (Record Store Day RSD 2024) (gatefold violet vinyl 2xLP + insert)
Cat: 161346 3. Rel: 27 Apr 24
Trap Queen (3:42)
How We Do Things (feat Monty) (3:31)
679 (feat Monty) (3:07)
Jugg (feat Monty) (3:20)
Trap Luv (3:27)
I Wonder (2:55)
Again (5:10)
My Way (feat Monty) (3:32)
Time (feat Monty) (4:31)
Boomin (3:19)
RGF Island (2:54)
D A M (3:51)
No Days Off (feat Monty) (4:46)
I'm Straight (3:01)
Couple Bands (3:33)
Rock My Chain (feat M80) (4:06)
Rewind (feat Monty) (5:33)
Let It Bang (3:46)
For My Team (feat Monty) (3:34)
Whateva (feat Monty) (5:12)
 in stock $53.25
The Score (reissue)
The Score (reissue) (limited white vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 194397 01111. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Red Intro
How Many Mics
Ready Or Not
The Beast
Family Business
Killing Me Softly
The Score
The Mask
No Woman, No Cry
 in stock $28.87
High Off Life
High Off Life (2xLP + insert)
Cat: 194397 81511. Rel: 21 Aug 20
Trapped In The Sun (3:24)
Hitek Tek (3:01)
Touch The Sky (2:24)
Solitaires (feat Travis Scott) (3:26)
Ridin Strikers (3:40)
One Of My (2:29)
Posted With Demons (3:09)
Hard To Choose One (3:12)
Trillionaire (feat Youngboy Never Broke Again) (2:50)
Harlem Shake (feat Young Thug) (2:28)
Up The River (3:10)
Pray For A Key (2:56)
Too Comfortable (3:54)
All Bad (feat Lil Uzi Vert) (3:28)
Outer Space Bih (2:55)
Accepting My Flaws (4:24)
Life Is Good (feat Drake) (3:59)
Last Name (feat Lil Durk) (3:29)
Tycoon (3:21)
100 Shooters (feat Meek Mill & Doe Boy) (3:29)
Life Is Good (feat Drake, Dababy, Lil Baby - remix) (5:17)
 in stock $34.43
A Place In Your Heart
A Place In Your Heart (limirted translucent blue vinyl LP)
Cat: 405053 8977240. Rel: 02 May 24
Sorry (3:23)
Miss You (4:21)
Won't Be There (3:47)
Good Enough (feat Mahalia) (3:41)
Never (3:35)
Change (3:33)
A Place In Your Heart (3:28)
Rainbow (3:14)
Taken Over (3:22)
Lifeline (3:22)
Feel (3:05)
Conquer (4:16)
 in stock $27.82
Liquid Swords
Cat: B 002374201. Rel: 23 Oct 15
Liquid Swords (4:31)
Duel Of The Iron Mic (4:05)
Living In The World Today (4:23)
Gold (4:11)
Cold World (5:18)
Labels (2:51)
4th Chamber (4:42)
Shadowboxin' (3:24)
Killah Hills 10304 (5:09)
Investigate Reports (3:49)
Unexplained (3:20)
I Gotcha Back (4:03)
B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) (0:54)
 in stock $44.77
Ironman (25th Anniversary Edition)
Ironman (25th Anniversary Edition) (limtied gatefold chicken & broccoli vinyl 2xLP in embossed slip-case)
Cat: GET 51505LP. Rel: 15 Jul 22
Iron Maiden (5:00)
Wildflower (3:20)
The Faster Blade (2:29)
260 (2:48)
Assassination Day (4:15)
Poisonous Darts (2:19)
Winter Warz (5:04)
Box In Hand (2:55)
Fish (3:46)
Camay (4:33)
Daytona 500 (4:45)
Motherless Child (3:43)
Black Jesus (4:31)
After The Smoke Is Clear (3:30)
All That I Got Is You (5:18)
The Soul Controller (6:52)
 in stock $41.05
Jazzmatazz Vol 1 (Deluxe Edition)
Jazzmatazz Vol 1 (Deluxe Edition) (3xLP + booklet in slip-case)
Cat: B 002804801. Rel: 21 May 18
Introduction (1:16)
Loungin' (feat Donald Byrd) (4:40)
When You're Near (feat N'dea Davenport & Simon Law) (3:59)
Transit Ride (feat Branford Marsalis & Zachary Breaux) (3:54)
No Time To Play (feat Ronny Jordan & DC Lee) (4:55)
Down The Backstreets (feat Lonnie Liston Smith) (4:47)
Respectful Dedications (0:54)
Take A Look (At Yourself) (feat Roy Ayers) (3:59)
Trust Me (feat N'Dea Davenport) (4:28)
Slicker Than Most (feat Gary Barnacle) (2:37)
Le Bien, Le Mal (feat MC Solaar) (3:21)
Sights In The City (feat Courtney Pine & Carleen Anderson) (5:11)
Loungin' (4:20)
When You're Near (feat Simon Law) (4:17)
Transit Ride (feat Zachary Breaux) (4:10)
No Time To Play (feat Ronny Jordan) (4:24)
Down The Backstreets (feat Loonie Liston Smith) (4:47)
Take A Look (At Yourself) (feat Roy Ayers) (4:10)
Trust Me (4:35)
Slicker Than Most (4:38)
Le Bien, Le Mal (3:21)
Sights In The City (4:14)
Loungin' (Square Biz mix) (4:44)
Loungin' (feat Donald Byrd - Guru Meets The Professor mix) (4:38)
Loungin' (feat Donald Byrd - Jazz Not Jazz mix) (3:46)
No Time To Play (feat Ronny Jordan & Dee C Lee - CJ longer radio mix) (4:54)
Trust Me Trust Me (feat N'dea Davenport - CJ Master mix) (8:23)
Season For Change (feat Ronny Jordan) (4:54)
Season For Change (feat Ronny Jordan - Dawn Of The Season mix) (5:01)
 in stock $99.33
The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill (reissue)
Cat: 194397 01101. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Lost Ones
To Zion
Doo Wop (That Thing)
Final Hour
When It Hurts So Bad
I Used To Love Him
Forgive Them Father
Every Ghetto, Every City
Nothing Even Matters
Everything Is Everything
The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill
 in stock $38.94
Jump Around
Jump Around (7" repress)
Cat: 016998 541418. Rel: 10 May 24
Jump Around (3:37)
House Of Pain Anthem (2:39)
Review: Reissued, as it should, via the original label on which this ubiquitous single first made its mark on the world, House Of Pain's 'Jump Around' comes to our attention once more. A spiritual spin-off of Cypress Hill - the track's beatsmith DJ Muggs originally made the beat for the group, and it was only given to House Of Pain after being later rejected by Ice Cube - the song houses an undeniable demonstration of how samples themselves, when worked into the track in the right way, can work just as effectively as melodies in 'hooking' the listener. Notably, the high-pitched squeal, lifted from Chubby Checker's 'Popeye The Hitchhiker', occurs 66 times throughout.
Read more
 in stock $16.43
Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston (limited numbered hybrid SACD)
Cat: CMFSA 2253. Rel: 17 May 24
You Give Good Love
Thinking About You
Someone For Me
Saving All My Love For You
Nobody Loves Me Like You Do
How Will I Know
All At Once
Take Good Care Of My Heart
Greatest Love Of All
Hold Me
Review: Whitney Houston's debut took the music world by storm in 1985. Selling over 25 million copies, it was not only one of the most successful albums of the decade, but of all time. Led by the three number one hits in 'Saving All My Love For You', 'How Will I Know' and 'Greatest Love Of All', 1985 was the year of Whitney. Mobility Fidelity Lab brings us a hybrid SACD edition that really brings out the quality of this production in all its glory. Consider this the best version of this classic you can get.
Read more
 in stock $39.20
Death Certificate (B-STOCK)
Cat: 471280 3 (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
The Funeral
The Wrong Nigga To Fuck Wit
My Summer Vacation
Steady Mobbin'
Robin Lench
Givin' Up The Nappy Dug Out
Look Who's Burnin'
A Bird In The Hand
Man's Best Friend
Alive On Arrival
The Birth
I Wanna Kill Sam
Horny Lil' Devil
True To The Game
Color Blind
Doing Dumb Shit
 in stock $35.23
All For You
All For You (limited gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: B 3023201. Rel: 26 Jul 19
Intro (1:02)
You Ain't Right (4:22)
All For You (5:39)
2WayForYou (interlude) (0:21)
Come On Get Up (4:41)
When We Oooo (4:32)
China Love (4:32)
Love Scene (Ooh Baby) (4:21)
Would You Mind (5:32)
Lame (interlude) (0:15)
Trust A Try (5:21)
Clouds (interlude) (0:23)
Son Of A Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You) (with Carly Simon) (5:52)
Truth (6:47)
Theory (interlude) (0:24)
Someone To Call My Lover (4:32)
Feels So Right (4:42)
Doesn't Really Matter (4:15)
Better Days (5:13)
Outro (0:11)
 in stock $44.77
The SP Chronicles
Cat: JIT 004. Rel: 08 Feb 24
Jon Deliz - "Ascension" (2:59)
Broke - "Filter Guitar" (1:45)
Golfhead93 - "Guns That Burst" (4:32)
Broke - "Go Ahead" (3:09)
Jon Deliz - "Vicious Cycle" (1:59)
Golfhead93 - "We Smoke" (4:21)
 in stock $22.52
Veteran (reissue)
Veteran (reissue) (limited clear vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: JP 204. Rel: 25 Apr 24
1539 N Calvert (2:42)
Real Nega (3:54)
Thug Tears (1:41)
Dayum (1:21)
Baby I'm Bleeding (2:35)
My Thoughts On Neogaf Dying (1:58)
Rock N Roll Is Dead (2:30)
DD Form 214 (2:54)
Germs (2:30)
Libtard Anthem (1:42)
Panic Emoji (2:27)
DJ Snitch Bitch (interlude) (1:57)
Whole Foods (1:53)
Macaulay Culkin (2:06)
Williamsburg (3:22)
I Cannot Fucking Wait Til Morrissey Dies (1:41)
Rainbow Six (4:26)
1488 (2:21)
Curb Stomp (2:15)
Review: JPEGMAFIA's Veteran is a confrontational and glitchy masterpiece, both musically and politically charged. Drawing inspiration from Ol' Dirty Bastard's experimentalism, the album delves into themes of racism, gentrification, and internet culture with unapologetic fervor. Entirely self-produced, the album showcases JPEGMAFIA's adept ability to use of sound and texture, weaving together frayed elements into a cohesive and atmospheric whole. Tracks like 'Baby I'm Bleeding' and 'Panic Emoji' exemplify the album's sonic chaos, with distortion and fragmentation used percussively and melodically. JPEGMAFIA's delivery is equally dynamic, seamlessly transitioning between singing and rapping, often on the same track. His lyrical prowess shines on 'Williamsburg,' where he paints a vivid portrait of gentrification's cold and industrial reality. JPEGMAFIA's music remains firmly rooted in his unique perspective, making Veteran a breathless and essential addition to the hip-hop landscape.
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 in stock $47.41
LP! (gatefold yellow vinyl 2xLP + booklet (indie exclusive))
Cat: JP 205. Rel: 25 Apr 24
Trust! (3:11)
Dirty! (3:24)
Nemo! (2:55)
End Credits! (3:32)
Hazard Duty Pay! (1:59)
God Don't Like Ugly! (2:15)
What Kinda Rappin' Is This? (2:01)
Thot's Prayer! (2:10)
Are U Happy? (4:26)
Rebound! (1:23)
100 (1:32)
Og! (3:00)
Dikembe! (5:00)
Tired, Nervous & Broke! (4:47)
Fire (2:24)
Nice! (2:24)
BMT! (3:29)
The Ghost Of Ranking Dread! (1:08)
Dam! Dam! Dam! (Og mix) (2:23)
Track 20 (2:46)
Review: LP! marked the fourth studio album by esteemed Baltimore rapper JPEGMAFIA. Dropping back in October 2021 and coinciding with his 32nd birthday, the record boasts collaborations with DatPiMaa, Kimbra, and Tkay Maidza and picked up plenty of acclaim from Pitchfork, NME, and others. Lyrically, it delves into JPEG's struggles within the music industry while maintaining his own sense of authenticity. Fully self-produced, it epitomizes his artistic ethos and comes after he has amassed over 1.5 million monthly Spotify listeners and a 500K+ strong Instagram following. As such with this album, JPEGMAFIA has solidified his status as a leading figure in contemporary and experimental hip hop.
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Orquideas (B-STOCK)
Cat: 584989 4 (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
Como Asi
Me Pongo Loca
Igual Que Un Angel
Pensamientos Intrusivos
Te Mata
Young, Rich & In Love
Tu Corazon Es Mio
Labios Mordidos
No Hay Ley (part 2)
Dame Beso/Muevete
Review: ***B-STOCK: Case slightly cracked, product in perfect working order***

Following the more contemporary r&b, neo-soul and psychedelic funk flavours of 2023's Red Moon in Venus, a set in which she sung almost entirely in English, Colombian American artist Kali Uchis has decided to return to her roots on fourth full-length Orquideas. That not only means vocals in Spanish, but also a varied sound palette that draws on a wide variety of Colombian and wider Latin musical styles - think reggaeton, demblow, bolero, salsa, Brazilian MPB and bossa-nova. It's a superb, expansive and evocative set all told, with a fine supporting cast of high-profile guest performers including Karol G, Peso Pluma, El Alfa and JT.

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Kickinit Alone
Cat: LR 1187LP. Rel: 15 Oct 21
Tubesocks (XXL) (2:11)
Evil Eye (XXL) (2:11)
5000 Dollar Check (Tall) (2:35)
Butterfly Inside My House (3:02)
Ghosted (3:52)
IDK (3:16)
U R What U Repeatedly Do (2:31)
Happysad Sunday (2:40)
Most Beautiful Grl (Irreg) (3:21)
In Pursuit Of U (2:56)
Reinvent Yo Self (3:28)
Kickinit Alone (3:18)
 in stock $27.82
Bam Bam Tom Tom Club (B-STOCK)
Cat: KM 001 (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
Bam Bam Tom Tom Club (2:42)
Reggae For Roy (3:07)
Review: ***B-STOCK: Slight surface marks ***

King Most is a revered American edit and remix master who is back with yet another big vinyl drop. This one is the first on his own new KM label and has already, we're told, been getting some high-profile plays from the likes of A-Trak. The A-side pairs off two epic classics - 'Bam Bam Tom Tom Club' has that languid, ass-wiggling groove you know and love with a twisted reggae vocal to make for something brilliantly original. The B, meanwhile, is a vinyl-only exclusive packed with Jamaican sunshine. 'Reggae For Roy' is perfectly organic and horizontal with its new reggae beat delivered under a classic Roy Ayers vocal.
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out of stock $9.52
Santa's Groove
Cat: SR 907. Rel: 15 Apr 24
Santa's Groove (5:22)
Santa's Groove (radio version) (3:35)
Santa's Groove (dub Side) (5:21)
Bonus Beat (1:31)
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Let's Start Here
Let's Start Here (gatefold 2xLP + poster)
Cat: 602448 706614. Rel: 20 Feb 23
The Black Seminole (6:59)
The Ride- (3:20)
Running Out Of Time (4:15)
Pretty (2:45)
:(Failure(: (2:54)
The Zone~ (4:31)
We Saw The Sun! (4:26)
Drive Me Crazy! (4:32)
Ive Officially Lost Vision!!!! (5:26)
Say Something (3:18)
Paint The Sky (3:23)
Should I B? (5:50)
The Alchemist (2:26)
Reach The Sunshine (3:25)
Review: Lil Yachty's latest album 'Let's Start Here' has been hailed by some as a prog rock opus, bleeding his synthetic hip-hop / electronic influences into the dreamy and beat-switchy ambition of the 80s' rock musician. While sounding somewhat electronic, Yachty claims it to be "all live instrumentation", aiming for a curveball hit. The album hints at subjects such as mental health, conspiracies and failed romance, and its bold addition of Yachty's signature autotune furthers the idea that this is a boldly brash fusion project, exploring a range of emotions not usually explored by contemporary rappers.
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Fix Up The Seed
Cat: BW 002. Rel: 17 Nov 23
LL Smooth K - "Fix Up The Seed" (4:01)
Gregory Porter - "Liquid Spirit" (DJ Snatch edit) (4:13)
Review: Two UK Battle Weapons fresh from the guys over at the eponymous edits label. On the A, we’re hit with a new one by a frankenstein whom we can only guess, by syllogistic intuition, is an invention of the label - LL Smooth K, with ‘Fix Up The Seed’, a rope-burning mashup incorporating acapella verses from Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Fix Up, Look Sharp’. Then there’s DJ Snatch’s version of Gregory Porter’s bluesy ‘Liquid Spirit’ on the B, a surprisingly pacy curveball compared to the cutthroat injunctions of the A.
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Painted (2xLP + insert)
Cat: 190759 89491. Rel: 30 Apr 21
Roll Some Mo (4:14)
Late Night (4:34)
Extra (4:23)
Concentrate (1:28)
Ready For Love (extended) (7:04)
Karma (3:04)
Paint It (4:13)
Real Games (5:26)
Misunderstood (4:06)
Floods (5:26)
Call (3:33)
Try Your Fire (4:15)
Love You Too Much (7:47)
Roll Some Mo (feat Chronixx & MediSun) (3:37)
Fade Away (3:34)
Buying Time (3:55)
Little More Time (feat Victoria Monet) (4:11)
Shoulda (feat Babyface) (3:29)
Misunderstood (live In New Orleans) (4:14)
 in stock $30.46
Flying High Instrumentals
Cat: LBYH 015. Rel: 12 Jan 24
LMD (2:21)
Flying High (2:26)
Advice (2:58)
Pop Fly (2:45)
Kool (3:42)
The Cypher (3:09)
Super (2:09)
Steppers (1:19)
Birthday (2:32)
High Stakes (1:22)
Duwop (3:51)
Review: Otis Jackson Jr. aka. Madlib is one of hip-hop's most inspirational producers. With self-produced classic releases under heteronyms like Quasimoto, Madvillain, Jaylib (with the great J Dilla), not to mention Bad Neighbor with Blu and MED, he proves he is in his own lane and is among the best at loop-digging. Madlib once more refuses to disappoint and now delivers a fresh set of heavy bangers on his new release Flying High Instrumentals. LMD (LMNO, MED, and Declaime) provided a solid performance on the vocal version of Flying High with stellar bars throughout; it's only right that BYH provides the beats to vibe to from the sensei himself, Madlib the Bad Kid.
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Protection (reissue) (B-STOCK)
Protection (reissue) (B-STOCK) (180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 570096 2 (B-STOCK). Rel: 02 Dec 16
Weather Storm
Spying Glass
Better Things
Euro Child
Heat Miser
Light My Fire (live)
Review: ***B-STOCK: Creasing on outer sleeve, also the record has light surface marks/scratches, but otherwise in excellent working condition***

By the time they headed into the studio to record Protection, Massive Attack were still riding high on the success of their peerless debut album, Blue Lines. While the resultant set, released in 1994, does quite hit the same dizzying heights, it remains a thoroughly great album. Of course, we all know the highlights by heart - the stoned bounce of "Karmacoma", evocative downtempo bliss of Tracey Thorn hook-up "Protection", string-drenched lusciousness of "Sly", and the gentle dub-house soul of the Horace Andy-voiced "Spying Glass", for example - but even the forgotten album cuts (see "Weather Storm" and "Better Things") have aged remarkably well. If you don't own a copy on vinyl already, you definitely should.
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 in stock $24.64
Matangi (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: ISCB00 19325011. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Only 1 U
Come Walk With Me
Exodus (feat The Weeknd)
Bad Girls
Boom Skit
Double Bubble Trouble
Bring The Noize
Know It Ain't Right
Sexodus (feat The Weeknd)
 in stock $40.25
War & Leisure (Record Store Day 2018)
War & Leisure (Record Store Day 2018) (2xLP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: 889854 97241. Rel: 10 May 18
Criminal (Feak Rick Ross) (4:36)
Pineapple Skies (4:40)
Sky Walker (feat Travis Scott) (4:23)
Banana Clip (3:20)
Wolf (feat Quin) (3:29)
Harem (3:17)
Told You So (3:11)
Ciry Of Angles (4:17)
Caramelo Duro (feat Kali Uchis) (3:39)
Come Through & Chill (feat J Cole & Salaam Remi) (5:22)
Anointed (3:53)
Now (4:13)
 in stock $31.25
Original Flow
Original Flow (CD with obi-strip)
Cat: WRJ 013CD. Rel: 02 May 24
Magik Momentum
Rockets To Mars
The News These Days
Life (skit)
Love Vibration
Original Flow
Hold On
Surviver (skit)
Tatamaka (part 1)
Tatamaka (part 2)
Time (skit)
Jinja (skit)
Our Tactus
Nah Personal
No Chains
Push Comes To Shove
We No Let Y'All In
Mexico (skit)
Future 4 Our Children
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Sugar Honey Iced Tea!
Sugar Honey Iced Tea! (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: BBE 763ALP. Rel: 16 May 24
The Afro-American Conundrum (Where Does That Leave Us?) (3:56)
Dream Boy (5:53)
Tonight (feat Kamaal) (4:03)
Every Party Must Come To An End (feat Kamaal) (3:59)
Running Out Of Time (3:16)
Ha Ya! (Eternal Life) (7:30)
I Don’t Remember The Last Time I Saw Stars (11:11)
Carlos Sanchez Interlude (1:25)
Hello? (feat Aden) (5:06)
Circles I (Prelude) (1:37)
Circles II (feat Toribio) (6:08)
There's Space For Us All (9:33)
Water (feat New Past) (8:47)
Review: Sugar Honey Iced Tea! is the highly anticipated debut album from Musclecars, comprised of Brandon Weems and Craig Handfield, delving deep into the Afro-American experience. With 13 tracks that span themes of joy, loss, intimacy, perseverance and more, Musclecars craft a profound narrative that captures the nuances of daily life in native New York. From the exploration of Afro-dystopia to moments of self-discovery and self-preservation, the album offers a rich blend of sound that resonates with authenticity, emotion, and rhythm. It's a musical adventure to throw yourself in and get lost in the essence of the urban experience, crafted with intentionality, depth and a touch of magic.
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Feel (7")
Cat: ASGE 60. Rel: 03 May 24
Feel (3:50)
True School (Fake Love Ass remix) (2:58)
 in stock $18.54
Hip Hop Hooray
Cat: TB 55531. Rel: 11 Apr 24
Hip Hop Hooray (4:25)
Written On Ya Kitten (Q-funk mix) (4:18)
Review: There are not many songs in the history of hip-hop that are more important than 'Hip-Hop Hooray'. The track single handedly helped catapult underground rap sounds into mainstream success. The song was a massive hit moving into the top ten on the Billboard and #1 on the hip-hop chart and with a memorable video directed by Spike Lee, it was in heavy rotation on every music and video platform. Naughty By Nature became household names and the single went on to sell platinum status. You could not escape this anthem of the streets. Now, the groundbreaking song is reissued on 7" for the first time in over 30 years.
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Ways Of Knowing
Ways Of Knowing (LP + poster)
Cat: DEFB 003760601. Rel: 09 Aug 23
The Medium (2:14)
Chosen (2:14)
The One (2:27)
To Fall In Love (2:56)
Life's Terms (3:42)
Phases (1:12)
Kill Switch (3:22)
Window To The Soul (4:03)
Freehold (2:53)
Embers (2:10)
Pillars (3:18)
Look In My Eyes (3:00)
Shadow's Shield (3:27)
Review: American rapper, producer, skateboarder and model Navy Blue (Sage Elsesser) drops his third album Ways Of Knowing, channelling a crisp, soul-and-gospel-intoned sound that leans heavily on the wisdom of his ancestors and relatives. Recalling a filial crossbreed of D'Angelo and J Cole, the LP is a sophisticated, spiritual modern hip-hop project, whereupon we hear Elsesser pay homage to his grandmother, his Yoruba ancestry and his chosen loved ones in the present day, bringing them all together under an equal but critical aegis. Though it isn't also unaware of the darker, structural forces that have polluted his knowledge of the many Ways Of Knowing he's now enlightened to - indeed, 'Freehold' is a gloomy one - it's an overall beautiful record, reflecting Navy Blue's deep awareness of what conspired to make him spectacular.
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