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Back Catalogue: Hip Hop/R&B

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Hip Hop / R&B

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Cat: HHBB 7005. Rel: 17 Jan 20
  1. Without Warning (3:35)
  2. Without Warning (instrumental) (3:35)
 in stock $12.22
Hi It's Me (blue vinyl 12")
Cat: 019029 5314125. Rel: 21 Feb 20
  1. Hi, It's Me (3:15)
  2. Special (2:44)
  3. Stupid (feat Yung Baby Tate) (2:51)
  4. Working Bitch (2:59)
  5. Manners (3:06)
  6. Halloweenie II: Pumpkin Spice (2:21)
Review: Since it first landed on streaming platforms last summer, there's been plenty of hype around "Hi It's Me", the debut proper of Anime-obsessed, London-based alt-rap upstart Ashnikko. Listening to this first vinyl pressing (courtesy of major label Parlophone) it's easy to see why. Her rapped and sung lyrics are raw, explicit and in-your face, the beats fuzzy (think grime, trap and drill put through the mangler), the surrounding electronics colourful and fizzing and the basslines bold (particularly on "Stupid", a deliciously low-slung club slammer). It's a real musical mish-mash but one that resonates strongly; clearly, the potty-mouthed American is going right to the top.
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 in stock $15.68
Straight Jacket (7" limited to 300 copies) (1 per customer)
Cat: OC 006. Rel: 05 Feb 20
  1. Straight Jacket (4:10)
  2. Get Funky (3:52)
Review: When it comes to classic hip-hop cuts, the Old Chillin' series of seven-inch singles has you covered. The mysterious crew behind the series has previously offered up gems by Big Daddy Kane, Nas and Cyprus Hill. Here they turn their attention to the bulging back catalogue of New York twosome the Beatnuts. Both tracks are taken from the pair's fine 1994 debut album. A-side "Straight Jacket" is a bona fide NYC hip-hop club classic, with the duo adding tight raps to a drowsy but dancefloor-friendly "Golden era" beat. Flipside "Get Funky" is a little more densely layered and laidback in tone, though it's still lively enough to suggest that it's worthy of regular club spins again.
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 in stock $10.89
Cat: BIG POPPABLACK. Rel: 19 Feb 20
  1. BIG Poppa's Got A Brand New Bag (3:58)
  2. BIG Poppa's Got A Brand New Bag (instrumental) (3:58)
Review: When it comes to mash-ups and unofficial reworks, sometimes the simplest ideas are the ones that make for the most effective versions. That's certainly the case here, as Soul Mates main man Amerigo Gazaway crafts a fresh slab of funk/hip-hop fusion out of three key elements: a legendary Biggie Smalls acapella, sections lifted from James Brown classic "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" and his own head-nodding hip-hop beats. There's not much more to it than that, but the resultant cut, "Big Poppa's Got a Brand New Bag", sounds like a guaranteed dancefloor winner. The A-side version is the full vocal take, while the flipside is a Biggie-free instrumental mix.
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 in stock $12.49
Cat: NR 701. Rel: 14 Feb 20
  1. Fuck The Fans (5:03)
  2. Fuck The Fans (instrumental) (4:33)
Review: Northentic Records welcome back cult UK rapper Blade for a link up with producer Seek The Northerner that delivers messages of gratitude in arresting fashion . The signature boom bap production of Seek underpins the whole a-side, while he also adds his own verse which pays tribute to his collaborative partner here. World Champion turntablist DJ Woody layers in plenty of scratches to add some old school cool and engineering from No Sleep Nigel ensures it all sounds super fresh. It you want it even more direct and raw, the flip side instrumental has you covered.
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 in stock $15.15
Powerful (hand-numbered pink vinyl 7" limited to 300 copies) (1 per customer)
Cat: 2020 7001. Rel: 10 Feb 20
  1. Powerful (feat Hannah Williams) (3:43)
  2. Sparky Evans (3:18)
Review: To celebrate the dawn of a new decade, Bristolian cut-and-paste maestro Boca 45 has decided to serve up a series of seven-inch singles under a new label, 2020 Donuts (his previous imprint was just called Donuts). A-side "Powerful" is a real treat: an inventive chunk of low-slung, horn-sporting spy-funk goodness topped off with wayward electronic flourishes and a powerful soul vocal by Hannah Williams. Flip-side "Sparky Evans" is a sample-heavy club rocker in the traditional Boca 45 style - all heavy bass, even heavier breakbeats, Sly and the Family Stone style fuck-rock guitars and hip-hop vocal snippets.
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 in stock $13.81
Closed Sessions Ten Years (hand-stamped double 7" + insert limited to 100 copies)
Cat: PPR 006. Rel: 14 Feb 20
  1. Keep It Politics (feat Raekwon) (2:56)
  2. Keep It Politics (acappella) (2:50)
  3. Blackbird (feat Action Bronson) (2:17)
  4. Blackbird (acappella) (1:59)
  5. Swagger Like Chi (feat Naledge, Marvo, Really Doe, Mikkey Halsted, Bump J & GLC) (6:52)
  6. Whiskey & Push-Ups (feat Open Mike Eagle) (3:47)
 in stock $25.78
Lost Roots (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: TRZNTRX 001. Rel: 14 Feb 20
  1. Iodidodi (7:13)
  2. UZE (7:13)
  3. Girl Scout Cookies (6:45)
  4. AI (2:44)
 in stock $10.62
Cat: NXT 1087. Rel: 31 Dec 19
  1. Ripped Apart (feat Benny The Butcher) (4:31)
  2. Blow 5 (feat AR-AB) (4:04)
 in stock $13.29
Day One (limited 7") (1 per customer)
Cat: F DITC 7001. Rel: 17 Jan 20
  1. Day One (4:17)
  2. Day One (remix) (4:16)
 in stock $16.21
The Enemy (limited 7")
Cat: DITC 7002. Rel: 17 Jan 20
  1. The Enemy (2:49)
  2. The Enemy (instrumental) (2:49)
Played by: I Love 45's!
 in stock $15.68
4 The Beat (7" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: BH 113BLACK. Rel: 03 Feb 20
  1. 4 The Beat (feat Chrome) (3:20)
  2. Draw For The 45 (feat Micall Parknsun) (3:36)
Review: Beats House Records welcome back main man Djar One for a fine brace of beats. On the first track he links up with UK MC, DJ and producer Chrome for a tribute to the best of the best beatmakers. "4 The Beat" is pure old school, with rolling breaks and big synth stabs. Flip over for Micall Parknsun hook-up "Draw For The 45" - a darker, deeper hip hop with smooth rolling grooves that sink you into the loose claps as warm chords add heat.
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Played by: I Love 45's!
 in stock $13.81
Deep Cover (7" limited to 300 copies) (1 per customer)
Cat: IMP 002. Rel: 05 Feb 20
  1. Dr Dre - "Deep Cover" (Introducing Snoop Doggy Dogg) (4:00)
  2. Too Short - "Bad Ways" (4:04)
Review: The "West Coast Classics" series has a simple premise. It offers up light-touch re-edits of essential West Coast hip-hop hits from the style's glory years in the 1990s. The latest salvo boasts two must-have cuts. On the A-side you'll find Dr Dre's "Deep Cover", the cut that introduced the world to future star (and now iconic artist) Snoop Dogg. His flows work perfectly over Dre's low-slung beat, which makes great use of smoky instrumental samples from what sounds like the soundtrack of a 1970s spy thriller. Over on the flip you'll find Too Short's lesser-celebrated "Bad Ways", which first surfaced on the long-serving Los Angeles mic man's 1996 album "Gettin' It (Album Number Ten)" and makes use of elements from Parliament/Funkadelic classic "Flashlight".
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 in stock $10.62
Cat: IAR 047. Rel: 17 Jan 20
  1. Record Store (feat J-Live) (4:02)
  2. Fli Beat Patrol (4:28)
 in stock $14.08
Opposite Day (7" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: TV 015. Rel: 05 Feb 20
  1. Opposite Day (feat Cadence) (2:53)
  2. Nightfall (feat Mr Lif) (5:11)
 in stock $11.96
I Get Juiced (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: DD 017JIM. Rel: 03 Feb 20
  1. I Get Juiced (Doc Flex & NMX mix) (3:56)
  2. How We Do The Show (Doc Flex & NMX Westside mix) (4:14)
Review: They make you wait 15 months for a new release, then put out two in the same few weeks. Dusty Donuts, now five years into their mission to serve up the biggest party breaks and funkiest funk, this time offer the low riding Cali g-funk of "I Get Juiced (Doc Flex & NMX Mix)" which will be familiar to anyone who has heard "I Get Lifted" by Gwen McCrae. The flip is even more smooth and seductive, with the boom-bap grooves and early r&b flow of "How We Do The Show (Westside Mix)" making it a superbly sweet set.
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 in stock $9.83
Trap Break Shit (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: DIESS 29. Rel: 31 Jan 20
  1. Gerz - "Diamond Side" (16:55)
  2. Ugly Mac Beer - "Gold Side" (17:53)
 in stock $13.29
Cat: MMS 03312. Rel: 16 Jan 20
  1. Half Manne Half Cocaine (3:11)
  2. Half Manne Half Cocaine (instrumental) (3:14)
  3. Zebras Into The Mist (bonus track) (1:25)
  4. Palmolive (feat Pusha T & Killer Mike) (4:07)
  5. Palmolive (instrumental) (3:34)
  6. Night Vision (bonus track) (1:21)
Review: On their second album together, Freddie Gibbs and Madlib got even more complex and deep than on their debut. The celebrated producer and street rapper duo found plenty of fascinating new ground between their disparate styles and the album gave rise to a number of standout tunes. "Half Manne Half Cocaine" is one of them and is served up here next to an instrumental as well as brief bonus tracks "Zebras Into The Mist" and "Night Vision." "Palmolive" features a heart aching vocal cry as well as Pusha T and Killer Mike on the flip with an instrumental.
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Played by: Originals, Demuir
 in stock $13.29
Tribute To Sun Ra(s) G (limited 12" in screen-printed sleeve (comes in different coloured sleeves we cannot guarantee which one you will receive)) (1 per customer)
Cat: LHNR 97. Rel: 17 Jan 20
  1. A Great Tomorrow (4:37)
  2. Nature's God (Oh Ras!) (4:35)
  3. Light The Way (part 1) (5:25)
  4. Light The Way (part 2) (2:04)
  5. Ras March (2:18)
  6. Calling All Greater Universe (6:51)
Played by: I Love Hip Hop
 in stock $18.86
Farandole (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: OG 038. Rel: 06 Feb 20
  1. Bob James - "Farandole" (DNA edit) (4:07)
  2. DJ Muggs & Planet Asia - "Lions In The Forest" (feat B Real) (3:48)
Review: The Originals crew kick off their new decade with more red hot funk heat they've got us accustomed to. This time it is jazz-funk great Bob James on the a-side with "Farandole", a classic that has been chopped down the size for this 45 by the crack crew behind DNA. Flip-side "Lions In The Forest" finds DJ Muggs sampling that one and reworking it into a big b-boy tune with rhythms from Planet Asia and a guest spot from B-Real. This is proper heat for the floor that oozes quality.
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 in stock $11.68
Lickshot Vol 1 (7" limited to 300 copies) (1 per customer)
Cat: LICKSHOT 01. Rel: 06 Feb 20
  1. Jay Z - "Bam" (feat Damian Marley) (4:00)
  2. Foxy Brown - "Oh Yeah" (Featuring Spragga Benz) (4:12)
Review: The first volume in the Lickshot series serves up two almighty slabs of reggae and dancehall-influenced hip-hop from two of the biggest names in the game. On side A you'll find an edited version of Jay-Z's "Bam" from 2017 album "4:44", where the long-serving rapper trades verses with Damian Marley over a sparse beat and sampled reggae horns. Over on the flip dancehall vocalist Spragga Benz guests on Foxy Brown"Oh Yeah", a hybrid hip-hop/ragga workout . Like its' A-side companion, it's a weighty, club-ready rocker that should be in every hip-hop head's collection.
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 in stock $11.68
122 BPM (7" limited to 300 copies) (1 per customer)
Cat: EM 003. Rel: 06 Feb 20
  1. 122 BPM (4:22)
  2. 130 BPM (4:02)
Review: Electric Mojo is on a mission to delve into the history of electronic music and serve up some of its best moments. This new one is just that - a classic b-boy DJ tool that's linked to the first wave of breakdancing, and will likely turn all who hear it into aspiring body-poppers. First up, "122BPM" is a crisp future-retro electro tune with bubbling leads and warm, smeared chords that oozes essential feels. "130BPM" has wobbly toms and crashing hits that make for perfect body music. In the right hands, these tasteful tunes will easily become weapons of mass dance floor destruction.
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 in stock $11.68
You & Me (7")
Cat: EXS 023. Rel: 10 Jan 20
  1. You & Me (R&B version) (3:55)
  2. You & Me (Smooth Jazz version) (4:39)
 in stock $11.43
Terminator (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: EB 006. Rel: 14 Jan 20
  1. Terminator (4:21)
  2. Rough Cut (4:31)
Review: Kid Frost's "Terminator" might well have turned 35 this year, but it still sounds fresh and from the future. Often spoken about as a perfect track by real electro heads. It has sleek bassline sounds, a slick DMX beat and flawless Oberheim synth-pads all finished off with a self-built vocoder vocal. Kid Frost's MC work here is as good as any you will hear and helps this tight title track stand head and shoulders above many others. Flip-side "Rough Cut" is just as essential. This tidy 7" is limited so grab one before it's gone.
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 in stock $10.62
Transiro (12" with obi-strip)
Cat: MLC 001. Rel: 12 Feb 20
  1. Ashes (3:14)
  2. Wasiwa (3:05)
  3. Tewahedo (3:56)
  4. Enono (3:51)
  5. Chamaa (3:03)
  6. Lean (3:51)
Review: Returning to his inimitable solo work after a spate of collaborations and more, Le Motel reappears on new platform Maloca with "Transiro" to capture the heady mix of global influences he distils into club-ready and contemporary forms. The six tracks across the EP is a futuristic fusion of worldly rhythms, broad palette of sound sources and glistening synth work that reflects Le Motel's research in juke, hip hop, techno, and more otherworldly strains from clubs around the globe. The grooves swing down low before soaring up to the heavens, definitely a dynamic, edgy listen you will want to repeat over and over.
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 in stock $14.62
Crush 100 (limited 7")
Cat: CRUSH 100. Rel: 10 Feb 20
  1. Lil Kim - "Crush" (Jazz mix) (4:42)
  2. Jeff Lorber - "Raindance" (re-edit) (4:14)
Review: Galaxy Sound give this 1997 hip hop classic a new twist with some slick jazz stylings. Lil Kim's "Crush On You", is known by all but here it becomes something completely different: a forgotten jazz funk gem, colourful trumpet leads awash with lush drums and timeless soul. The flipside houses a re-edit of Jeff Lorber's "Rain Dance", which is in fact the original source of the samples on Lil Kim's track, and one that has been used on more than 20 other big time tunes. Here it's subtly tweaked but still remains a classic bit of jazz-flecked hip hop with some proper rude vocals.
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Played by: Voodoocuts
 in stock $9.55
Petrichor EP (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: ELB 26. Rel: 03 Feb 20
  1. Crimson (feat Count Bass D) (3:52)
  2. History (feat Vursatyl & Libretto) (4:48)
  3. Shynawn (3:06)
  4. Indecisive (feat Nanna B) (4:14)
  5. Smoke (feat Blossom & Stanley Ipkuss) (4:37)
  6. Hydroburn (4:25)
 in stock $15.68
It Ain't Hard To Tell (7" repress)
Cat: OC 003. Rel: 15 Jan 20
  1. It Ain't Hard To Tell (3:44)
  2. It Ain't Hard To Tell (instrumental) (3:44)
Review: Some fans argue that "It Ain't Hard To Tell" is the best production on Nas' legendary "Illmatic" album. Large Professor certainly did his job in making it pop: the beat is killer, and the whole thing is driven by a Michael Jackson sample of "Human Nature". As if that weren't enough, samples from Stanley Clarke and Mountain are layered in to perfection and the smooth, sweet rolling beat draws you in over and over and Nas' creamy delivery finishes it in style. Flip over for the instrumental and bask in the glow of it all. Classic.
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 in stock $10.62
The 45 Collection No 1 (7" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: FKU 073. Rel: 10 Feb 20
  1. Incognito (2:34)
  2. Incognito (instrumental) (2:35)
 in stock $10.62
The 45 Collection No 2 (7" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: FKU 074. Rel: 10 Feb 20
  1. Fakin' Jax Remix (instrumental) (3:58)
  2. Shaky Dog (instrumental) (3:49)
Review: KingUnderground and Lewis Parker came together late last year for a splendid five x 7" 45rpm box set. Each of the 10 unreleased songs work as playable and standalone tunes so it makes sense they packaged it in this way, and makes just as much sense that each one is also released on its own terms. The beats hit hard from front to back, with "Fakin' Jax Remix (Instrumental)" digging deep on psyched out riffs and with some magic flute leads. "Shaky Dog (Instrumental)" on the reverse is just as dramatic, with big chords, rolling beats and impassioned vocals.
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 in stock $10.62
The 45 Collection No 3 (7" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: FKU 075. Rel: 10 Feb 20
  1. Nothing But Aces (3:55)
  2. Nothing But Aces (instrumental) (3:59)
 in stock $10.62
The 45 Collection No 4 (7" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: FKU 076. Rel: 10 Feb 20
  1. Lean Back (remix - instrumental) (4:02)
  2. Sunny Dedications (instrumental) (3:24)
 in stock $10.62
The 45 Collection No 5 (7" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: FKU 077. Rel: 10 Feb 20
  1. Hold It Down (feat Dynas) (4:30)
  2. Hold It Down (instrumental) (4:37)
 in stock $10.62
Straight Up (orange vinyl 7")
Cat: SD 45S009C. Rel: 14 Feb 20
  1. Straight Up (4:56)
  2. Straight Up (instrumental) (4:23)
Played by: Marc Hype
 in stock $11.68
Cat: SD 45S009. Rel: 14 Feb 20
  1. Straight Up (4:56)
  2. Straight Up (instrumental) (4:23)
 in stock $9.83
And I Say (hand-numbered gold vinyl 7" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: DCR 002G. Rel: 20 Jan 20
  1. And I Say (3:10)
  2. And I Say (instrumental) (3:10)
Review: Ras Beats sounds as good as any classic era New York hip hop artist, but is actual a contemporary beat maker who also brings his own perspective to the mixing table. "And I Say" is one of his biggest tunes to date from back in 2018 and now it gets its first vinyl pressing. John Jiggs' boom-bap production is crisp and cavernous, with big hits making for big beats that Was raps over in fine style. An instrumental is also included on the flip of this tidy, limited edition 7".
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 in stock $22.31
Cat: DS 702. Rel: 16 Jan 20
  1. Crate Breaks Three (5:02)
  2. Crate Breaks Four (5:20)
Review: Released late last year, Dirty Drum Productions first "Crate Breaks" seven-inch offered up two sides of cut-and-paste drum breaks - with gaps in between - for turntablists to play around with. This second salvo follows a similar blueprint. What you get is a series of celebrated (and in some cases lesser-known) breakbeats lifted from rock, funk and soul records, EQ'd and re-mastered for maximum loudness. These breaks - arranged into loose "tracks" as "Crate Breaks 3" and "Crate Breaks 4" - are clean enough to either sample, or use during turntablist routines. If you buy two copies, you can even "double up" with them and create fresh backing tracks for the MC of your choice.
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Played by: Dynamite Cuts
 in stock $8.24
Cat: SBTP 1001. Rel: 03 Feb 20
  1. Funky Dopeman (Jim Sharp edit) (3:37)
  2. I Chose You (Jim Sharp edit) (4:04)
Review: Jim Sharp slows things down a little with a pair of edits from the American South. Early West Coast gangsta hit "Dopeman" is the subject of side a with original drums but extended breaks designed to get the floor pumping. On the flip is a dirty south classic with prickling 808 kicks and hi hats that hit hard. It's super sweet soul music with raw grooves that can get any party started topped with vocals from Willie Hutch finishing things off in real style.
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 in stock $11.43
Cat: SD45S 008. Rel: 06 Jan 20
  1. Da Hardcore Style For The B Boy (2:20)
  2. Let's Get Up, Let's Get Down (2:37)
  3. Back To The Beat (2:27)
  4. If You Can't Walk The Walk (Don't Talk The Talk) (2:26)
 in stock $9.83
Da Hardcore Style For The B Boy (limited white vinyl 7")
Cat: SD45S 008C. Rel: 06 Jan 20
  1. Da Hardcore Style For The B Boy (2:19)
  2. Let's Get Up, Let's Get Down (2:38)
  3. Back To The Beat (2:27)
  4. If You Can't Walk The Walk (Don't Talk The Talk) (2:25)
Review: Bulgarian label Soul Dynamite continues to defy expectations with yet another crisp and contemporary take on classic boom bap. Another must have for all b-boy DJs and funky breaks loving heads, "Da Hardcore Style For The B Boy" opens up with a golden bit of retro soul, "Let's Get Up, Let's Get Down" cuts a fine groove with trilling chords and "Back To The Beat" features some big samples and even bigger drum breaks. "If You Can't Walk The Walk (Don't Talk The Talk)" closes out in smooth rolling fashion for those earlier warm up sets.
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 in stock $11.68
Cat: LCNMT 3914. Rel: 03 Feb 20
  1. By Any Means (2:16)
  2. Bullets (feat Conway The Machine) (5:44)
  3. Smoked & Butchered (feat Styles P ) (3:17)
  4. 7:30 (feat WestSide Gunn) (3:23)
  5. Drug Rap (3:06)
  6. Toast (2:40)
 in stock $32.95
Gin & Juice (reissue) (blue vinyl 7" limited to 200 copies) (1 per customer)
Cat: IMP 001BLUE. Rel: 05 Feb 20
  1. Snoop Doggy Dogg - "Gin & Juice" (4:08)
  2. DJ Quik - "Just Lyke Compton" (4:13)
Review: The self-explanatory "Pimpala West Coast Classics" series does exactly what it says on the label, delivering tidy seven-inch singles featuring subtle new edits of much-loved 1990s West Coast hip-hop gems by DJ/[producer Ronnie Frazzle. This time round he turns his attention to Snoop's Dr Dre-produced mega-hit "Gin & Juice", a delightfully laidback 1993 number that's often cited as one of the finest moments of hip-hop's "golden era". Over on the flip it's all about DJ Quik's 1992 Profile Records single "Just Lyke Compton", an even more laidback and groovy affair that pays tribute to the notorious LA neighbourhood that became the focal point of the enormous "gangsta" hip-hop scene of the 1990s.
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 in stock $10.62
Cat: FW 204. Rel: 06 Feb 20
  1. Tall Black Guy - "I Will Never Know" (feat Moonchild - 14KT IAMABEENIE remix) (4:25)
  2. 14KT - "The Power Of Same" (feat Muhsinah - Tall Black Guy remix) (4:01)
Review: First Word's latest must-have 12" sees label regulars Tall Black Guy (AKA hip-hop beat-maker Terrel Wallace) and self-proclaimed "chop artist" 14KT (real name Kendall Tucker) remix each other's tracks. The latter steps up first to re-configure Wallace's Moonchild collaboration "I Will Never Know" as a folksy, bass-heavy chunk of slipped soul/jazz fusion dripping with folksy acoustic guitars and ear-catching vocals. Wallace repays the compliment on the flip, delivering a warm, crispy and R&B-influenced hip-hop soul revision of recent single "The Power Of Same", featuring the seductive vocals of Muhsinah. If soul, jazz and hip-hop all float your boat, this should be an essential purchase.
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 in stock $6.11
Nola Breaks Volume 10 (purple marbled vinyl 7") (1 per customer)
Cat: FSJ 120. Rel: 12 Feb 20
  1. The Unemployed - "Funky Thing" (part 1 - Professor Shorthair remix) (4:24)
  2. Lee Dorsey - "Occapella" (Professor Shorthair remix) (3:26)
Review: Somewhat predictably, this double-dose of party-hearty Professor Shorthair remixes is as colourful and vibrant as the purple marbled vinyl seven-inch onto which the tracks are pressed. On side A he does his thing with The Unemployed's rugged 1970 funk-rock jam "Funky Thing", beefing up the beats for modern dancefloors while adding a choice selection of scratched-in samples. Arguably even better is his rework of Lee Dorsey's "Occapella", a sweet, lo-slung groover that gets re-cast as a dubbed-out chunk of hazy, bass-heavy hip-hop soul rich in echo-laden vocal snippets, snatches of rap and hazy horns. As Dorsey's vocal says, it's "finger-snapping good"!
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 in stock $11.16
Cat: HHBB 7004. Rel: 17 Jan 20
  1. Lyrical Assault (3:37)
  2. I'm A Always Shine (3:38)
 in stock $12.22
1994 (limited numbered LP in 3D sleeve + 3D glasses)
Cat: DRW 049. Rel: 17 Jan 20
  1. Che'Noir & RJ Payne - "NY State Of Mind" (2:53)
  2. El Camino & Ty Farris - "Warning" (2:16)
  3. Fred The Godson & Rain 910 - "Mass Appeal" (3:15)
  4. Daniel Son & Rome Streetz - "Supa Star" (2:14)
  5. Benny The Butcher, Conway The Machine & 38 Spesh - "Never Seen A Man Cry" (4:13)
  6. Flee Lord & The Musalini - "Come Clean" (2:21)
  7. Rasheed Chappell & Street Justice - "Rugged Never Smooth" (3:07)
  8. Jai Black & Jamal Gasol - "Time's Up" (2:36)
  9. Cory Gunz & Grafh - "Bring The Pain" (2:37)
  10. Flashius Clayton & Planet Asia - "PLO Style" (3:20)
  11. Ampichino, G4 Jag & Reef Hustle - "Born To Roll" (3:10)
  12. Hus & Rim - "Stress" (4:10)
  13. Black Geez & Lil' Eto - "Most Beautifulest Thing In This World" (2:34)
 in stock $29.76
Royal (2xLP + CD)
Cat: 337588 6. Rel: 07 Feb 20
  1. Rest Assured (4:21)
  2. Beautiful (4:03)
  3. Fool's Gold (3:15)
  4. Ne Quelque Part (4:11)
  5. Rosie Blue (4:09)
  6. Throw It Away (5:05)
  7. Fix Me Up (4:48)
  8. Afro Blue (2:57)
  9. I'm In Love (3:44)
  10. Ocean (4:41)
  11. Just Like I Can't (4:14)
  12. Royal (4:56)
  13. Rest Assured
  14. Beautiful
  15. Fool's Gold
  16. Ne Quelque Part
  17. Rosie Blue
  18. Throw It Away
  19. Fix Me Up
  20. Afro Blue
  21. I'm In Love
  22. Ocean
  23. Just Like I Can't
  24. Royal
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More Amazing Stories Vol 3 (LP + insert + sticker)
Cat: DWG 026. Rel: 24 Dec 19
  1. Intro (0:57)
  2. Source Promo (1:56)
  3. Pop Goes Da Weasel (2:00)
  4. This Is The Way We Turn It Out (5:09)
  5. Which Posse Can Dance The Best (4:40)
  6. Who Got The Power Freestyle (2:55)
  7. Anutha Dose (4:37)
  8. Off 2 Da Moon (2:19)
  9. 3rd Story (Guitar mix) (5:00)
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The Def Jam Master Demos (blue marbled vinyl LP)
Cat: YDLP 004. Rel: 13 Jan 20
  1. Fight For For Your Right (4:08)
  2. Rhymin & Stealin (4:17)
  3. The New Style (4:39)
  4. She's Crafty (3:38)
  5. I'm Down (3:38)
  6. Posse In Effect (2:31)
  7. No Sleep Till Brooklyn (4:31)
  8. Paul Revere (3:46)
  9. Brass Monkey (2:42)
  10. Hold It Now, Hit It (3:35)
  11. Girls (2:16)
  12. Slow & Low (3:37)
  13. Time To Get Ill (3:40)
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Cat: NXT 106LP. Rel: 31 Jan 20
  1. Inreo Skit (0:27)
  2. Crowns For Kings (feat Black Thought) (4:29)
  3. Sunday School (feat 38 Spesh & Jadakiss) (5:50)
  4. Dirty Harry (feat RJ Payne & Conway The Machine) (3:44)
  5. Took The Money To The Plug's House (3:21)
  6. 18 Wheeler (feat Pusha T) (2:42)
  7. 5 To 50 (feat India) (3:50)
  8. Crowns For Kings (instrumental) (2:18)
  9. Sunday School (instrumental) (5:54)
  10. Dirty Harry (instrumental) (3:43)
  11. 18 Wheeler (instrumental) (2:39)
  12. 5 To 50 (instrumental) (3:05)
Review: Griselda Records' own Benny The Butcher is a contemporary hip hop mainstay who has seen plenty of commercial success and critical acclaim. His The Plugs I Met features collaborations with Pusha T, Jadakiss, Conway, RJ Payne, Alchemist and Daringer and built on early success with a sounds that shows he is the embodiment of now. This specially extended version features some previously unreleased instrumentals, while the originals are beautiful soul drenched affairs with a subtle gospel feel and deep cut production. The guests all come through but don't detract from Benny The Butcher's singular sound.
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