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New releases last four weeks: UK Garage

UK Garage vinyl released in the last four weeks
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What You Want EP
What You Want EP (180 gram vinyl 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: BMR 002. Rel: 18 Jul 24
What You Want (feat Colonel Red) (6:32)
Beautiful (feat Colonel Red) (7:19)
What You Want (feat Colonel Red - DJ Crisps remix) (7:14)
Let's Get Wild (Orlando Voorn remix) (6:30)
Review: Bouman is looking to establish itself in the deep house world and made a fine start with its first EO, This second one is another head-turner that comes from Benx with a couple of sweet remixes. 'What You Want' (feat Colonel Red) opens up with some soul-drenched sounds and lively drum programming topped with a great original vocal. 'Beautiful' is more warm house with smoky chord work that calls to mind early Kerri Chandler. A DJ Crisps remix brings some real bass weight and garage percussion and last of all, Orlando Voorn remixes 'Let's Get Wild' into a bulky techno roller.

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Stand Up
Stand Up (12")
Cat: FRO 021. Rel: 08 Jul 24
MJ Cole & K-Lone - "Stand Up" (5:32)
MJ Cole - "Lay It All On The Line" (4:33)
K-Lone - "Bonez" (4:06)
Review: The Fabric Originals label continues to establish itself as a place that is just as reliable for fresh sounds as the club it is named after. This latest outing is a 21st such EP and comes from the one and only garage great that is MJ Cole paired with new school innovator K Lone. They make a perfect partnership, in truth, with opener 'Stand Up' pairing balmy pads and rich bass sounds with a hooky little vocal. It's brilliantly sensuous with tender keys finishing it in style. Cole then goes it alone on 'Lay It All On The Line' which has a more broken post-dubstep style beat and K-Lone's 'Bonez' is delightfully airy, cavernous bass brilliance.
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FOXBAM INC 002 (180 gram pink vinyl 12")
Cat: FBI 002. Rel: 24 Jun 24
Egebamyasi - "Goldtooth" (6:08)
Foxtrot vs Ma Bla - "Deep Down Inside" (5:46)
bRz vs Stije - "ISCO" (12:48)
Review: FOXBAM INC is back to build on the momentum of their first EP with a second one that packs a mighty punch. This one kicks off with EBY, who this year has been cooking up acid for 40 years and here offers the warped low ends and garage-techno power of 'Goldtooth'. Foxtrot vs Ma Bla then mashes up old school samples with earth-shattering bass on 'Deep Down Inside' and bRz vs Stije is a double-time hard techno stomper with warped synths and twisted bass that is inspired by and named after ISCO, a concept from Einstein's general theory of relativity that makes predictions about the dynamics of black holes.
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Club Cute
Club Cute (pink vinyl LP (indie exclusive))
Cat: TB 10P. Rel: 04 Jul 24
Heyyyyy (2:19)
Bridge City (1:57)
Tekfunk (3:10)
Made To Measure (feat Katy B) (3:51)
Who Are Ya? (4:14)
What Tha Meanin' (feat Goya Gumbani) (2:43)
Univerz (feat Brother Portrait) (4:49)
Wivwiv (feat Shy One) (2:28)
Mooood (3:16)
Another Ghost (5:14)
On Year '34 (5:21)
Is Still (feat Jadasea) (4:53)
Review: South London's innovative Ben Hauke unveils his highly anticipated debut album, Club Cute, here on Touching Bass, a label helmed by Errol and Alex Rita. Known for his dynamic and genre-blending beats, Hauke has carved his own path over the past decade and that carries on here with a rich album featuring collabs with acclaimed artists like Goya Gumbani, Katy B and Shy One, among others. Across the course of the record, he effortlessly melds diverse influences into a cohesive whole as he traverses deep house rhythms, UK garage grooves, and tough techno beats. Hauke's mastery in crafting an electrifying and boundary-defying sound is well evident here.
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Club Cute
Cat: TB 10. Rel: 04 Jul 24
Heyyyyy (2:17)
Bridge City (1:55)
Tekfunk (3:08)
Made To Measure (feat Katy B) (3:10)
Who Are Ya? (4:08)
What Tha Meanin' (feat Goya Gumbani) (2:46)
Univerz (feat Brother Portrait) (4:51)
Wivwiv (feat Shy One) (2:24)
Moooood (3:21)
Another Ghost (5:16)
On Year '34 (5:05)
Is Still (feat Jadasea) (4:02)
Review: Young South London dance veteran Ben Hauke delivers a worthy full-length LP for Touching Bass, Club Cute, a self-described love letter to the city's club culture. Feeling outwards from his establishing, Rye Wax-adjacent EPs and 12"s - which sounded more rooted in 4x4 house, albeit with an unmistakably SE-tinged wonky bent - Hauke's latest here leans further into the broken beats and UK garages more befitting of a full-length dance record. Welcoming a star cast of vocal and production plus-ones to the party (Jadasea, Brother Portrait, Shy One, even Katy B (!)), the effortless feel of UK club culture, particularly the midnight moods endemic to quote-unquote 'SELDN' and its many nighttime haunts in centres like Peckham, Deptford, New Cross and Bermondsey, is felt lightheartedly - cutely - throughout.
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SPIL CUTS 001 (feat Zed Bias, Jeremy Sylvester mixes)
Cat: SPILCUTS 001. Rel: 01 Jul 24
Jack Swift - "Perfection" (5:13)
Jack Swift - "Perfection" (Zed Bias 25 Years Deep remix) (4:20)
Jack Swift - "That’s It Mate" (Jeremy Sylvester Vintage Rub) (5:11)
Scott Diaz - "SPIL The Beanz" (6:12)
Review: SPIL Records makes its debut in the world of vinyl with a new 12" featuring fresh sounds from label head Jack Swift and one from Scott Diaz while remixes are taken care of by a pair of UK legends in Zed Bias and Jeremy Sylvester. Swift's 'Perfection' opens up with some well swung and dusty garage-house beats and a nice warped bassline. It's then over to Bias for his 25 Years Deep Remix which brings some prickly 2-step vibes. On the B-side, Swift's 'That's It Mate' gets a Vintage Rerun from Jeremy Sylvester that is pure vibes and last of all, Diaz's 'SPIL The Beanz' is a fourth and final floor-filling garage house classic.
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Played by: Superbreak
 in stock $13.19
Straight 2 The Neck EP
Straight 2 The Neck EP (red marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: TIN 059R. Rel: 19 Jul 24
Heat In The Dance (5:01)
Paradise (4x4 mix) (5:02)
Lighter Massive (5:21)
Straight 2 The Neck (4:53)
Review: Killjoy's Straight 2 The Neck EP delivers four vibrant UK Garage tracks guaranteed to ignite any party. Side-1 starts with 'Heat In The Dance,' a catchy mid-tempo breaks track featuring a swirling, atmospheric drop that captivates from the get-go. Following this, 'Paradise' (4x4 mix) brings a heavy garage bassline infused with elements of 90s house, creating a nostalgic yet fresh sound. Side-2 opens with 'Lighter Massive,' an energetic and busy house track designed to shake the dancefloor. The EP closes with the title track, 'Straight 2 The Neck,' which blends jungle influences with bouncy, MC sample-laden beats for a high-octane finish. Killjoy's Straight 2 The Neck EP is a fun and dynamic addition to the UK Garage genre, showing the diverse influences and infectious energy throughout.
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Done Me Wrong
Cat: NMBRS 16. Rel: 25 Jun 24
Done Me Wrong (5:32)
Bax (5:36)
Review: 'Done Me Wrong' is one of trailblazing Glasgow label Numbers' essential cash cows. The track is etched into the brains of most clubbers still out today, owing to that short but sweet, mid-2010s interregnum that somehow bridged the gap between UK funky, post-dubstep, future bass and Night Slugs adjacent 'wave'. As is the case with the Hyph Mngos and the Midnight Request Lines of the era, producer Mosca seems to have touched a collective nerve with this one, one that lent the 'Done Me Wrong' a self-starting energy that served to promote itself; or perhaps that's an illusion, as it was, of course, rinsed to death on Rinse FM, and included in many a post dubstep DJ set too. Whatever the case, 'Done Me Wrong' and its inverse 'Bax' reflect the playfulness of a transitory era in bass music, being two of those tunes that, despite all our genre namedrops, never quite fit into any neat box.
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Beginner's Luck EP
Cat: JPRV 001. Rel: 01 Jul 24
Down Like That (5:31)
Waiting On (5:53)
Don't Give Up (5:35)
Work Me (6:29)
Review: Jackpot Recordings is a fresh sub-label brought to you by London-based production duo Club of Jacks. Their debut release showcases solo sessions from one half of the COJ crew, Max One aka MX1, and stays true to their signature UK garage-influenced house sound. The EP commences with 'Down Like That,' which has lively beats, resonant analogue sub-bass, and velvety chords with classic r&b samples while 'Waiting On' has swung beats and chord stabs with more captivating vocals. Don't Give Up' then brings a little sun to the grooves with funky undertones and 'Work Me' closes the EP with a more moody late-night vibe.
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Played by: Paul Starey
 in stock $13.99
Rock With Me EP
Cat: TIN 057. Rel: 04 Jul 24
Need 2 Know (3:16)
Make Sum Noise (5:14)
Rock With Me (5:12)
Phoneline (5:20)
Strictly OG Rocking (4:25)
Review: Time Is Now is one of the current garage generations best outlets and is now well over 50 EPs deep. The latest drop comes from ODF who kicks off with 'Need 2 Know' which is full of wispy melodies and old school bassline bounce. It's feel good and full of neon colour. 'Make Sum Noise' is indebted to speed bassline with its fast paced shuffle and naughty throwback bass. 'Rock With Me' brings another great mix of unrelenting low ends, retro cool and new school produciton techniques. On the flip, 'Phoneline' keeps it deep while 'Strictly OG Rocking' takes off on whirring jungle breakbeats.
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Turn The Page
Turn The Page (1-sided etched 12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: XL 1439T. Rel: 11 Jul 24
Turn The Page (4:25)
Review: Overmono's reimagining of The Streets' classic 'Turn The Page' is a technofied marvel, delivering a pulsating journey that pays homage to the original while carving out its own unique identity. Retaining Mike Skinner's distinctive vocals and UKG essence, Overmono infuses the track with a darker, more relentless energy. The bassline is pronounced, driving the groove forward with unwavering intensity, while tempo shifts add an ecstatic dimension to the experience. The result is a captivating blend of nostalgia and innovation, perfectly suited for dancefloors craving a modern twist on a beloved anthem.
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Bloodlines (2xLP)
Cat: PBR 010. Rel: 25 Jun 24
No Brainer (4:55)
Kabballah (5:17)
Habibi (4:18)
Breaks Over Baghdad (4:36)
Babylonia (3:58)
Wenu Dub (4:44)
Cat (4:25)
Hot Cat Summer (5:30)
Cats Of Iraq (5:07)
Abi (5:10)
Review: Three years in the making, Peaky Beats' debut ten-track LP Bloodlines takes us on a journey through ancient and modern Middle-Eastern sounds fused with the whole gamut of UK bass music. Whether riffing off the mystical promises of the Jewish 'Kabbalah' or the feline gaze of the 'Cats Of Iraq', this is hardly a record sharing in the moody obsessional headnods evinced by Muslimgauze; instead, all tracks here are weighty two-steppers' gut-punctures, squeezing reams of tricksy garagey fun from the otherwise sparse reference to the Middle East - though this is eventually thoroughly fleshed out, especially in the use of characteristically Levantine samples in the breakdowns and transitions.
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REPWIND 003 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: REPWIND 003. Rel: 24 Jun 24
Perception & Andy G - "Let's Go" (SR Lunar dub) (5:11)
Conspiracy Dubz - "Musical Rush" (4:46)
PJ Statham - "All Dancers" (5:03)
Ease Up George - "Good Love" (4:58)
Groovy D - "Another Chance" (4:31)
Xamount - "Physical" (6:17)
Review: Reptile Mob is back with a third part of its superb on going compilation series and this one looks at different aspects of the garage house sound. Side a-begins with some fresh four-four grooves no least the opener from the legend that is Perception with Andy G and S.R.'s dubby 'Let's Go' remix. Conspiracy Dubz keeps it bumping with the old school feels of 'Musical Rush' and on the B-side it is more of a 2-step sound that emerges with jazzy melodies and female vocals. Groovy D's 'Another Chance' is the real standout for us with its classic vocal sample worked into a nice kinetic rhythm.
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Played by: Paul Starey
 in stock $14.26
True Magic
Cat: ZENCD 305. Rel: 11 Jul 24
Start (3:55)
Saving Flowers (feat Rina Sawayama) (3:50)
Reason (feat Karma Kid) (1:23)
Lift Off! (feat Disclosure) (2:07)
Maybe It's U (feat Sam Gellaitry) (3:47)
Go! (2:10)
True Magic, Bonus Round (1:05)
One Of Those Nights (feat Empress Of) (3:11)
Move Faster (4:29)
System (3:50)
Softly (feat Lea Sen) (3:29)
Luv Stuck (feat Piri) (2:42)
Perfect (feat Leilah) (4:17)
Drive (feat Leilah) (4:11)
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Only U EP
Only U EP (12")
Cat: TIN 050B. Rel: 27 Jun 24
Nobody Else But U (6:14)
Break Ur Heart (5:20)
Cookin Up Yer Brain (5:18)
Stand By Me (4:09)
 in stock $14.80
Portal 1
Portal 1 (light blue vinyl 12")
Cat: SR 187. Rel: 10 Jul 24
Hectic (7:04)
Pure Potential (9:14)
Review: The unstoppable production powerhouse that is Paul Woolford aka Special Request is back with another of his frankly ridiculous run of releases. Never one to just drop a single tune, this year he has several albums on the way off the back of his superb re-imagining of the KLF's cult 'What Time Is Love?' and this Portals Box Set Project is one of them. It is a multi-part collection that "uses today's modern technology to bring you the sound of tomorrow" and each limited edition 12" comes with its own custom artwork by Nic Hamilton. As you should expect, these are all utterly monstrous bangers and this first part has the high-pressure techno bounce of 'Hectic' and 'Pure Potential' to welcome you to the Portal.

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Fabric Presents The Streets
Cat: FABRIC 220. Rel: 04 Jul 24
The Streets - "No Better Than Chance"
Cesco, Hamdi - "Swing King"
Hilts - "345" (feat IZCO)
LAU RA - "The Danger"
TQD - "Nice & Close"
Douvelle19, Catching Cairo - "U Could Be Mine"
Coki, Leotrix - "DIY" (feat Flowdan)
Manga Saint Hilare, MoreNight - "Exercise" (feat Kamakaze)
Tentendo, Mustbejohn - "Motive"
MPH - "Overrated"
Oppidan - "Mr Sandman"
Dusky - "Eros" (Interplanetary Criminal remix)
Fred Again, The Streets, Dermot Kennedy - "Mike (Desert Island Duvet)" (Skinners version)
Fantom Freq, Eric Mark - "Wicked Sound" (feat Dread MC)
Bruza - "Boiling Point" (feat Logan Olm)
The Streets - "Cannot Be A Lie"
Mike Skinner - "Sharp Knives Are Safer"
33 Below, DRIIA - "LOYAL"
The Streets - "Boxing In Slow Motion"
Mike Skinner - "Hands Down"
Icarus - "Change" (Bullet Tooth remix)
Mike Skinner - "Neine To 5"
Nineteen97 - "Outdablu"
Enigma Dubz, Snowy - "Lost It" (Medicine Place remix)
Hustle Athletics - "Lekker" (Posij remix)
Caspa - "Silly" (feat Dynamite)
Ance - "Distinct"
Biicla - "That's My Shit"
Emz - "Free" (feat Nasser & Valor)
Rohaan, Kelbin - "Run Away"
The Streets - "End Of The Queue"
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Fabric Presents The Streets
Fabric Presents The Streets (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: FABRIC 220LP. Rel: 04 Jul 24
The Streets - "No Better Than Chance" (3:41)
Dusky - "Eros" (Interplanetary Criminal remix) (5:41)
The Streets - "End Of The Queue" (3:17)
33 Below & DRIIA - "Loyal" (4:18)
Mike Skinner - "Hands Down" (2:13)
Cesco & Hamdi - "Swing King" (4:25)
Coki & Leotrix - "DIY" (feat Flowdan - Old Skool mix) (3:11)
Emz - "Free" (feat Nasser & Valor) (3:09)
 in stock $24.49
Shell Them Again (feat Zed Bias & Safire remix)
Cat: IFGGG 005. Rel: 01 Jul 24
Shell Them Again (3:06)
Shell Them Again (dub mix) (3:07)
Shell Them Again (Zed Bias & Safire remix) (3:22)
Shell Them Again (acappella) (2:50)
Review: Garage powerhouse Zed Bias is back with more old school garage brilliance with the new single 'Shell Them Again' featuring the vocals of Yung Saber and Brakeman. The original has plenty of retro signifiers from the low-end wobble to the withering synth effects, plus crisp hits and jostling drums. After the dub mix comes a remix from Zed himself alongside Safire which is much more dirty and raw. The beats are broken up so the track takes on a dubstep quality as the low-end oscillations bring the weight and drums hit with more force. Finally, the acappella closes out this fresh 12" on IFG.
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 in stock $13.99
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