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Back in stock: UK Garage

UK Garage vinyl represses and restocks
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Soul Of Life (reissue)
Cat: ONLY 24. Rel: 18 Mar 24
Soul Of Life I (6:34)
Soul Of Life II (5:54)
Soul Of Life III (5:02)
Review: ACME is Jerome Isma-Ae and WJ Henze and they first wrote their 'Soul Of Life' EP in 1998, back when tech house was still new and exciting. It was one of the genre's biggest tunes at the time and has remained ever popular in the years since for the way it draws on sped garage and techno for its vibes. This faithful reissue offers up the tune in three related but distinctive parts so that you have whatever you need at whatever point in the night you may be. We like 'Part II' with its more balmy and heady cosmic chords.
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Played by: Paul Starey
 in stock $14.85
Feel Da Rain
Cat: CRN 004. Rel: 19 Apr 24
Feel Da Rain (8:12)
Feel Da Rain (D' Pac Rhodes dub) (7:45)
Review: First released way back in 1994 on Kevin Saunderson's KMS label, Dionne Warren's Brian Hall-produced deep house gem 'Feel Da Rain' gets a new lease of life thanks to Windsor, Ontario imprint Collective Rhythm Network (CRN). While the original 12" also featured rubs from Alton Miller and Stacey Pullen, it's D'Pac Patel's dub . a warm, rolling, US garage influenced deep house workout rich in tactile organ stabs, superb grooves and short samples of Warren's vocals - that has become the most sought-after version. On this 12", we get Patel's full-length dub (it was edited down on the original 12") and a previously unreleased 'Rhodes Dub' that adds extra electric piano action for added warmth and flavour.
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 in stock $18.84
Can't Wait EP
Can't Wait EP (hand-numbered hand-stamped 180 gram vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: P98 007. Rel: 17 Apr 24
Can't Wait (6:59)
Can't Wait (L&F remix) (6:50)
Ring The Alarm (6:34)
Who's Laughing Now (7:02)
 in stock $16.98
Cat: INSTINCT 29. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Checkpoint (5:30)
The Going Is Rough (5:38)
Beat 93 (5:33)
Review: REPRESS ALERT!: If you're reading this then you will know that Instinct is one of the UK's powerhouse garage labels. Run by Burnski aka James Burnham it deals in serious tackle for rude boys and nasty girls. The drums hit hard, the reversed bassline burn goose old school cool and there gun finger salutes come thick and fast throughout this EP from Mance. 'Checkpoint' opens with the dusty drum shuffles and bulbous bass, then 'The Going Is Rough' is a little more soulful and sweet with its rolling basslines and silky pads. 'Beat 93' closes down with a seriously OG garage sound that takes you back to the mid-90s.
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 in stock $13.54
Cat: SUN 003. Rel: 08 May 24
Mind Traveller
Mutant (with Rhoshi)
Come Around (with Rory Sweeney)
Brand New (feat K-caz & EMBY)
Super Maramu 2000
Make It Work
Two Thousands (feat EMBY & Curtisy)
Rocks (feat K-caz & Vaticanjail)
Lights On (feat Yamagochi)
 in stock $26.80
Real Love EP
Real Love EP (limited 12")
Cat: GAB 003. Rel: 02 Feb 24
Wait No More (6:38)
Lovin Me (7:03)
Real Love (Mercy mix) (7:10)
Fly (6:16)
 in stock $13.28
A Grand Don't Come For Free (reissue)
A Grand Don't Come For Free (reissue) (limited red vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 505419 7732478. Rel: 02 May 24
It Was Supposed To Be So Easy
Could Well Be In
Not Addicted
Blinded By The Lights
Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way
Get Out Of My House
Fit But You Know It
Such A Twat
What Is He Thinking?
Dry Your Eyes
Empty Cans
Review: A Grand Don't Come for Free is a poignant narrative crafted by Mike Skinner, transcending typical hip-hop tropes with its intimate exploration of everyday life and relationships. Skinner's awkward yet charming delivery, paired with a minimalist musical backdrop, draws listeners into a story of loss, love and self-discovery. From the mundane to the profound, Skinner captures the essence of human experience with bare honesty and endearing intimacy, evoking both laughter and tears - quite literally in the case of its biggest hit, 'Dry Your Eyes'. With its focus on the minutiae of life and the importance of connection, A Grand Don't Come for Free remains a timeless and compelling album that is worth revisiting often and now is offered on a new reissued for 2024.
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 in stock $31.31
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