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Back Catalogue: Funky/Club House

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Outta My Way (7 track CD single)
Cat: S1090 CDS2012. Rel: 17 Feb 12
  1. Outta My Way (original Joy Di Maggio radio remix)
  2. Outta My Way (original Joy Di Maggio extended remix)
  3. Outta My Way (Joy Di Maggio vs Freedome radio remix)
  4. Outta My Way (Joy Di Maggio vs Freedome extended remix)
  5. Outta My Way (Joy Di Maggio vs DJ Slave radio remix)
  6. Outta My Way (Joy Di Maggio vs DJ Slave extended remix)
  7. Outta My Way (Mauro Del Principe remix)
$7.96 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.80
You Make Me Smile (CD single)
Cat: S1019 CDS. Rel: 19 Jun 09
  1. You Make Me Smile (original mix)
  2. You Make Me Smile (dub mix)
  3. You Make Me Smile (Elettromix)
  4. You Make Me Smile (Yasdan remix)
$7.42 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.74
Your Lovin (12")
Cat: EMOTIVE 003. Rel: 17 May 17
  1. Your Lovin' (6:51)
  2. That Flow (6:03)
Review: Finn Casey and Thomas L aka Silk 86 team up with Blamma! Blamma! which coincidentally features Casey in conjunction with Brooklynite Nick DC and they all run new imprint Emotive together: this being their third release for the imprint. "Your Lovin" is a loopy disco edit sure to make them work up a sweat on the dancefloor with its funky bassline and sexy vocals. On the flip, "That Flow" follows in suit, going deeper into the night with its wild sax solo, life affirming dialogue and all round strong groove.
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 in stock $10.60
Congo (12")
Cat: SR 12265R. Rel: 16 Feb 07
  1. Congo (D Max mix)
  2. Congo (Tunnel mix)
  3. Congo (Ministry Anthem)
 in stock $3.98
Cat: RUD 12001. Rel: 10 Mar 05
  1. My Kind Of Lady (Terry Brookes remix)
  2. Love You Always (Terry Brookes remix)
  3. Ladies Man (Terry Brookes remix)
 in stock $5.84
Lovin' Me (12")
Cat: SITU 012. Rel: 12 Jul 17
  1. Lovin' Me (dubtribe Soundsystem remix) (10:43)
  2. Lovin' Me (Harley & Muscle remix) (7:45)
  3. Lovin' Me (BitterSuite remix) (7:04)
Review: Third time around for BRS's deep house classic "Lovin' Me", which first appeared on Dubtribe Sound System's Imperial Dub imprint way back at the turn of the millennium. Speaking of Dubtribe, the San Francisco duo's brilliant remix - a near perfect fusion of Idjuts style, delay-laden percussion hits, dub disco bass, echoing vocal samples and rich chords - takes pride of place on the A-side of this Situationism reissue. Flip to the B-side to wallow in the slick and sumptuous late night soulfulness of Harley & Muscle's overlooked 2006 rework. Speaking of soul, check the brilliant positivity of Bitasuite's remix (taken from the same '06 Peng reissue), which effortlessly joins the dots between British deep house, modern soul and New Jersey garage. Essential.
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 in stock $10.08
CALM presents KF
Shining Of Life (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: MUCO 12031. Rel: 14 Dec 17
  1. Shining Of Life (2017 Full Moon mix) (15:13)
  2. Shining Of Life (The House Thing - unreleased mix) (8:21)
Review: Calm's "Shining of Life", a nu-jazz era fusion of soulful U.S house influences, jazzy instrumentation and life-affirming goodtime vibes, first appeared in stores way back in 2004. Here the Japanese producer has chosen to revisit his noughties classic, serving up a brand new "2017 Full Moon Mix" that pushes the track's gospel style vocals, fluid pianos, mazy synths and tasty, disco-influenced grooves to the fore. It's a superb revision, all told, and arguably even better than the near peerless original. On the flip you'll find an unreleased version from the archives that sounds like some long lost Frankie Knuckles remix - all expansive, eyes-closed piano solos, tactile synth bass and unfussy Chicago house beats.
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 in stock $10.34
Cat: SALSA 12032. Rel: 28 May 04
  1. Dancing & Prancing (original Joey Negro 12" remix)
  2. Dancing & Prancing (acappella)
  3. Jingo Breakdown (original Shep Pettibone 12" dub)
  4. Jingo (acappella)
Played by: Salsoul Selection
 in stock $7.69
  1. Thrill Is Gone (Trouble vocal edit) (3:35)
  2. Thrill Is Gone (Trouble instrument edit) (3:36)
  3. 8 To 14 Modulation (Deaf Kick extended mix) (6:53)
  4. Whatewua (feat Alex Checkarally) (7:42)
  5. Say You Sabin (Bozza Nova 97) (4:02)
 in stock $10.08
Stand Up (6 track CD single)
Cat: S1031 CDS. Rel: 11 Dec 09
  1. Stand Up (original radio edit)
  2. Stand Up (original mix)
  3. Stand Up (Alex Barattini radio edit)
  4. Stand Up (Alex Barattini remix)
  5. Stand Up (Amorhouse & Fennel Space mix)
  6. Stand Up (Outwave Project remix)
$7.42 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.74
Mexico (7 track CD single)
Cat: SCM/CD 027. Rel: 21 Jun 10
  1. Mexico (Sammy Love vs Fabrizio Nicolosi radio edit)
  2. Mexico (ammy Love vs Fabrizio Nicolosi remix)
  3. Mexico (Dany Lorence remix)
  4. Mexico (Manuel Costa remix)
  5. Mexico (DJ Storm remix)
  6. Mexico (Lorenzo Tomassini remix)
  7. Mexico (1957 reworked)
$7.96 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.80
One More Night (CD single)
Cat: SR 1012. Rel: 15 Jun 13
  1. One More Night (radio edit)
  2. One More Night (extended mix)
  3. One More Night (club edit)
  4. One More Night (club mix)
  5. One More Night (acappella)
$7.96 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.80
Trismix #14 (Dance) (6 track CD single)
Cat: INR 0212. Rel: 16 Mar 12
  1. Fabio Carnelli - "I Feel Your Love Inside Me" (feat Daniel James - original mix)
  2. Fabio Carnelli - "I Feel Your Love Inside Me" (feat Daniel James - Houseways remix)
  3. F&M Project - "I Don't Bite" (feat Cristina - original mix)
  4. F&M Project - "I Don't Bite" (feat Cristina - Iuri DJ remix)
  5. Lorenzo B - "Sunrise Is Come" (feat Elix England - DJ Uber extended mix)
  6. Lorenzo B - "Sunrise Is Come" (feat Elix England - Nick Cox extended mix)
Played by: Alex P
$7.16 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.72
Freaked Out (CD single)
Cat: EXP 1555D. Rel: 17 Feb 12
  1. Freaked Out (Trumpet radio)
  2. Freaked Out (club radio)
  3. Freaked Out (Trumpet extended)
  4. Freaked Out (club extended)
$7.16 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.72
Catch Me (CD single)
Cat: MS 077-2. Rel: 24 Jan 12
  1. Catch Me (radio edit)
  2. Catch Me (radio extended)
  3. Catch Me (club mix)
  4. Catch Me (reprise)
$7.42 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.74
El Pasito (CD single)
Cat: MS 022-2. Rel: 14 Sep 10
  1. El Pasito (original vocal mix)
  2. El Pasito (original instrumental)
$7.16 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.72
Don't Cry (CD single)
Cat: MS 0032. Rel: 02 Jul 10
  1. Don't Cry (Sandro Murro radio edit)
  2. Don't Cry (Sandro Murro remix)
  3. Don't Cry (original radio edit)
  4. Don't Cry (original mix)
$7.16 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.72
Cat: GO 276276-2. Rel: 15 Mar 11
  1. Music In Me (Lysark & Da Brozz remix)
  2. Music In Me (Suppia remix)
  3. Music In Me (dub mix)
  4. Music In Me (Bottai & Ripari remix)
$7.16 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.72
Music In Me (CD single)
Cat: GO 269269-2. Rel: 20 Dec 10
  1. Music In Me (radio edit)
  2. Music In Me (Carra & Rudari club mix)
  3. Music In Me (original mix)
  4. Music In Me (Carra & Rudari Fantasy mix)
$7.16 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.72
Restless (7 track CD single)
Cat: S 1058CDS. Rel: 23 Sep 10
  1. Restless (original extended)
  2. Restless (Miki Zara & Fabio T remix)
  3. Restless (Elektro Wave Fabio T remix)
  4. Restless (Acidflavour mix)
  5. Restless (Fly version)
  6. Restless (original radio edit)
  7. Restless (Miki Zara & FabioT remix radio edit)
$7.96 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.80
  1. Castaman & Danieli - "Ciapa"
  2. Danny Junior Crash - "Bongo Aitak"
  3. Fabio Selection & Bozzi's Beach - "Fly Alone"
  4. Bo Ca Da - "In Da House"
  5. Mattia Mont - "Game Over"
  6. Katia B - "Yo Lelle"
$9.54 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.95
Bouquet (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: 889853 030910. Rel: 11 Apr 16
  1. Roses (feat Rozes) (3:46)
  2. New York City (3:51)
  3. Until You Were Gone (with Tritonal - feat Emily Warren) (3:37)
  4. Waterbed (feat Waterbed) (3:28)
  5. Good Intentions (feat Bullysongs) (3:26)
  6. Roses (feat Rozes - Telykast, Sokko & Lyons remix) (3:52)
 in stock $13.78
  1. Sidney Charles - "Groove Move"
  2. Ricardo Volilobe - "Love Hate"
  3. Bad Boy Bill, J Paul Getto, Milty Evans - "Do Your Thing"
  4. Rubb Sound System - "Cast A Spell"
Review: Another fully stacked sampler from Guesthouse Music's All-Star line-up. A selection of #1 tracks from Sidney Charles, Bad Boy Bill, Ricardo Volilobe, J Paul Getto, Rubb Soundsystem. You'll find a little something for everyone on Super Secret Squirrel Tracks Vol. 5.
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Played by: Osmose
 in stock $8.48
CHEMICAL (Record Store Day 2017) (1-sided 12" (side 2 etched))
Cat: 0602557177855. Rel: 02 May 17
  1. CHEMICAL (6:17)
Played by: Vincent Inc
 in stock $20.95
Na Beira Do Mar (6 track CD single)
Cat: NDR 108CDS. Rel: 18 Oct 10
  1. Na Beira Do Mar (main radio)
  2. Na Beira Do Mar (DJ Herbie club remix)
  3. Na Beira Do Mar (main mix)
  4. Na Beira Do Mar (Pumpin' mix)
  5. Na Beira Do Mar (club mix)
  6. Na Beira Do Mar (Soulful mix)
Played by: Max Riolo
$7.96 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.80
Only You (6 track CD single)
Cat: S 1053CDS 2010. Rel: 21 Jun 10
  1. Only You (Push & Do radio edit)
  2. Only You (The Mask club mix)
  3. Only You (The Mask Elektro)
  4. Only You (Bios remix)
  5. Only You (original radio edit)
  6. Only You (acappella)
$7.96 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.80
  1. So In Love (With You) (original classic mix)
  2. So In Love (With You) (Daniele Ciordo remix)
  3. So In Love (With You) (Ilario Sorace remix)
  4. So In Love (With You) (original radio edit)
$7.96 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.80
 in stock $8.22
Cat: ZEN 12179R. Rel: 17 Aug 06
  1. Walk A Mile In My Shoes (Timo Garcia & The Chesire Catz remix)
  2. Walk A Mile In My Shoes (Tom Belton S Ssl Re-rub)
Review: Coldcut return with the stand-out single from their critically-acclaimed album, "Sound Mirrors". The pioneering duo take Joe South's classic 70s hit "Walk A Mile In My Shoes" and re-work it in the tradition which started with their own "Autumn Leaves" and incorporates Massive Attack's "Unfinished Sympathy" amongst others. And, as usual, Coldcut know how to pick a collaborator. Robert Owens should need no introduction. One of the true legends of house music, his career as a musical innovator (as well as the possessor of an all-time great voice) runs from pioneer days as one half of Fingers Inc in Chicago in the 80s right up to collaborations with Photek and London Elektricity, via any number of classic tunes including "Tears", "I'll Be Your Friend" and "Ordinary Son". The version of the tune included on the single ties the epic nature of Coldcut's production to a skipping, swinging house rhythm and the kind of anthemic build that leaves you exhausted. It's a truly beautiful piece of music, the contrast between the delicacy of Owens' voice and the weight of the orchestration perfectly realised. And that's before you've even reached the mixes. Tiga takes the original, strips out the music and replaces it with technoid pulses and a harder dancefloor rhythm, with the sweetness of Owens' voice cutting through the intensity. Henrik Schwarz (of Berlin-based Sonar Kollektiv) builds the original into a melancholy, jazzy number which still sets the foot tapping. Tom Belton goes straight for the disco-funk hands-in-the-air jugular, before Timo Garcia hardens up the kick for a full-on club odyssey.
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 in stock $5.04
Heart Of Gold (CD single)
Cat: FRG 106A-2. Rel: 16 Oct 09
  1. Heart Of Gold (original mix)
  2. Heart Of Gold (Paul Carpenter & Olli DJ remix)
  3. Heart Of Gold (radio cut)
$7.16 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.72
Just Push (6 track CD single)
Cat: G1023 CDS. Rel: 12 Feb 10
  1. Just Push (Amoroso & Manuel Costa remix)
  2. Just Push (Andromeda remix)
  3. Just Push (original mix)
  4. Just Push (Phoebo remix)
  5. Just Push (Alphas-X remix)
  6. Just Push (Manuel Costa & DJ Falaska remix)
$7.42 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.74
House Ladies (CD single)
Cat: S 1035CDS. Rel: 12 Feb 10
  1. House Ladies (extended mix)
  2. House Ladies (electro dub mix)
  3. House Ladies (club mix)
  4. House Ladies (radio edit)
$7.42 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.74
Crazy Teacher (6 track CD single)
Cat: KLUB 004CDS. Rel: 11 Dec 09
  1. Crazy Teacher (Music Life mix)
  2. Crazy Teacher (original mix)
  3. Crazy Teacher (Interference mix)
  4. Crazy Teacher (Electrojump remix)
  5. Crazy Teacher (Riky B remix)
  6. Crazy Teacher (Tribe X remix)
$7.96 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.80
Right On (8 track CD single)
Cat: AD 036CDS. Rel: 29 Mar 12
  1. Right On (original radio edit)
  2. Right On (original extended)
  3. Right On (Nick Corline club mix)
  4. Right On (Nick Corline Euro mix)
  5. Right On (Nick Corline & Andy F radio edit)
  6. Right On (Nick Corline & Andy F remix)
  7. Right On (Sergio D'Angelo & Alain Diamond radio edit)
  8. Right On (Sergio D'Angelo & Alain Diamond remix)
 in stock $8.48
Party With Me (9 track CD single)
Cat: CD1025 CDs2011. Rel: 16 May 11
  1. Party With Me (original extended)
  2. Party With Me (Mattias & G80 remix)
  3. Party With Me (Andrea Paci vs Fabio Romano & Andrea Donati remix)
  4. Party With Me (Montano & Cucky remix)
  5. Party With Me (Tote DJ remix)
  6. Party With Me (Mariospray remix)
  7. Party With Me (original instrumental)
  8. Party With Me (original radio edit)
  9. Party With Me (acappella)
 in stock $8.75
Jump EP (CD single )
Cat: BNG 2112CDS. Rel: 05 Dec 12
  1. Jump (extended mix)
  2. Put Your Hands Up (extended mix)
  3. Jump (alternative mix)
  4. Jump (radio edit)
  5. Put Your Hands Up (radio edit)
$7.96 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.80
A Fool (7" + insert)
Cat: 001. Rel: 12 Mar 18
  1. A Fool (4:36)
  2. A Fool (instrumental) (4:36)
Played by: Originals
 in stock $13.53
Cat: DWB 021. Rel: 15 Jul 00
  1. The Season Of Love (club mix)
  2. The Season Of Love (dub mix)
  3. An Old Summer Toyz
 in stock $7.42
Central Reservation (CD single)
Cat: DV 78413CDS. Rel: 18 Dec 13
  1. Central Reservation (The Cube Guys radio mix)
  2. Central Reservation (The Cube Guys club mix)
  3. Central Reservation (Face Off Magik remix)
  4. Central Reservation (accapella - DJ Tool mix - bonus track)
$7.96 SAVE 80%
 in stock $1.59
Cada Vez (CD single)
Cat: DV 77713. Rel: 19 Oct 13
  1. Cada Vez (Michael Gray edit)
  2. Cada Vez (Michael Gray mix)
  3. Cada Vez (The Cube Guys mix)
  4. Cada Vez (acappella)
$7.69 SAVE 80%
 in stock $1.54
Cat: REDROOSTER 01. Rel: 06 Jun 16
  1. D'Arabia - "Pajama Girl" (6:25)
  2. D'Arabia - "Strictly Blue" (5:58)
  3. Dj Rou - "Ako's Party" (5:05)
  4. Dj Rou - "My Luv" (3:33)
 in stock $10.34
Mamma Mia (CD single)
Cat: TKM 072-2. Rel: 12 Oct 10
  1. Mamma Mia (DJ Fernando Lopez Crazy mix)
  2. Mamma Mia (original mix)
  3. Mamma Mia (FL Crazy radio)
  4. Mamma Mia (original radio edit)
$7.16 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.72
Emoglobine (CD single)
Cat: TKM 068-A. Rel: 26 Feb 10
  1. Emoglobine (original mix)
  2. Emoglobine (alternative mix)
  3. Emoglobine (radio edit)
$7.16 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.72
Love Won't Wait (CD single)
Cat: EXP 1575D. Rel: 18 May 12
  1. Love Won't Wait (Antony Reale remix - radio edit)
  2. Love Won't Wait (Antony Reale remix)
  3. Love Won't Wait (original mix)
  4. Love Won't Wait (Tamashi remix)
$7.16 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.72
I Wonder (CD single)
Cat: MS 064-2. Rel: 22 Sep 11
  1. I Wonder (radio edit)
  2. I Wonder (extended)
  3. I Wonder (club mix)
  4. I Wonder (reprise mix)
$7.42 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.74
Wrong & Right (CD single)
Cat: MS 041-2. Rel: 15 Mar 11
  1. Wrong & Right (Dab & Provera vokal)
  2. Wrong & Right (Dab & Paolo Sandrini mix)
  3. Wrong & Right (Samantha Mayer remix)
  4. Wrong & Right (Staves remix)
$7.16 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.72
Cat: MS 081-2. Rel: 24 Jan 12
  1. Something For Everybody (radio edit)
  2. Something For Everybody (extended version)
$7.16 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.72
Have A Hit (12")
Cat: AWAY 01T. Rel: 18 Apr 98
  1. Have A Hit
  2. Have A Hit (Narcotic Thrust remix)
 in stock $5.57
Sexo (7 track CD single)
Cat: MVCD 057. Rel: 25 Jan 11
  1. Sexo (Gianluca Damiano mix)
  2. Sexo (Mat's Mattara dark remix)
  3. Sexo (Lele Procida remix)
  4. Sexo (Francesco Kaffa remix)
  5. Sexo (Danilo Secli remix)
  6. Sexo (original club mix)
  7. Sexo (original radio)
$8.48 SAVE 90%
 in stock $0.85
Costarica (CD single)
Cat: TMM 020CDS. Rel: 21 Jun 10
  1. Costarica (original mix)
  2. Costarica (Latin mix)
  3. Costarica (Francesco Kaffa remix)
  4. Costarica (deep mix)
 in stock $7.42
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Back Catalogue: Funky/Club House
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