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Back Catalogue: Funk Soul & Jazz

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La Pina Madura (7" + insert) (1 per customer)
Cat: NYCT 7038. Rel: 10 May 18
  1. La Pina Madura (part 1) (4:52)
  2. La Pina Madura (part 2) (4:43)
Review: Abelardo Carbono must be one of Colombia's most legendary artists, particularly for championing the sound of "champeta", a guitar-led style that has come to represent the South American country and its music. The Names You Can Trust imprint comes through with a glorious one-tracker by Carbono himself, alongside his 'Grupo' and, unsurprisingly, the masterful modern production of Quantic. "La Pina Madura" is a beast of a track, all built with percussive glory and the fiery South American zest that is made all the more effective by Quantic's post-production work. Slightly off-kilter and irregular in its shapes, this is undoubtedly a 7" single that you will want to bust out this summer. Blazing hot!

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out of stock $11.29
Cat: SUN 002. Rel: 13 Mar 09
  1. Ya Need A Funky Band
  2. Ya Need A Funky Band (Valique's Swing remix)
  3. Ya Need A Funky Band (Da Funky Wiesel remix)
  4. Ya Need A Funky Band (Shantisan's Lowdown remix)
out of stock $5.91
  1. Basement Freaks & Quasamodo - "Move Sucker"
  2. Aldo Vanucci & Feature Cast - "Make You Happy"
  3. Feature Cast - "Funky White Brother"
out of stock $5.91
Rebtuz 017 (12")
Cat: REBTUZ 017. Rel: 13 Dec 07
  1. CL - "Grown Roads" (N edit)
  2. MM - "Heaven On The Ear" (N edit)
  3. J vs Bep - "Where Is The Red" (N edit)
  4. Q & AR v TH - "Lifetime Search" (N edit)
  5. WH - "Deja Vu Is Fine" (N edit)
out of stock $5.91
  1. Cadien - "Uno Esta"
  2. Vincent - "The Conjuror"
  3. Quintet Plays - "Scene 4"
  4. Nookie - "Culture Shock"
out of stock $8.59
Cat: DP 008. Rel: 08 Jul 11
  1. Breathing With DG (Stubby Dials edit)
  2. Breathing With DG (Stubby Dials instrumental)
out of stock $7.52
Tileyard Improvisations Vol 1 (limited heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: GB 1525. Rel: 21 Oct 14
  1. Chronology
  2. Dusk Mass
  3. Theatre Of The Absurd
  4. Animate Expanse
 in stock $9.41
  1. Lee Dorsey - "Get Out Of My Life Woman"
  2. Joe Williams - "Get Out Of My Life Woman"
  3. John Shroeder & Orchestra - "Get Out Of My Life Woman"
  4. Q65 - "Get Out Of My Life Woman"
out of stock $0.00
  1. Quantic presents Flowering Inferno - "Cumbia Sobre El Mar" (feat Nidia Gongora - El Buho remix) (5:11)
  2. Nickodemus, The Spy From Cairo & Gitkin - "Inmortales (Body Move)" (feat Femina - El Buho remix) (5:22)
Review: Following El Buho's "Tributaries" remix album, Wonderwheel offer up this choice 7" featuring two distinct cuts not found on the main record. First up is El Buho's take on grand master Quantic, working with the storied producer's considerable knowledge of Latin music to create a remix of "Cumbia Sobre El Mar" already well loved on globally minded dancefloors. On the flip comes the never before released El Buho version of Nickodemus and Femina's "Inmortales" - a fierce, drum-tastic version to get bodies shaking down.
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Played by: I Love 45's!
 in stock $11.29
The Money Junkie (12" promo)
Cat: KPUR 009. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. The Money Junkie
  2. The Porno Saint
  3. Fun With Gasoline
  4. Reboot The Robot
out of stock $8.59
  1. Basscut - "Ten"
  2. Energise - "Report To The Dancefloor"
  3. Gang Of 4 - "To Hell With Poverty"
  4. King Bee - "Must Be The Music"
  5. Mark Summers - "Summer's Magic"
  6. Quest For Excellence - "Family Of People"
  7. The Royal Family feat Lady Tame - "Tame I Unleashed"
  8. Sike - "Hit 'Em Wit Dat"
  9. The Simpsons - "Do The Bart"
  10. Tongue 'N Cheek - "Forget Me Nots"
  11. Mark Summers - "Working Week"
  12. Xon - "Midnight Express"
out of stock $11.82
  1. Peven Everett - "Gabriel" (part 2)
  2. Quango - "Running Into Love" (feat Lain)
  3. Da One Away - "Re Hash Da Junk"
  4. Likwid Biskit - "Altura Maxima"
out of stock $7.52
  1. Feature Cast - "Chuck Berry"
  2. Qdup Foundation - "Cosmic Soul"
  3. Rephrase - "Get Loose"
out of stock $6.99
The Regrooved Series II (Juno exclusive blue vinyl 12'')
Cat: GG02 JUNOEXCLUSIVE. Rel: 13 Sep 10
  1. Feature Cast - "Chuck Berry"
  2. QDup Foundation - "Cosmic Soul"
  3. Rephrase - "Get Loose"
Review: One of Good Groove's most popular releases gets an exclusive repress on clear dark blue vinyl before the label ends its run of sample based funk-outs in order to focus on original output. Catskills artist Feature Cast gets busy with a bunch of accapellas including a certain woman of the ghetto over an uptempo horn heavy funk groove. On the flip the mysterious QDUP foundation drown a cavalcade of classic hip-hop samples over a loose mid tempo bump.
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out of stock $6.99
Cat: SR 748. Rel: 10 Nov 09
  1. Stan Getz - "Saudade Vem Correndo"
  2. Quincy Jones - "Summer In The City"
out of stock $16.12
Cat: GB 10. Rel: 03 Dec 18
  1. Juan Lui Guerra - "Vale Le Pena" (Toriboo edit) (6:45)
  2. Q-Tip - "Manwomanboogie" (Toriboo edit) (6:50)
out of stock $14.25
Cat: 10EXP 201331. Rel: 18 Jul 13
  1. Johnny Hammond - "Los Conquistadores Chocolates"
  2. Quasimode - "Los Conquistadores Chocolates"
Review: A really cool concept from Expansion here; one side is a reissued seminal classic, the other is a contemporary version. And what a way to start the start the series; hard bop hero Johnny Hammond influenced pretty much every soul, jazz, rare groove and funk artist who've followed in his path, and the joyously unpredictable "Los Conquistadores Chocolates" is one of his best. Naturally Japanese jazz outfit Quasimode are an ideal remix choice. Known for their wildstyle riffage and signature switches, they've paid the utmost respect to Hammond.
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out of stock $9.95
  1. Beta Hector - "Boi Pexte Theme" (feat Boi Peixe)
  2. Quantic & His Combo Barbaro - "Undelivered Letter"
out of stock $8.59
Cat: RACKEMUP 002. Rel: 17 Jun 05
  1. Lakeside - "Fantastic Voyage" (re-edit)
  2. QPSM Unit - "Brooklyn Inferno Quadrophonic" (re-edit)
out of stock $6.44
  1. Secret (Madrid De Los Austrias remix)
  2. Secret (Quantic remix)
  3. Secret (Dublex Inc remix)
  4. Secret (Fake Fellini remix)
Played by: Timewarp
out of stock $10.74
  1. Toldy Maria & Qualiton String Dance Orchestra - "Fazom" (2:36)
  2. Nadja Beimel & Azur Ensemble - "Sahara" (3:17)
  3. Marta Szirmay & Qualiton Jazz Ensemble - "Bagira" (3:07)
  4. Toldy Maria & Studio 11 - "Hobortos Este Volt" (2:56)
out of stock $15.59
O Bofe (limited 7")
Cat: BRZ 45031. Rel: 16 Nov 15
  1. Osmar Milito & Quarteto Forma - "O Bofe" (2:18)
  2. Brasil Ritmo - "Cho Chua" (4:08)
out of stock $8.06
  1. Doris Monteiro - "Se Voce Quiser Mas Sem Bronquear" (3:00)
  2. Quarteto Em Cy - "Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser" (2:45)
Review: Mr Bongo's Brazilian 45 series hits it's ninth gear with two region-defining slices of sun-kissed samba soul. Doris takes the lead with delicate frontage. Leading from the front, all instruments follow her cues and mirror each vocal flourish with mild big band cheekiness. The instantly distinctive "Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser" from sister quartet Quarteto Em Cy is a great twist on a Latin classic with its slightly rocky guitars and full bodied harmonies. Previously released in 1972, a return has been long overdue.
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out of stock $8.06
Cat: RDD 002. Rel: 17 Apr 08
  1. Needa - "Come On & Rock"
  2. Q - "The Voice Of Q"
Played by: Altz
out of stock $8.59
out of stock $8.59
Cat: SR 552. Rel: 05 Sep 07
  1. Mi Swing Es Tropical
  2. The Spirits Within (feat Apani B)
  3. Funky In The Middle (feat Jay Rodriguez & Ticklah)
  4. Peace Pipe (feat Jean Shepherd)
out of stock $19.34
  1. Jonn Nubian - "When It Comes"
  2. Sol - "Reborn"
  3. Qool DJ Marv - "South 51st"
  4. Sol - "Not My Girl"
  5. Mondae Mode - "Unilateral Love"
out of stock $8.59
Vamos A Hacer Edits (10" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: GC 01420. Rel: 07 Jun 19
  1. Vamos A Hacer (extended instrumental) (7:36)
  2. El Pajarito (instrumental) (3:59)
out of stock $20.70
  1. Polar Pair vs Madaslinky feat MC Karolina - "Over My Head"
  2. Polar Pair feat Talisman - "Out Of Sight"
  3. Quantic - "Mishaps Happening" (Prins Thomas edit)
  4. Nirobi & Barakas - "Bungee Jump Against Racism" (Diesler mix)
  5. The Quantic Soul Orchestra - "Walking Through Tomorrow" (TM Juke mix)
out of stock $4.29
Cat: FFWD 001. Rel: 30 Aug 07
  1. Q Burns Abstract Message - "Goddess Of Groove" (remix)
  2. Rob Slac - "Goddess Of Groove" (Gabriela vocals)
  3. Rob Slac - "Goddess Of Groove" (Fast Forwards The Roadtrip remix)
out of stock $8.59
  1. Organ Kane
  2. Jelly
  3. Spreadlove
out of stock $6.44
Cat: FSR 080. Rel: 15 Apr 10
  1. Ritmo Diabolico
  2. The Pink Rider
Review: Formerly known to fans as Quasamodo, producer Dimitris Nassios keeps the funk flowing with his new moniker The Q Orchestra. "Ritmo Diabolico" is an awesome slice of Latin-infused house, with nu-jazz touches to the production that include rolling brass, long rising filter sections and even the odd Cuica sound to keep it bouncy. "The Pink Raider" backs it up perfectly with its chop-socky guitars and smooth, Donald Byrd-style trumpet leads. Look out for the forthcoming album Journey Through Sounds if this rightly floats your boat.

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out of stock $5.37
  1. Q-Tip & Lena Horne - "I Got Rhythm" (Take The Lead remix)
  2. Jae Millz/June Christy/Eric B & Rakim/Mashonda - "I Like That You Can't Take That Away From Me" (main mix)
out of stock $19.34
Cat: TWASW 006230. Rel: 01 Oct 98
out of stock $8.59
Cat: SG 018. Rel: 19 Dec 12
  1. Give Me The Funk
  2. Touch
out of stock $10.70
Cat: SG 019. Rel: 19 Dec 12
  1. Now Is The Time (part 1)
  2. Now Is The Time (part 2)
out of stock $10.70
Cat: SG 009. Rel: 20 Nov 12
  1. We Need The Funk
  2. Funk With Me
out of stock $7.52
Cat: SG 061. Rel: 11 Oct 18
  1. You're My Star (5:06)
  2. Come On! (3:46)
Played by: I Love 45's!
out of stock $14.52
Cat: SG 028. Rel: 15 Apr 15
  1. You're My Music (4:20)
  2. Jennifer (instrumental) (3:44)
Review: Fans of QASB, Tokyo's foremost classic funk act, are in for a treat this week with two 7" hunks of high octane brass and drums business from the band issued through their regular home Soul Garden. By know you know QASB worship at the altar of prime '70s funk and what makes the band so special is the clear mastery of their art and the way their cuts are so damn danceable. Lead singer Amy A is key to horn heavy A Side "You're the Music" which has some killer breaks whilst the flipside instrumental cut sees her take a break to let the players lay down some heat.
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out of stock $10.48
Fly (7")
Cat: SG 029. Rel: 15 Apr 15
  1. Fly (3:51)
  2. Jaguar (instrumental) (3:23)
Review: Amy A and her QASB cohorts come through with the second of two Soul Garden 7"s that really reaffirm their status as Tokyo's foremost exponents of the funk. QASB may be well schooled in the art of '70s funk but the lead cut here, "Fly", has a markedly more contemporary edge to it, and features some of Amy A's most powerful singing yet! As with most 45s from the band, the flip sees QASB flexing their instrumental muscles to the max on "Jaguar" a swift three minute exercise in how to rule on the horns!
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out of stock $11.29
The Key (7")
Cat: QASB 7. Rel: 12 Jan 09
  1. The Key (part 1)
  2. The Key (part 2)
out of stock $5.91
Get Down (7")
Cat: HR7S 151. Rel: 23 Sep 19
  1. Get Down (DJ Kawasaki Disco re-edit) (4:55)
  2. Double Decker (Sho Da Scottie remix) (4:09)
Played by: Originals
 in stock $22.57
Cat: SG 048. Rel: 06 Sep 17
  1. Thinking Of You (4:17)
  2. Thinking Of You (feat Hiro-A-Key) (4:16)
Review: Having been a feature of Japan's revivalist funk scene since the mid-2000s, Q.A.S.B should be a familiar name to those who dig for dinked soul sevens. "Thinking of You" is their first single of 2017 and arrives a couple of months before the due date of the Q.A.S.B IV full-length. The title track, which resides on side A, is a superb piece of relaxed, summertime soul that increases in heaviness towards a sweltering, funk-fuelled conclusion. Turn to the flip for an alternative version in which male vocalist Hiro-A-Key joins the band's regular female singer to turn the track into a super-sweet duet rich in gently rising horns and sumptuous soul grooves.
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 in stock $14.52
Good Guy (limited 7")
Cat: SG 032. Rel: 13 Apr 16
  1. Good Guy (3:22)
  2. Bad Boy (3:44)
Review: In amidst a veritable deluge of seven inch-shaped sharpness from Japan's crucial Soul Garden label this week comes this absolute must grip 45 session from Q.A.S.B. The nine-piece Tokyo funkateers have been holding it down since 2005 and this seven picks out a horn heavy highlight from last year's Q.A.S.B. III LP in the shape of "Good Guy." Throwing down a similar vibe to the Quantic Soul Orchestra, this track is all about the lead vocal from Amy A and those warm, tooting horns. Face down and QASB engage flipmode, slowing the tempo down and cranking the sass up on "Bad Boy". If seven inches were vegetables this would be one hot pepper!
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out of stock $14.52
Dreamer (limited 7")
Cat: SG 036. Rel: 13 Apr 16
  1. Dreamer (4:26)
  2. Movin' On (4:49)
out of stock $14.78
Get Down (7")
Cat: SG 049. Rel: 31 Oct 17
  1. Get Down (4:56)
  2. Double Decker (3:59)
Review: Long-serving Japanese band QASB tend to have two musical modes. Their releases are either sweet and soulful or funky and fulsome. This 7" definitely sits in the latter category. A-side "Get Down" is a cheery, up-tempo workout full of rising orchestration, bouncy disco-funk grooves, jazz-funk flourishes and a vocal from A Yu Mi urging us to shake our stuff on the floor. The party continues on the mostly instrumental flipside "Double Decker", a sumptuous, all-action affair full of sparring instrument solos, sweaty disco drum breaks and dreamy freestyle vocal improvisations. It reminded us a little of Pleasure's "Joyous", which is no bad thing.
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Played by: I Love 45's!
 in stock $15.04
Hold Me (7")
Cat: SG 050. Rel: 31 Oct 17
  1. Hold Me (4:57)
  2. You Make Me Feel (4:20)
Review: Japanese soul revivalists Q.A.S.B has been busy of late. This is their third single since July, a release rate that suggests their fourth full-length will soon be landing in stores. "Hold Me" sees them at their sunny, lazy and languid best, with A.Yu.Mi adding sultry vocals to a warm and groovy backing track rich in eyes-closed saxophone solos, clipped guitars and slowly rising horns. B-side "You Make Me Feel", an even more starry and sparkling cut with sweeter vocals and punchier horns, is almost as good as the A-side, especially when the jazzy electric piano solos drop in towards the end of the track. Proper "eyes-closed" material, all told.
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Played by: I Love 45's!
 in stock $14.52
Cat: SG 012. Rel: 25 Jun 13
  1. The Mexican (part 1)
  2. The Mexican (part 2)
Review: Cover versions don't come much sweeter (or respectful) than this epic two part homage to the Babe Ruth classic. A reissue of last year's 300-only press, part 1 sees the Japanese funk band laying down the foundations, paying deference to the original with their own upbeat twist. Part 2, however, is where they really let loose with each instrumentalist taking lead on the solos. With Hammond-hammering and screaming horns galore, QASB have delivered something very special here.
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out of stock $14.52
Cat: SG 022. Rel: 04 Apr 18
  1. Never Did I Stop Loving You (3:29)
  2. Never Did I Stop Dubbing You (3:37)
out of stock $14.52
Listen Up (12")
Cat: QDUP 002. Rel: 26 Apr 07
  1. Fat Albert
  2. Another Friday Night
  3. Listen Up
out of stock $8.59
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Back Catalogue: Funk Soul & Jazz
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